Liu Guoliang praised, "But those members who lost the battle to the devil will go back sooner or later."

Xu Wen smiled and laughed. "Either let them go back."
Chapter four hundred and fifty A ring set of a ring
Liu Guoliang narrowed his eyes and looked at Xu Tao. "Shall I start now?"
Xu nodded and said, "Time is running out. You must start now, and those defeated troops will not meet. You must find a way to get ahead of them and go to Fengyang City!"
Liu Guoliang asked, "Can I trust you?"
You know, if Xu’s plan goes wrong, there is no difference between Liu Guoliang and fourteen people going to Fengyang City to die.
Even if Liu Guoliang can escape, I am afraid he will end up in a serious injury field.
There must be no mistakes in every plan, or everything will be finished.
"And …"
Guo-liang liu narrowed his eyes and said, "what should I do if those defeated troops go back? They can sneak up on us from behind and let the members of the three magic stronghold know that their ambush has not been wiped out. Isn’t it counterproductive then? "
Xu seriously said, "Lord Liu, I don’t have time to explain the reality to you because I’m worried that those defeated troops will arrive in Fengyang City before. If they are talking, they will definitely not be able to say things perfectly. We must catch them before the interview. Those defeated troops will return to Fengyang City to complete the first ring!"
Guo-liang liu thoughtfully a suddenly bitten to grind way "fuck it! I have been at ease for ten years! Fight this time! I believe you once. I hope you didn’t hate me for laughing at you before, so you deliberately fucked me! "
Now Liu Guoliang is really no retreat. He immediately ordered three peak fighters and ten late fighters to jump away.
As Liu Guoliang led the team to go first, the rest of us also looked at Xu.
"Elder Thirteen, what shall we do now?"
Although Xu is ingenious, his face has been wet with sweat, and he is calm and comfortable, but he just forced it.
After all, Xu is the first time to plan this kind of war, and all kinds of uncertain factors are under great pressure.
Xu’s forehead was also covered with sweat. "Are the elders of major sects willing to trust Xu?"
"At this point, I’m willing to wait for Elder Tian Xingjian and Xu!"
"If Elder Xu has any orders, just say so!"
Xu Chang breathed a sigh of relief, and then his eyes were bursting. "Well, we need five peak fighters for the second wave of combat power. Please come out and let me see."
A group of elders came to Xu in succession.
Xu ordered five people at will. "I need you to lead ten late fighters and twenty middle fighters as the second wave of reinforcements. You must be very fast, but you must not exceed the three defeated demons. If you don’t see those guys all the way, you will arrive at Fengyang City battlefield as soon as possible to directly support Lord Liu Dong!"
Xu’s face is sweating more and more, and his heart is beating faster and faster.
This battle can be successful or not!
Guo-liang liu is, after all, dzogchen fighters led three peak fighters and ten late fighters to rush beyond those members who lost the three magic religions easily.
After all, the members of the three magic religions are strong and weak, unlike Xu, who selected 14 people as elites.
Guo-liang liu fourteen people soon surpassed the three major demons taught defeated generals and rushed to the outside of the three major demons taught strongholds in Fengyang City.
Fengyang City, the three magic stronghold, is in a dilapidated and broken-down building.
The status of the three demons in the Jianghu, they are all very rich, and this broken tail building is just a cover-up
Fengyang city is a very prosperous city, and the tail building is built in the suburbs.
Because the three magic religions are really too powerful, there is no common developer to demolish them.
This base in the suburbs is wasteland.
When Liu Guoliang and fourteen people came here, it was already dark and full of gloomy and mysterious feelings.
Fourteen bold artists rushed into the broken poop directly.
The jack-o’-lantern attack really came from all directions. If it is a big army, it will definitely lose again.
After the jack-o’-lantern attack, it’s the holy church’s corner piling.
Fourteen people had been prepared and their strength was not weak, so they easily hid from these attacks.
"I didn’t expect you to kill our stronghold without retreating. It seems that the ambush didn’t play any role for you, but … if you can eradicate this stronghold in this way, it would be too underestimate our three demons."
With a vicissitudes of life, the broken tail building echoed for a moment, and there were several figures sprinting out from all directions. One person should be full of dzogchen breath, apparently at Liu Guoliang.
Liu Guoliang shouted, "Come on, I’m about to stretch!"
With a big drink, Liu Guoliang sprinted like a flash.
The other three peak fighters and ten late fighters also immediately entered the fighting state.
Although there are very few people here in Liu Guoliang, they are all elites, and each of them can defeat one enemy and win a hundred battles, but they have not fallen into the wind for a while.
However, when the three demons found that there were more than a dozen people here, the original low morale seemed to be sufficient.
However, before the situation here lasts long, a flurry of footsteps sounded.
At this time, it is the three major demons who will be defeated and retreated.
When these defeated troops will appear, the three magic stronghold burst into cheers.
The top demon Sect elder shouted, "I also wiped out the ambush department. It turned out to be just fooling people!"
This time, the three demons taught to kill more than a dozen fighters who entered the broken tail building. Suddenly, a deafening shout sounded, and with a light, dozens of people suddenly killed from the outside of the broken tail building.
Those who managed to escape back will be directly stabbed by the second group of troops who were suddenly killed.
This second batch of troops is Liu Guoliang and other reinforcements, and Xu appointed the second batch of people and threatened to kill them directly and beat their opponents off guard after they arrived at the base area with the defeated generals.
This group of troops has a total of more than 30 people, five peak masters, ten late masters and twenty mid-term fighters.
With these thirty-five people joining the defeated troops, they will suffer heavy losses, and Liu Guoliang is even more passionate when he sees the new force joining. "We have reinforcements here, and we want to show the three demons what is powerful and what is noble and decent!"