All the immortals were frightened at once, but no one expected that the Jade Emperor was going to mend the sky, but no one could stop him at the moment.
"Friends, we haven’t lost yet, so it’s not necessary." Wu Ming also advised.
When the Jade Emperor heard this, he suddenly laughed. "It’s not too heavy for me to sit in this three realms because of your kindness!"
"For hundreds of millions of years, I have been conscientious and afraid of failing you, my friends and all beings. Now, how can I sit idly by and see all beings being treated by the Lord of the Three Realms? It is up to you in the future! "
The jade emperor was born in the Three Realms, but the first person at the moment returned everything to this side, and the cracks in the heavens and the earth were filled up.
Qiong Qi suddenly frowned when he saw this. Three ancestors were born to fill the sky, and it happened that his baby was not yet complete. If he could drink the blood of the Three Realms, he would want to win.
Immediately brandishing magic weapons to kill the Jade Emperor.
"Bold evil livestock slaughter!"
Fengdu Emperor, Maitreya Buddha, the heavenly queen and so on have made moves to kill Qiong Qi to prevent Qiong Qi from approaching.
"The weather is swinging, and I am thriving every day!" The jade emperor sighed and turned into a series of mysterious lights scattered around the world.
Hum-golden layers of barriers melt into the sky, and the darkness gradually disappears, and the sky suddenly turns back to blue.
"Amitabha is kind and kind, praising the Great Buddha"
All the gods, people and sentient beings in the celestial world immediately bowed their heads and paid tribute to the Three Realms Lord.
"Damn heaven science you escaped? Then I will destroy your three realms! " Qiong Qi roared.
"Qiong Qi is dead!"
All the immortals were furious and hit by supernatural powers.
Howl! Qiong Qi is afraid of the nine emperors, and the magic weapon in his hand is almost a tortoise full of spikes, and he will be injured accidentally.
Wu Ming was also entangled in a statue of Ren Huang. Although these Ren Huang’s general strength is not strong, there are also fairy deeds. Now Wu Ming is the other party
Wu Mingti’s mana burst will blow Ren Huang away, but he is also a little shaky.
Just then, a cow roared to the green cow and jumped out from the rear of Wu Ming.
"Duomu, we have something for you," shouted Yinling Niubei.
Wu Ming hand catch is a bright dense silver bracelet.
Suddenly, the old gentleman was overjoyed and left this diamond bracelet? So it’s time for Qiong Qi to die!
"good! You go quickly. "It’s too dangerous for them to stay here in this war.
Wu Ming, who holds the diamond bracelet, does not doubt that the power is to seize the opportunity, otherwise, if this fellow is on guard, it will be difficult to set up its magic weapon.
He then wandered in the battlefield, and the immortals besieged Qiong Qi, and they were afraid to get close to each other at the moment, which led to Wu’s failure to make moves.
And Qiong Qi was a little tired after the original knife, but now he played a temporary refuge. His mind was already looking for a breakthrough.
A divine wind blew Wu Ming to Fengdu Emperor’s side and paused a few times.
Then Fengdu Emperor turned out to be holding the heavenly sword and flagrantly cutting it to Qiong Qi.
"Another death!"
Qiong Qi saw that with a wave of his wings, his body seemed to flash to meet the magic weapon in Fengdu Emperor’s hand, and he covered it with layers of light and cut it out.
Good chance!
Wu Ming seized the opportunity to shout a throw out the diamond bracelet and saw it going round and round with a flash of white light. Qiong Qi broke his hand and left immediately.
"Ah-my baby!"
Qiong Qi is angry and afraid that without this baby, it will be a dead end in the face of the siege of all the immortals
Qiong Qi instantaneous wings a shock straight for Wu Ming.
Wu Ming took the diamond bracelet and saw that Qiong Qi this fellow was mixed up. He immediately smiled and poured mana into the diamond bracelet and slammed it.
King Kong bracelet wrapped in poor power going round and round to hit Qiong Qi aware of the danger. This fellow immediately turned into a black wind to avoid it, but how can it be so easy to avoid the protective magic weapon when Tao Zuhua came to earth?
King Kong bracelet seems to depend on Qiong Qi’s various means to smash his head. Although it didn’t chop up Qiong Qi’s head, it made him have a splitting headache and fell off 33.
Seeing this, the immortals quickly lost the magic weapon Qiong Qi’s death!