And Fengyun’s overall combat power has also recovered from 50% to 60% at its peak to 70% now.

Sun Hao believes that it won’t be long before Fengyun’s strength will recover imperceptibly.
That night, Sun Hao came to the four warehouses as promised.
Six monks have been waiting respectfully for a long time. Sun Hao came to them and cried with tears in his eyes.
These monks were younger and better qualified than Fengyun, and Sun Hao called out their names one by one, which flattered them.
Sun Hao sat down and talked with these monks for a while, and then smiled and said, "Aquilaria sinensis has no redundant knot."
The fourth-class face showed a little disappointment, but immediately Dick said, "Your honor, we are waiting for your honor to have a good chance, but if there is no chance, we are willing to follow your honor and walk in vain."
His brother is also in high spirits and is about to make a statement.
Sun Haoyi raised his hand and said with a smile, "Don’t worry. You have also received some elixir of healing. Don’t give it to Aquilaria sinensis?"
Fourth-class people suddenly eyes a bright.
Looked at each other they respectfully took out the bag and handed it to Corleone.
Sun Hao said goodbye with a smile.
Three days later, six monks from Tsukiji dzogchen fell to their knees in front of Sun Hao again, and their accumulated cultivation resources turned into two kinds of knots.
Accumulate for many years
Turtles have rested for many years.
Waiting for Lord Chen Xiang to return.
Lord agarwood came back, and it was as they expected, bringing them the rare opportunity they dreamed of.
And they found that the agarwood adults not only refined and settled the elixir for them, but also prepared several chapters of Du Jie’s character seal for them.
Grateful, they worship again.
Corleone didn’t stop them, but accepted their bow down with a cool smile.
At this moment, Sun Hao once again remembered and forgot that Samoyed himself had collected several resources accumulated by Godsworn dzogchen in Tsukiji for decades, but in terms of value, he was not weak at all. He refined the knot elixir for them and even added his own character seal. Compared with their collection of resources, they were slightly inferior.
Therefore, I have so targeted to raise their chances of getting married with Dan Du Jie, but I am not jealous by Heaven when I don’t bear the cause and effect.
I don’t want Sun Hao to hint that Fengyun will be close to an island to replenish fresh water.
Then the thunder of the island kept ringing.
Mu Xiaotian and Xingtai Long realized that filar silk was not right to sneak into the island and found that Yu didn’t want to be the protector, while the original Fengyun survived, and several old monks were actually making Dan.
I’m curious who gave these monks the courage, but what’s even more shocking is that six monks have successively inspired them, and four of them actually formed an elixir on this island.
What a horrible success rate!
Fengyun Sun Hao still sighs gently.
Despite all kinds of favorable conditions, Ke Qing and another monk, who had been preoccupied and never talked, still failed in Du Jie and fell into the thunder of heaven.
But Yu did not want to be sad with the other four monks and was overjoyed at the same time.
After Dan, Shou Yuan was added for hundreds of years.
Since then, we have stepped into the mainland and turned a new page on the road of cultivating the backbone.
Don’t waste everyone waiting for decades.
Chapter DiYiJiu Hundreds of ships repair to meet each other
Fengyun adds four more then real people.
And the most incredible thing is that these four old monks are all drooping and old, and they are the old monks who pay the least attention to living in the bottom cabin of Fengyun
No one thought that they actually married Dan.
And four of the six old guys got married.
Is there such a ridiculous thing in the world?
There is no doubt that these old guys dress up as pigs and eat tigers.
But at the same time, it’s incredible that even though they used to be Tsukiji dzogchen, even though they suppressed it for many years, what made them dare to face up to the Dan disaster, dare to take risks and take Dan in one fell swoop?
The new generation of Fengyun brothers feel a little incredible.
And the monks who joined Fengyun earlier have already felt Fengyun, and it seems that there is a familiar smell that they are slowly waking up.
I remember when they just joined Fengyun, Fengyun had some exciting words.
The monks of Fengyun have always been full of expectations for some people and things.
It seems that Fengyun had an unforgettable glory at that time.
After many years, this honor gives people the feeling that they are about to wake up.
There are four more then the reality Fengyun, and several town ships then gather together again. Congratulations to several Taoist friends for stepping into Jindan Avenue, and at the same time, they can also participate in Fengyun’s decision. Everyone once again makes a decision on Fengyun’s action direction.
Mu Xiaotian and Xingtai Long Yuan’s four new elixirs need to be consolidated and repaired, and they don’t want their parliament to be strongly supported by four new elixirs.
But the result is the opposite.
The four new Jin Dan’s fighting spirit is high, and they are eager to help Binghuo Island.
Mu Xiaotian was annoyed by these guys, and said, "Since you insist on this, then don’t blame me for speaking badly. The Dragon Family has corrected the top ten bandit islands in Nanyang, and there are more than 20 ships that can lead the attack on the ice and fire islands. It’s not enough for us to crash into it like this."
Xingtai Long also attached "Yes, the ice and fire island war can be said to be the largest naval battle in Nanyang in the past thousand years, and it is also a reshuffle of Nanyang forces, but we can’t participate or we need to participate."