Liu Zhe smiled faintly. "I’m not born yet. By the way, why are you here?"

Liu Weiping said, "The Japanese pig insisted on talking to us, so I had a hard time coming."
Liu Zhe pointed to the clearly visible city in the distance. "Let’s talk there?"
Liu Weiping nodded, "Talk about the coastal city of North Canada"
Liu Zhe looked at him. "Aren’t you afraid of being taken hostage?"
LiuWeiPing laughed "they dare? They wouldn’t dare if I lent them a few more guts! You are also an important role in this negotiation by flying with me! "
Liu Zhe shrugged his shoulders and simply flew to enjoy the expression of a Japanese general whose parents died and his wife eloped with the adulterer with half her savings …
The explosion in the coastal city of North Canada has gone up in clouds, and buildings have collapsed in a huge roar, holding back their anger. There is no place to vent their anger. Japanese soldiers regard this city as a punching bag, and explosives destroy everything. The Chinese army may have to look at the infrastructure to see what is not pleasing to the eye. Without saying anything, they will feed explosives to the buildings and detonate them. I can’t wait to dig the whole coastal city of North Canada off the map! Didn’t China claim that the territory of the Nanyang Chinese Republic extends from Madura Island to the coast of North Canada? Surabaya and Sambo Gong are beyond our reach, but we can always blow up the coast of North Canada and leave the ruins to the Chinese to make this city a Chinese Republic, right? Drop the explosives and shells by the way so as not to move back!
"You should figure out how to get back when you come."
Seixiong Kitano, a city on the verge of destruction, looked at the smoke and flames rising from the sky with a wry smile. Perhaps it was because he felt that the overall situation was set, and it was unnecessary to wave the blood of soldiers in the coastal battlefield in the north. The Chinese army unexpectedly agreed to a truce and let these beaten soldiers go back to Japan. This is really a great thing, but it will take several days to transport tens of thousands of beaten soldiers and equipment back to China.
It’s not an easy thing, too. Hua Jun is pushing hard. On the one hand, several large cruise ships will be transferred to Japan, on the other hand, they will still fly. -13 transport planes and even civil airliners will strive for the shortest time, and these lucky soldiers will be transported back to China to save big sleep-who knows if Hua Jun will suddenly turn against each other! The first high-speed cruise ship has arrived on the coast of northern Canada. The soldiers are on board to sign an armistice agreement, so they can go home. Everyone is a little unwilling, but more than that, they are still alive. Fortunately, they are still alive in such a cruel war. It is very lucky to be able to come home by boat. What else can you expect?
After returning home …
Masao Kitano is unkind and wants to go to Japan to treat the defeated military system. He will certainly have no good results when he goes back. The soldiers who were captured by the Soviet Red Army in Nomonkan were all thrown to the border between China and the Soviet Union to repair fortifications, and it was even worse for Japanese officers. Several generals were demoted to the end and kicked to the reserve sergeant. It was even worse for them to commit suicide or be forced by their heads to put a gun on their heads. A joint captain was chopped by a wounded soldier knife when he was being treated in the hospital! The defeat of Japan in the first world war of claw depression was even worse than that of Nomenkan, and it was the defeat of the Chinese army. I am afraid that his field will be worse than that of the United captain who was wounded in the hospital! However, the lieutenant general is not afraid of death when half his body is buried in the loess.
Commander Ge was immersed in his own thoughts. Staff Ozawa ran over and looked complicated and said, "The representative of Ge Huajun is here!"
Masao Kitano slowly turned back. "Is it Liu Weiping?"
Ozawa said, "Liu Weiping and Liu Zhehua are the first and second figures of the Chinese Expeditionary Force."
Kitano Masao smiled. "Are you here? Really give me this old man’s face. "Arrange a military uniform and stride towards the negotiation building.
"Your mother, this is the end of the world, right?"
Liu Weiping was startled by the earth-shattering explosion in the city as soon as she got on the plane. Damn it, the mountains shook like dominoes in the summer, and 212 accidentally arrived!
Liu Zhe showed a trace of anger. "They are plotting to destroy the city!"
Liu Weiping didn’t look at it. "Let them blow us up and build a new city bigger and more magnificent than it is now!"
Liu Zhe smiled, "Well said, don’t go old, don’t come new!" Two people free and easy smile as kitano masahiro sent to meet people adjutant drove to the negotiation building without looking at the deputy armed Japanese soldiers with red eyes and went straight in.
At the other end of the negotiating table, Masao Kitano and a bunch of Japanese generals have already sat quietly waiting for them. Liu Weiping ignored the eyes of those Japanese generals and fell directly.
Masao Kitano looked at the old soldier carefully, and Masao Kitano also looked at him. The collision between the two men burst into sparks, which made my heart beat wildly.
Takeo Kitano said softly, "The afterlife is awesome!"
Liu Weiping said, "Ginger is still spicy!" Raise your hand and give a military salute "Liu Weiping, Commander-in-Chief of the Republic Expeditionary Force"
Masao Kitano and a bunch of generals immediately reciprocate. "Commander of the three armies of the Japanese Expeditionary Force, Masao Kitano, this is Major General Liu Zhe who killed in Jakarta, right? Nice to meet you. "
Liuzhe lips a lift spit out two words "nice to meet you" a butt to sit.
Liu Weiping also sat and said with a smile, "We don’t know each other. After more than half a month of competition, we have learned our skills and you have seen our means. Fortunately, the final victory was us, in other words, you lost."
The translator turned his words over, even the tone was exactly the same. The Japanese general looked motionless and hid his fist at the bottom of the table, but slowly tightened it.
Liu Weiping went on to say, "This is a gambling bet. If you lose in Southeast Asia, you can pull over." He took out a document and handed it over with a smile. "I am asking us to have a look."
Masao Kitano took over and opened the document, which was a long list of conditions for the translation between Chinese and Japanese.
First, Japan admitted defeat and publicly apologized to China and Nanyang Chinese;
Second, Japan compensated the Nanyang Chinese Department for the loss, paid the expeditionary troops of the Chinese army and compensated the Chinese army for the pension for the casualties.
The third condition is to return prisoners of war;
Fourth, open 16 kinds of light industrial products markets such as textiles to China;
Fifth, it is indeed recognized that China is the owner of the waters around the Diaoyu Islands;
On the sixth and third day, Japan must withdraw its fighters and equipment without leaving a single soldier, a single shot and a single bullet;
Seventh, no excuse to interfere in claw depression;
The first officially recognized the Nanyang Chinese Republic;
Ninth, Japan must drastically reduce its military expenditure, and the military must not exceed 2% of its gross national product in the next decade;
Tenth …
Eleventh …
The city alliance is nothing more than looking at this long list of conditions. The eyes of the Japanese generals are red with anger. It is absolutely unreasonable to compensate the loss of Nanyang Chinese without more than 10 billion US dollars. Is it so ridiculous to compensate the Chinese army and the casualties? If you go out, people won’t say that it’s you who are cheap and pay Hua Jun to beat you up.
Himself Sixteen kinds of light industrial products markets are not allowed to set up trade barriers to China … How much impact will this one have on Japan’s light industry? Let’s not just say that Japan can’t afford to lose its face. Isn’t that what they did to China in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China? Cheap and inferior quality Japanese goods swept the Chinese market like a flood. I don’t know how many Chinese factories were forced to go bankrupt by them. Students launched a boycott of Japanese goods one after another, which is more enjoyable than any blockbuster! Now, the unique cabbage price skills of pandas will push their Japanese counterparts to bankruptcy. It’s their turn to demonstrate on Student Street to boycott Chinese goods! This slap is hitting Japan’s little face, making them bleed and see stars!
The British chief of staff cursed "Ga!" Apart from this word, he really can’t find any language to form Chinese shame and malice!
Chief of staff cabinet sound pressure is low enough, but LiuWeiPing still listen to a clear-nine times out of ten, this belongs to Cattail Willow WeiPing cried "ah ah how to talk? Talk well what to call names? Why did you give up treatment? No, I wouldn’t curse if I were a sven, your mother! Ga! Your family is awkward! "
When this statement was translated, I cried and cried, and I had to know how to translate it. Even Liu Zhe couldn’t help sobbing. Wow, you can still laugh!
After listening to the translation, the British chief of staff’s head was silver-gray and dry like hay in the desert, and his eyes almost burst into flames. He has never been insulted like this! He wanted to jump up and the horse was held down by Masao Kitano. There was something important to talk about, which really made them quarrel. Do you want to talk about it? Bear with it. Bear with it.
The country’s British Major General has endured and endured.
Liu Weiping was waiting for a big fight. As a result, the guy took a few breaths and there was no one. He expressed his disappointment and muttered, "I really have a ninja turtle!"
The British chief of staff almost burst his blood vessels. This little guy is not here to negotiate, but to find fault!
After several hours of bargaining and even quarreling and scolding, the armistice agreement was finally signed. Liu Weiping and Liu Zhe took the armistice agreement with pride like a Japanese soldier who had just won a cockerel with a nose higher than his forehead. The helicopter can now go back and enjoy the fruits of victory. After the helicopter took off, Liu Zhe frowned and asked, "Are you really going to put these tens of thousands of Japanese pigs back? You know, these guys have experienced the worst war, and once they are incorporated into his army as grassroots officers, the Japanese army’s combat effectiveness will achieve a qualitative leap! "
Liu Weiping smiles. "I promised to let them go home and I will never break my promise to others … Japanese pigs always pretend to be a marine nation, right? Strictly speaking, the sea talent.
Is their hometown … "
Liuzhe eyelid disobedient crazy jump up.
Chapter 23 Difficulties and shipwrecks
On the afternoon of April 30th.
It’s cloudy, sultry and humid. I’m afraid it will rain in a few hours. Japanese soldiers lined up silently to board the plane. It’s time for them to return home.
The Japanese Central Self-Defense Force originally had 60 or 70 -13 long-range military launch capabilities, which was one of the best in Asia. However, in that tragic battle four days ago, most of the -13 was smashed into flying fragments by Chinese military missiles and machine guns. Only a few of these forces can be sent to pick up people, and only a few of them are civil airliners. It’s been 50 years, and d-3 transport planes have been sent to fill the airport. Because the Chinese army set the date of withdrawal and couldn’t come up with so many ships for a while, even these old antiques were sent over. Now, 30 people in each d-3 nuclear are stuffed with 60 or 70 people, and they are still staggering like sardines. Liu Weiping looks at these old d-3 and reveals a strange smile.
D-3 is a propeller conveyor introduced by the well-known Douglas Company in 1936, and it is also the first one in the world that can make a lot of money by transporting passengers. More than 11,000 aircraft have been produced back and forth, and no transport machine has achieved such good results-yes, it is the famous -47 transport aircraft in World War II! The Soviet Union imported and imitated thousands of large Li -2 transport planes in one breath. It was the most powerful long arm of the allied forces in World War II, and it was busy in every battlefield in Asia, Europe and Africa. This guy was incredibly simple to maintain, cheap and sturdy! It crashed into the mountain and its left wing was cut off by nine feet, so it staggered up and flew back to the airport-two minutes late; It was hit by a Japanese fighter suicide more than once, and the unrecognizable fighter exploded into a fireball. It shrugged its shoulders and continued to fly; When the fuel ran out, the crew abandoned the plane and parachuted. It landed softly on the grass itself, and the landing site was only a few miles away from the parachuting site of the crew! A d-3 in the battlefield of China was shot with more than 3,000 bullet holes by the aircraft gun of the Japanese army to make up for it, and then it continued to fly. One wing was blown up, and it was fitted with a d-2 wing that was roughly similar and five feet shorter than the d-3 wing. It actually flew again and there was no accident! Yu Chao is really unusual for d-3. The worst time was that the Brazilian nuclear 30-man d-3 stuffed 93 victims surrounded by floods in one breath and flew out of the disaster area slowly-what if the pilot was sure that the traffic police could not go to the middle to check the car, right? It’s hard to imagine a plane can carry so much. I wonder if it is a tank change!This guy is so resistant to exercise, but he is too slow and armed … I think too much.
The Chinese army has entered the coast of North Canada.
The Japanese army is a Chinese soldier monitoring the boarding ship, which makes the Japanese soldiers feel humiliated. Before boarding the plane, Staff Ozawa said to Liu Weiping with resentment, "Don’t be too proud, we will meet on the battlefield sooner or later!"
Liu Weiping said, "I have no doubt about this," but she sneered at you in her heart. Do you still expect to return to Japan alive?
Masao Kitano stared at Liu Weiping’s eyes and held out a big hand to him with a little appreciation of Liu Weiping’s smile. "You are the most troublesome opponent I have ever met. If you don’t have a card in your hand, the result of our first world war is really hard to say."
Masao Kitano said, "You’re also the toughest opponent I’ve ever met. You’re one step ahead of me in tactics and strategy. It’s not wrong to lose to you … I hope we don’t meet on the battlefield again. It’s a disaster."
Yes, three divisions and another brigade of the ground troops of the Japanese Expeditionary Force were annihilated in a fierce battle, and the casualties of the Chinese army even the Yanlong Corps were as high as 16,000. If it is a naval loss, I am afraid that the casualties on both sides will have to increase by a large margin. Such heavy casualties are a terrible disaster for both armies. Liu Weiping agreed that the two armies shook hands and said "treasure" to each other. Masao Kitano turned the plane and could still see Liu Weiping waving at him through the porthole. He seemed to say "One-one-one"
Planes take off one after another like ducks being chased away by dogs, and the ships are full of people. With a little loneliness and reluctance, they slowly leave the port and head for the claw depression sea to squeeze the deck. Japanese soldiers gawk at the battlefield and look confused.
Is this how the war ended?