It’s a matter of death. All the people return directly to the convent in accordance with Liuxuan’s meaning. Naturally, Lin Tong and Du Chen are sent back to the convent, but the two people refuse to live in the end. Lin Tong also went to the fifteenth emperor’s temple and knew that he would plead with Liuxuan after leaving Beijing for a long time.

Liu Xuan didn’t let them go to the imperial city because of calligraphy, but at the sight of the fifteen emperors, they didn’t insist on it again, so the original team, Sun Jiaoxi, Lin Tong and Du Chen went straight to the imperial city
It is inconvenient to go back to the imperial city because Lin Tong and Du Chen live in Yan Wangfu again, so the emperor directly rented a house for Liu Xuan not far from his own residence, with a total of three houses, front hall and backyard.
This entrance is very particular. Even if ordinary people have huts and huts, it is natural that they can’t enter here. It means that the owner of the courtyard is usually the last to get rid of the last sundries. There are three courtyards before and after entering the courtyard. If you think of the courtyard, you have to go through three courtyards and small doors before you can enter this courtyard. It is already considered an official residence with order.
The original emperor is going to sell it to Liuxuan Imperial Capital. This is such a house. It is impossible to buy it without a hundred taels of gold, and it is not a question of money. So ordinary people can’t sell it to you. Even if you sell it to you, you can’t do it. If you want to stay for three days, two petty officials can’t grind you to death.
Lin Tong returned to the imperial city, the first thing to do was to go home to visit his elders, and Du Chen and Liu Xuan left a place to live in the courtyard, which was very large. More than a dozen people could live in it, and they all chose a room for each of Liu Xuan and Lin Tong.
When everything is settled in Liu Xuan, I will do my own thing well.
He first took out the bag of the girl in the conference semifinals and wiped it off after a full wick of incense. Although he lost a lot of gas condensation in his hand, he mainly took advantage of the speed knife method. Without these two words, he didn’t know how many times he had died.
Although it was simple for Hu Yi to erase his knowledge at that time, it was too bad for him to crack it forcefully.
Fortunately, however, the knowledge of dharma cultivation is almost worse than that of spiritual cultivation. Plus, the conference girl is also a newly promoted third-order dharma cultivation, which is a little worse.
When you look at the bag, you really don’t have many lingshi, and it’s probably not enough. Some women only excite Liu Xuan that there are many lingcao and elixir in it, and of course there are several bottles of elixir that Liu Xuan doesn’t know.
Dharma practice and spiritual practice lead to the same goal, and many means are still very similar, such as refining medicine
Although the refined medicinal properties are different, the basic ingredients are still very similar, just like traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Although the methods and quantities of medicines are slightly different, there are still many basic medicines that must be used by both kinds of medicines.
After arranging the bag medicines one by one, Liu Xuan found that these medicines can make Liu Xuan refine seven furnaces, one furnace, one Dan, two furnaces and two Dan, but almost the main medicine can refine three Dan, and this three Dan is very mixed with Liu Xuan.
One of the three kinds of mixed-yuan Dan is suitable for most spiritual practices, and his ascendable spiritual practices include most spiritual forces of the five elements, which is perfect for Liu Xuan’s spiritual practice of the five elements.
Because the five elements of broken spirit tactic Liu Xuan is not demanding for the fire, that is to say, he can refine mixed Yuan Dan himself in this compound.
But where are you going to do it without the main medicine? Liu Xuan suddenly had a flash of light, and then where is the most spiritual place in the imperial city? Naturally, it is the Tong Xuan Dian.
So Liu Xuan told Du Chen and his brothers to go out together and plan to visit the imperial city. It was not Liu Xuan who didn’t go to find Li Mingfeng. The location of the Tong Xuan Temple was too secret. He also remembered a general location. The imperial city was so big that he didn’t know when to find it, but Liu Xuan didn’t want to bother the fifteenth emperor.
Liu Xuan thought of the most direct way to let Tong Xuan Dian come to himself. Anyway, Tong Xuan Dian still owes himself a statement about how Hu Yi did it, and he has not given him an approval letter yet.
This matter naturally can’t just forget it. That’s because Liu Xuan has killed himself. If he doesn’t take the initiative to find de gruyter, it’s already a big trouble for Li Mingfeng. If he really dares not to deal with it, Liu Xuan naturally has a way to find de gruyter for revenge.
Where can I find Li Mingfeng? Liu Xuan came to the street when he was attacked unconsciously. I didn’t expect that the fifteenth emperor arranged this hospital for him to be very close to here, but he turned a corner outside the door
At this time, a familiar figure appeared in Liuxuan’s eyes, and Liuxuan pulled Du Chen directly with that figure to be continued.
139, spiritual area
Opposite three people nodded at the same time.
"It’s really …" LiuXuan windbag a tooth flower.
Although he didn’t have contact with the 15 emperors for a long time, Liu Xuan still didn’t want to believe this kind of thing, but if the scene was like calligraphy, it wouldn’t be necessary to make such a big scene. A gold body was refined and a dozen people were exposed to Hyderabad that day, and the price was not too big
Glancing at Li Dazui, "Did you find these now?"
"Those conference semifinals are so cunning that it’s like the capital disappeared suddenly. We’ve lost a lot of manpower. I really want to take some knives. It’s a pity …" He mumbled but didn’t say anything.
Liu Xuan blinked. "I’ll give you a chance to clean them up. Do you dare? But I can say this in advance, but it’s very dangerous …"
Li Dazui held the teacup for a long time and didn’t speak. The seldom-spoken spiritual practice gently tugged at his sleeve. "Forget it, big mouth, think about your girl for you …"
Unexpectedly, this seems to stimulate Li Dazui. He slammed on striking table. "I, Li Dazui’s generation, are timid and now I really have no chance if I don’t have blood once. Are these conference semifinals so rampant that we Qin people just keep going?" The emperor has hurt three people. Isn’t it another step against the sky? Ok, I should do this. "
Liu Xuan also took a deep breath and Li Dazui said something, so he handed a waist tag of Hyderabad to Li Dazui with his wrist.
He still knew from the mouth of Bai Hu Xian Jun that Bai Hu Xian Jun was also a hybrid, but he joined the Hyderabad religion later because he was a spiritual practitioner and he didn’t mix well with the Hyderabad religion.
He let Bai Huxian escape in order to get the secret of Hyderabad’s religion. He is naturally not afraid of Bai Huxian’s lying.
The waist tag should be hung in a certain range around the waist, so two waist tags will induce each other, but it feels that ordinary spiritual practice can’t. Fortunately, Liu Xuan, who is not a spiritual practice, can teach him a white fox fairy to teach him the practice, so that Li Dazui can induce the other side, but the other side can also sense what he said, if Li Dazui dares to hang the waist tag, it will be dangerous for him.
Because you don’t know where the other person is and who your opponent is, you regard yourself as a living target, even if you are guarded by a spiritual master, you can’t be sure.
Before he could feel the waist tag fluctuating, I’m afraid it was also due to his Gankun Five Elements Technique. To put it bluntly, the range of Gankun Five Elements Technique is very large and medium, which not only contains the skill of achievement, but also the effectiveness of breaking the ban and gathering spirits, which is far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.
Li Dazui originally wanted to give this waist tag to the floor, but Liu Xuan shook his head. "I know it’s dangerous for you, but I can’t give this waist tag to the official. The penetration of the Hyderabad religion is too strong. When the fifteenth emperor was assassinated, you may not know a lot. Of course, more than a dozen people who participated in the assassination have been following his servants since they moved out of the palace. I can’t guarantee that your company has any problems."
"I’m not demanding. You hang this waist tag to sense each other. Just mark it immediately. Remember not to meet each other." Liu Xuan suddenly looked at Li Dazui with a dignified expression.
After explaining everything, Liu Xuancai asked about the two spiritual practices. These two guys seem to be very idle every day to know that they are members of the Beijing rescue team. This rescue team is terrible. Although it sounds obscure, it is a powerful organization team in Beijing. All members are spiritual practices and they are all relatively single-attribute spiritual practices, and their work is very simple. When there is chaos in Beijing, rescue such as disasters, floods, snowstorms and earthquakes all belong to their rescue scope.
Although this worker’s salary is not high, he wins the leisure team. They are all older, have low fighting capacity or are depressed. If they have nothing to do, they will drink tea and listen to music one day. But if there are warning signs, they will have to help them in house arrest.
And the two of them and Li Dazui’s responsible area just coincide, and the three of them are much closer than others.
On hearing these words, Liu Xuan was in no hurry to find Li Mingfeng, so he asked them if there was any place near here where he could buy an elixir and a spiritual material.
When I asked, I realized that there was a special area in the former capital for spiritual activities, and rescue workers like them or people in the Tong Xuan Temple could choose to trade there, and there were also some big powers with special shops there.
The three men led Liu Xuan and Du Chen to a remote street and turned into an alley. This alley was deep. Liu Xuan knew it was a law if he was an ordinary person. Breaking is a way to penetrate this law, even if Li Dazui didn’t have his two friends to lead him, he would pass through this area alone.
This is not only an illusion, but also eliminates the curiosity of ordinary people. Otherwise, some people find themselves ignorant, and ordinary people are spinning around here all day. Is that more like it?
Stay near the end of the alley and let everyone close their eyes. Then he took Li Dazui’s hand and Liu Xuan’s hand and Du Chen’s.
In this way, a few people took a few steps forward. Liuxuan felt a wave of spiritual power and told him that he could open his eyes.
Liuxuan’s eyes turned out to be a street here, but I don’t know how it was isolated from the outside world.
It’s a street, but there aren’t many storefronts, probably just some unusually familiar names in about twenty. Liu Xuan flashed in front of him, like Taiji House, Gankun Pavilion, Tianjifu, etc. It seems that these are all major Xuanmen forces setting up shops here.
"At the end of the street, there is a natural trading area where many scattered repairs set up stalls. If you want to buy a large number of elixirs or spiritual materials, it is better to go to major stores. Although the price is higher, the quality can be guaranteed. Unlike some scattered repairs, things look good, but you will find some defects or defects when you buy them back." To be continued.
13, confusing
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Liuxuan saw that it was when * * * * was caught that he put out alarm fireworks. Li Dazui wanted them to be able to connect with Xuandian. Liuxuan led Du Chen and followed him.
Before asking Liu Xuan, he turned directly into a teahouse, followed by Liu Xuan, who just entered the door when he heard the guy shouting loudly, "Quick tea, quick tea, quick tea … I can sit for a while, but I dare not sit more these days."
"Get out of here as if someone invited you. What are you pretending to be with us?" This sound is also very familiar to Liu Xuan. If I didn’t guess wrong, it should be the second time to fight with Li Dazui.
That Li Dazui didn’t get angry when he scolded himself. The two laughed for a while, but they looked familiar. It’s no wonder that once he scolded Li Dazui, Li Dazui didn’t argue.
Liu Xuan swept through the door and found that it was really three people at a time, but it seems that two spiritual practices are leisurely, but Li Dazui is a big fellow.
Li Dazui wiped his head and sweated. He just came in from the outdoor. Naturally, he was sweating and muttering, "Tell me how your rescue team is so idle every day. Look at how busy we are like a dead dog every day. I don’t want to go home and spend time with my daughter."
Sitting opposite him, he took a sip of tea and shook his head. "I said, you should pay attention to your mouth. If you don’t always talk nonsense, are you still a little catcher?" Then he looked up again. "I said, Xiao Er, this tea of yours is not new. What, are you trying to smash your own cards?"
Xiao Er promised to run to the table for three people. "I said, three lords, you don’t know that they are not the only ones who are busy these days. Now all the mouths are tight. If the canal is closed, we can’t get in if you want new tea. It’s not what we can do. It is estimated that if the canal is closed for more than ten days, our teahouse will be yellow."
This spiritual man is a middle-aged man. He looks about the same age as Li Dazui. His hair is sparse, and you can see his bright scalp.
"Hey, you said this thing has gone too far recently, but it’s really not peaceful. It’s estimated that the assassinations of three emperors in a row are going crazy. Even those guys in Dali Temple have been out and haven’t checked out. It’s really evil." Talking to Xiao Er with a wave means that he’s white. What’s going on? He can leave.
Small two one turned around and saw Liu Xuan and Du Chen coming in. "Here come two gentlemen. Would you please have tea or find someone?"
When Li Dazui heard Xiao Er’s call, he estimated that he was afraid of inspecting his head, but at first he looked at Liu Xuan, and then he turned his head to get up and left.
Although he was slightly stupefied, he quickly recognized Liu Xuan. Although he didn’t know what happened to Liu Xuan later, Liu Xuan fought four spiritual matters alone. He knew clearly that Liu Xuan had been caught. It was only a few days now that he could not come out so quickly if he had no power. Whether he was fighting or fighting, he was not Liu Xuan’s opponent, and he also scolded Liu Xuan for being such a master that day. He must have dared not offend what he had done and made less trouble. He had better go first.
But if he wants to go, how can Liu Xuan let him go? Liu Xuan is looking for him
As soon as he passed by Liuxuan, Liuxuan stretched out his hand to bar him.
Li Dazui shouted at Liu Xuan as soon as he saw it. "Yo, who am I? Have you just come back?"
Liu Xuan, hey hey, happy heart, this guy is slick. He dare not ask him when he just came out, but he just got back.
"Yes, I just got back from Yanbei. I heard you just say that three emperors have been assassinated recently. What is this?" Liu Xuan deliberately did not expose him, but he was very concerned about the assassination of the emperor. After all, these assassinations of the emperor are likely to be caused by the Hyderabad religion
"Isn’t it? No … You just got back from Yanbei?" Li Dazui’s tongue just grew. It’s not a day or two before he came out. It’s very likely that he just went in and came out. Tong Xuan Dian can go in and out of the Lord like his own courtyard. What is that power? He Li Dazui imperial city for so many years don’t have this obedient to see personnel that is not the average person can compare.
Liu Xuan patted him on the shoulder with a smile. Li Dazui was pulled back to the tea table in the surprised eyes of two spiritual practices. "Tell me about the assassination of the emperor. When I was away from the imperial city, fifteen emperors were assassinated. It was only ten days ago. Don’t you have a clue?"
"Is not without a clue …" Li Dazui some awkward.
At first glance, Li Da’s mouth is like a big mouth, and he is used to taking a sip of tea. "What dare you say that you are always so cautious?"
When he said this, Li Dazui got angry. "What’s your sister afraid to say? It’s just that she’s afraid of dragging these two gentlemen down."