Lin looked at his palms and muttered, and he could feel five rings, which may not be his limit now. I’m afraid it’s not difficult for him to reach seven rings if he wants to talk.

This kind of speed makes Lin feel strange. There are many Lin students practicing Tongbei Boxing. However, it is really rare to practice it to the point of seven rings at this age.
What the hell is going on here?
Lin Dong frowned and hesitated for a moment. After that, his palm suddenly touched his heart and put it in his pocket. This is what he got from the cave yesterday.
If Lin’s departure is doubtful, then this stone symbol definitely belongs to the first place.
Is this thing really that amazing?
Lin hold Shi Fu light cool feeling along the palm in that kind of cool seems to even become a little weak body ache.
I’m afraid it will cause a lot of trouble if the news comes. Try not to let the second person know about this thing.
Good Shi Fu Lin move is to push the door and first eat a little bit of Liu Yan to prepare breakfast at will, and then he rushes into the cave. Now his body aches too much. If he practices hard again, it will make his body hurt now. Fortunately, this situation is not a problem for finding Shi Chi Miao Lin move.
After dripping blood into the stone pool, Lin Dongshu soaked for half an hour before he got out of it, and his body ached and disappeared, and his state seemed to have returned to the best stage.
Touched the body skin that kind of hard feeling is much more obvious, which makes Lin’s little face also emerge. At this rate, I’m afraid he will be able to step into the quenching body for the fourth time at most ten days.
Climbing from the stone pool, Lin Dong once again made a set of through-backs. This time, he almost tried his best without any reservation.
Pop, pop, pop, pop
Seven rings
With this seven-ring through-the-back fist, he grasped that if he met that guy Lin Shan again, he would never be beaten as hard as he was once again.
Excited for a while, Lin Dong just calmed down and giggled. Then he climbed the cave and carried out the daily necessary penance again. Although he has a magical effect in Shichi today, Lin Dong has a simple way.
In fact, the most important thing is the external force effect. Although it can make your cultivation path smoother, how far you want to go in the cultivation path depends on yourself.
Therefore, we can’t give up that kind of hard work and diligence because of Shichi. In the final analysis, that is the greatest wealth of Lin Dong.
A day of penance and a serious face in the evening, Lin Xiao also came to test Lin Dong’s cultivation, which has always been quite harsh for him after cultivation.
However, this kind of sternness was even when he saw Lin Dong’s one-way boxing calling and even made three rings, but the stretch and frown also showed his satisfaction.
Seeing this, Lin’s heart was also relieved. Immediately, Lin Xiao snickered and knew that his face would be wonderful when he was able to hit the back fist for seven times.
In the hot summer, the younger generation of the Lin family are trying their best to practice hard, because they are all white. After half a year, it will be the Lin family, which is more important to them than this family.
The Lin family is not a noble family with great strength. It is impossible for every member to enjoy the best treatment. If they want to be trained by the best medicine and martial arts in the family, they must show their differences.
And this race comparison is a stage where they stand out and compete. This may be the first time in their lives, but it also determines their future achievements in a sense.
It is much smoother for a family to focus on cultivating people than to rely on self-cultivation alone, except for some special circumstances.
Because they are all in full swing, there is no one to disturb Lin Dong during this period, and he is also happy to be quiet. After getting the mysterious stone symbol for ten days, he will enter the dark almost every night after sleeping, where there is a perfect teacher.
The more difficult it is to practice the nine-ring back boxing, especially after the seven-ring back boxing, the more difficult it is. Therefore, even after ten days of hard training, Lin Dong is barely able to make the ninth ring, and it depends on the state, that is, the tenth ring, and he can’t get a clue.
However, Lin did not feel depressed about this, because his heart was very white, and it was a terrible speed to practice nine-ring boxing in ten days.
This can be seen from the daily Lin Xiao’s detection of Lin’s progress that he played six times. Lin Xiao’s eyes are a little strange. He practiced one-back boxing for two months before reaching the point of six times, but Lin moved to this speed in just ten days. Even he was harsh and didn’t have a word to say.
While practicing the back-to-back boxing, I didn’t stop refining my body, but I quietly increased Lin Xiao’s course for him by taking advantage of the miraculous effect of Shichi. As a result, although I was like a dead dog every time I entered Shichi, I was full of energy and my muscles ached all over when I climbed in half an hour later.
Although this penance is hard and tiring, the effect is extremely obvious. In just a few days, his body and skin are getting harder and harder, and sometimes he can directly punch stones, and the strength is stronger than a little bit when he exerts his back-to-back boxing.
At this speed, it should be very fast to really reach the fourth weight of quenching body.
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Chapter VII
In the cool cave, Lin moved leisurely and lay in the stone pool, feeling the strange liquid in the stone pool seeping into the body and bringing that kind of comfortable little face full of intoxicated enjoyment.
A trace of reddish liquid in the pool water adheres to the forest animal body, and then continuously permeates along the pores to nourish the muscles and bones that are sore because of strenuous exercise. In these liquids, the forest animal body is as greedy as a hungry ghost who has been hungry for several years, devouring these liquids that are extremely beneficial to them.
Lin moved to close his eyes and the water suddenly fluctuated for a while, and then he felt an itchy pain from all over his skin.
Lin was surprised by the sudden itching pain and quickly opened his eyes, but then when he saw that his body had dropped a small piece of dander, the surprise immediately turned into madness.
Skin changing is what happens when it really enters the fourth weight of quenching body.
It’s finally come to this.
Lin Dong licked his mouth and felt some excitement in his heart. The first three heavies are all simple physical exercises. Only when he reaches the fourth heaviness can he feel the benefits of cultivation. After skin changing, the new skin Wanmushi is greatly enhanced in both strength and impact resistance. Compared with the third heaviness, it is simply too much stronger.
After watching Lin move and watching his body scurf fall off quickly, he rolled around in the stone pool, then jumped into the stone pool and slowly stroked his arm and palm, just like touching smooth wood and stone, with a strange hard feeling entering the palm.
make love