Although the two men spoke in a low voice, Li Yan, who was really strong, couldn’t hear him shake his head and smile. "No wonder this Wang Guzhuang has always been a Zhuang and can’t become a family. It’s better to leave here for more than a week than when Liu Jia’s master came. I hope the girl won’t blame me."

Wang Xinmei didn’t notice so much. She blushed and held Li Yan’s heart beating.
"Your eldest brother, please rest first. I’m out." After putting Li Yan on the couch, Wang Xinmei flew away. She was afraid that her heart would jump out for a moment. It was not difficult to infer from her father’s question that her father even wanted to choose a good family for herself, but the object was that she had always fantasized about Li Dage.
This night, Wang Xinmei stayed up all night, and of course, Li Yan did the same. He used his divine power to disperse the alcohol, and then he took a breath and it was almost dawn.
"Li Gong?" At this time, a servant girl sounded outside.
"Come in," Li Yan opened his eyes, so he had approved the marching orders.
A good-looking maid came in with a brocade robe and a dozen pieces of copper coins in it. "This is what the master told me to send to Li Gong."
"Good things you can go out" Li Yan said directly without looking.
When the servant girl left, he called "Panther" out of the window.
In another courtyard, the panther’s ears moved and he immediately became alert. Then he roared and flew quickly to Li Yan’s place. I haven’t seen the panther for a year or so. It seems that it is true that a generation of monsters recognizes a master.
"I’m leaving." Li Yan touched the panther’s head. "You stay here and follow the girl. I’ll come back to see you if I have something to say."
Panther nodded, and the rough tongue licked Li Yan’s cheek.
"Don’t pretend to be so affectionate. You beast can’t wait to stay here and have a good drink. Why didn’t I see you so lazy before?" Li Yan patted it. "Don’t forget to take care of the girl and go."
Ordered two is like this. Li Yanshen disappeared from the sky and went straight to the south. He wanted to stay for a few more days, but he was not welcome here to leave without saying goodbye.
The panther’s long whistle shook the eaves, and the snow fell like Li Yan’s farewell.
Tossing and turning, Wang Xinmei quickly turned over when she heard the panther sound. "Giggling, Li Dage finally woke up. I’ll go to find him. I’ll take Li Dage outside to enjoy the snow and hunt today, and then I’ll go fishing with Li Dage and go shopping in the city the day after tomorrow …"
Counting feelings with your fingers on your plate, that’s all she thought about after a sleepless night
"Brother Li, don’t sleep. The sun is shining on your ass. Today I want you to take me to see the snow."
Wang Xinmei happily ran into the clause and pushed the door directly in. But at this time, there was one person in the guest room. The beds were all neat and there were no traces of sleeping. The only difference was that there was a tray on the table with more than a dozen copper coins and a brocade robe.
Looking at the brocade robe with more than a dozen copper coins, Wang Xinmei’s smile gradually disappeared and finally turned pale.
"Black … where’s Panther Li Dage?" Wang Xinmei voice trembling asked
Panther roared and pointed to the sky.
"Go? It was already gone. "Wang Xinmei covered her mouth and tears swirled in her eyes. She grabbed the dazzling brocade robe and a dozen copper coins and went straight to the hall.
It seems that I have been talking about my daughter’s return for a long time. Wang Cai and Mrs. Wang waited here early at this time.
"clang!" Wang Xinmei dropped the tray and scattered copper coins, buzzing around. Before she fell, she asked, "What’s going on, father and mother?"
Wang Cai glanced at it. "So Li Yan seems to have left?"
Wang Xinmei almost cried and shouted, "What forced Li Dage away? Didn’t you chat very much yesterday? Brother Li has nothing to offend you. He has only stayed for less than one night, so you are in such a hurry to evict? "
"Daughter have you so talk to your father? Apologize quickly "next to Mrs. Wang shouted at.
Wang Cai said, "It’s normal for your daughter not to understand her father now. After all, the authorities are fascinated, but since you smell it today, my father will tell me that my reason is very simple, so Li Yan doesn’t deserve you."
"Don’t deserve me?" Wang Xinmei almost fell when she shook her body. She never dreamed that it would be such a stupid reason.
"Li Dage how don’t deserve me? If you really want to say that it’s a daughter who doesn’t deserve Li Dage, it’s Li Dage. It’s a first-class hero in Tai Amen. Without Li Dage, I’m afraid I’m already dead in Tai Amen, "Wang Xinmei cried.
Wang Cai continued, "A good man can’t eat as a meal. What qualifications does a man have to marry my daughter? He has left Taiamen to be a casual worker, and he has no ability to give you happiness. Do we want him to be adopted by wife?"
"Potential money?" Wang Xinmei suddenly collapsed in her mind. At this time, it was white. She felt that there was a cold intention to attack herself. "No wonder Li Dage will leave the original Li Dage and think that I am such a snobbish woman. His master is a master of Nuoxingjing and Li Dage will become a monk of Nuoxingjing in a few days. Will there be no potential? How much money is needed by Li Dage’s body refiner … Now that Li Dage has left Tai Amen, I have humiliated him with a rag and a dozen pieces of copper coins to save his life. Is that feeling worth it to send a beggar? Although I didn’t do it, Li Dage will definitely recognize me as a girl. I’m sorry, Li Dage’s girl is a bad woman … Li Dage’s girl is so cold that I want you to hug her waist with her yesterday. Li Dage, you must like her. It must be … "
Chapter three hundred and fifty-seven Xihai fishing village
Wang Xinmei’s voice is getting smaller and smaller. At this moment, her eyes are lying in a hole and huddled in a cold embrace. She faintly saw Li Dage’s cold eyes.
"Daughter, what’s wrong with you?" Wang Cai and Mrs. Wang hurried to help Wang Xinmei.
Looking at her daughter’s eyes with holes, Mrs. Wang’s heart is more sad at the moment. "Is it too cruel for your master to do this to your daughter? It’s rare for your daughter to like a man, and when she died, her daughter didn’t get out of her grief. Now she is hit again-I’m afraid her daughter will not stay up."
Wang Cai said, "A woman’s daughter is a godsworn, so it’s better to choke off this relationship if she can’t hold on to the so-called long pain than short pain. If her daughter can’t hold on to uncooked rice and cook mature rice one day, it will be too late. Please help her go back to her room first and guide her well these days, and she will naturally get better in a short time."
"I hope so," said Mrs. Wang
At this time, Li Yan had no idea that his sudden departure would cause such great harm to Wang Xinmei. If he knew, he would not have left without saying goodbye, but his sudden departure was not without reason. First, he was afraid that Wang Cai would be dragged by Wang Xinmei when he really left. Third, he was worried that he would miss the opportunity if he stayed too long.
"Go to the West Sea to move the stars, and then come back here after I become a monk in the New Star Territory and apologize to Wang Xinmei. I hope she will forgive me for leaving in a hurry," thought Li Yan.
According to the distance of the map, it will take another three hours to fly, that is, it will take half a day to reach the place where the Sun Star in the West Sea is about to appear. Because the distance is not too far, Li Yan has no intention to stop and rest this time to get to his destination in one breath, and when he is left, he will make preparations to move the star in case of loss. After all, he is going to move this star, which is not an ordinary star, but a star with the title of star master. Although we don’t know if he can move the so-called Sun Star, it is impossible to do some preparations.
Three hours on the boring road passed unconsciously, and it has already turned into a loud noon. It is not harsh. The sun shines on the white earth and the snow has stopped before I know it.
A touch of blue horizon appeared in front of Li Yan, and there was a faint salty smell in the breeze around him. He took a deep breath and seemed to have relieved a lot of fatigue. He took out a map and looked through it, and then compared the landform of this place to determine a real position.
"A bay?" Li Yan flew a little further and reached the seaside. The blue waves rolled up and made a deafening noise. He looked around and finally found the bay referred to in the map in the distance.
The name of this bay is crescent-shaped, but there are large and small fishing boats here, and there is also a large fishing village next to it. There is also a small town not far away, which can be regarded as the most prosperous area in this sea area. Because this and Crescent Bay are natural havens for ships, it will gather all the popularity of the surrounding waters in the long run.
"It’s good and bad for me to have many eyes and miscellaneous eyes." Li Yan looked at a fishing village not far away. At this moment, it was noon in this fishing village, and smoke was everywhere, and a smell of seafood slowly floated.
"There are still six days before the sun star will come, and there are still many things to find out first. Besides, Huang Jiao Ma should have arrived early. I hope it won’t meet any severe monks, otherwise it’s really easy to be caught." Fishing fishermen here have the practice of refining the gas environment, and I believe that there will be no more refining the gods. Even one or two refining the gods will pose a threat to Huang Jiao Ma, who is not good at fighting.
However, Huang Jiao’s old horse crossed the battlefield and gained spiritual wisdom. He should know that Li Yan would not have to worry so much if he thought of avoiding danger.
When there is still a distance from the fishing village, Li Yan will fly from the sky rashly, so it is better to keep a low profile if it is easy to attract attention.
After the breath of Xuanwu Turtle-breathing technique has converged, Li Yan disguised himself as a practice monk. Although he also wanted to pretend to be a practice monk, it is easy to cause trouble if the practice is too low, but fortunately, even the practice monk is a top player in this fishing village and is respected everywhere.
Walking into the fishing village, the smell of fish seems to have gone deep into the soil of the house. Even if you want to drive it away, you can’t drive it away. Although it’s a little difficult to adapt, it’s the same when you get used to it.
Because the fishing village in winter is not deserted, it is more lively than in the past. Because of the cold weather, traders can sell seafood to further places, and of course the price is doubled. In winter, fishermen go out to sea more times than in summer, and there are countless boats gathering in Crescent Bay this season
Good crescent bay is big enough for these boats, and it doesn’t seem crowded at all.
It may be that there are not many people in the street at noon. Li Yan looked around for a long time but could not find the inn.
"Forget it, let’s ask someone." Li Yan walked up to a fisherman drying his net and asked, "Brother, I’m from other places. Is there any inn here to stay?"
The fisherman was younger and said enthusiastically, "Inn? We don’t see much here, but there are many, many people like to stay there. It’s better to go there on business. "Then he showed that a man knows how to look.