Because the artifact of Shenjie Xiandi has not been obtained yet.

When Xuanxing arrived at the square planet, Shen Jiexian’s body had dissipated rapidly, and soon a whip artifact flew out from Shen Jiexian’s disappearing body.
Xuanxing will immediately receive his ring.
Just a few breaths, Shen Jiexian’s body has completely disappeared …
In that Zhou Kaixian Emperor, he left first than Shen Jiexian Emperor …
When the two bodies disappeared, the two rings were lying quietly, and Xuanxing did not hesitate to pick them up. After a removal, Xuanxing had three rings in his hand.
It turns out that Xuanxing picked up the Zhou Kaixian’s ring.
Zhou Kai, Shen Jie and so on are all masters in the middle period of Xiandi. There must be a lot of good things in their rings, and Xuanxing will naturally not let go.
"It’s all solved". The top ten leaders of Xuanxing’s heart way have already fallen into their own first step plan and have succeeded.
At the beginning, the top ten forces were Zhou Kai and other ten mid-term immortals who participated in the encirclement and suppression of Xuanlin’s Xuanxing and prepared to slay these ten people.
After all, there are countless immortals in the top ten forces, but Xuanxing never thought of slaying these immortals.
Come to Xuanxing and prepare to destroy the other 24 immortal emperor departments and then completely dissolve the top ten forces!
But after thinking about it, Xuanxing still didn’t do so. He left more than 14 early masters of Xiandi.
Just then XuanXing front suddenly appeared five fairy emperor early masters!
These five people look very complicated, like sadness, like shock, like anger, like suspicion …
"Are you the elder Xuanlin sent Keqing?" One person asked in the previous step.
"Yes," replied XuanXing with a faint smile on his face.
"Did you kill our eldest brother?" Then another fairy emperor came out to drink and asked
"It’s not too much for me to send Keqing elders to settle accounts with them, is it? Of course, if I want to avenge your eldest brother, I’ll always be ready. "At this time, Xuanxing’s face is already cold, and he will release some momentum immediately. Thousands of meters in Fiona Fang are filled with swords and mangs.
Feel the body week essence sword mans suddenly that five fairy emperor forehead oozing sweat in front of people is so terrible … His eldest brother is no match for the present people, such as yourself and others, and not his opponent to take revenge … That’s pure delusion!
After about tea kung fu, none of the five immortals spoke again.
Xuanxing was satisfied with this effect and slowly took back his momentum.
"Fourteen of you will meet here in ten days, and then I will talk to you about something." After that, Xuanxing launched a relocation operation and left here to look at each other for five immortals …
Chapter 259 annexation!
The three patriarchs in a chamber of secrets in the headquarters of Qingxu Sect got together again.
"Hong Xu, what do you think about this matter?" Fidi Xiandi looked worried and asked.
See Hong Xu Xiandi sitting in a wide wooden chair frowning tightly after hearing Fidi Xiandi’s question, he didn’t do it but shook his head.
"When did Tianlingzong have such a master?" One side, Emperor Hao Yanxian couldn’t help asking. At this time, Emperor Hao Yanxian’s physical injury has healed.
Listen to Hong Xu Xiandi said that Fei Di Xiandi nodded his head.
"It is said that the Elder Keqing will go to the fourteen immortals of the Blue Star on April to negotiate whether we should send someone to explore?" Hao yin xian emperor asked
After thinking for a while, Hongxu Xiandi "They are sure to talk about some confidential things. Is it possible for us to know?" The matter or forget it. "
At this time, Xuanxing is walking around and watching many younger brothers come and go. Xuanxing can’t help feeling that Xuanlin Sect has reached such a scale at the beginning, which he didn’t expect.
There will be some confusion in the death department of the top ten forces, but they still have 14 immortals sitting in the seat, which should be able to settle the matter.
I didn’t meet them until ten days later. It was to give them a period of time to deal with this matter. Presumably, ten new leaders have been produced by then …
The next day, Xuanxing left Xuanlin School again and set out for the blue star, which is the planet where Shen Jiexian died.
When Xuanxing arrived here, the fourteen immortals had already gathered on this planet, and this planet had gathered nearly ten thousand immortals. Xuanxing could not help but frowned slightly, but Xuanxing ignored these immortals and moved directly to the fourteen immortals.
The fourteen immortals guessed that Xuanlin had sent Elder Keqing to find himself and others.
At this time, Xuanxing, dressed in black, appeared in front of everyone, and Xuanxing changed back to his former appearance.
After seeing Xuanxing, fourteen immortals looked at Xuanxing ruthlessly, but none of them moved or spoke.
See this XuanXing can’t help but smile in my heart and I can understand their mood at this time. After all, their leader died in his own hands.
But XuanXing doesn’t feel guilty because ShenJieXian emperor and others deserve to die! They bought some fairy crystals and prepared to destroy the whole Xuanlin Sect!
Xuanxing doesn’t have any ambition. He wants to practice hard and then seek revenge from three schools to find out the mystery of his parents’ death, that’s all.
However, the practice of the top ten forces made him quite dissatisfied, and Xuanxing would make such a malicious hand.
"What can I do for you?" At this moment, a fairy emperor asked
Smell speech XuanXing nodded "I find you to have something, of course"
Say XuanXing will release his immortal knowledge immediately XuanXing found several immortal knowledge around him.
See XuanXing hand suddenly appeared a very fairy, this fairy is not a flying sword armor, but a tubular magic weapon seems to be a shaw.
I saw that the tubular fairy device slowly flew away and stopped when it rose about 100 meters. At this time, Xuanxing’s hands kept pinching the fairy!
Gradually, an energy shield with a diameter of 100 meters appeared around Xuanxing and others, and at the same time, bursts of strange whistling sounded from time to time.
The fourteen immortals looked at Xuanxing doubtfully. Can this law stop all the immortals from spying? They know that there are many immortals in the blue star, even several immortals.
"Well, now we can talk about it." Xuanxing asked the fourteen immortals across the street.
But at this time, the fourteen immortals are still looking suspiciously at the dialogue between themselves and others, which will not be listened to by those immortals? And what about that weird roar?
"surely the new top ten leaders have been created?" Xuanxing ignored their doubts and asked directly.