Cloud thirteen shocked stare big eyes and said, "No wonder the fairy beast went crazy that day because of you."

Wu Zhe nodded and continued, "This fairy beast egg, you even tried to absorb the vortex with extremely strong spirit." I wanted to take out the dying wine and give it to Yun Thirteen, but the dark yin Wu Zhe looked at her and asked, "Do you need to go back to the cave to rest? When you wake up, you see Long Mai Ice Spring, so you can try to absorb it there. "
"Long Mai ice spring? True or false, it is no wonder that I feel a powerful energy fluctuation. Please send me back quickly. "Dark Yin is very excited. Long Mai Ice Spring has often heard that she was awakened by Wu Zhe before and really didn’t pay attention.
Wu Zhe sent the dark shade back to Xiaobi and took the opportunity to come out again. It’s really impossible to take it out of the tooth-dried cave and take out the endless bag. Wu Zhe poured a small cup for Yun Thirteen, who was drunk after drinking it. Xiaobi staggered after drinking it like a hairball.
Looking at Xiaobi, I miss Xiaomaoqiu a little. I don’t know if that little guy is okay now.
At the same time, Wu Zhe is also glad that Xiaomaoqiu was stolen, otherwise it would be like this. If the outside world is equivalent to the game, Xiaomaoqiu might starve to death …
In other words, when Wu Zhe missed Xiaomaoqiu, a few drops of dying wine dripped a fairy egg from Fang’s endless bag, and slowly the elixir shook the eggshell and the broken sound brought Wu Zhe back to reality from the memory.
"Ow …"
A little guy who looks like a little silver fairy beast got out of the fairy beast egg and shouted at the high light! In the distance, a mountain forest suddenly howled. It was the silver fairy beast and it was very exciting to roar!
Wu Zhe quickly took a look at the Tooth-dried Kun Cave, a drunken cloud with thirteen small gardens. The silver fairy beast thought that Tooth-dried Kun Cave could shield the breath and put it in.
Run away with the egg that hasn’t hatched yet.
Then the original place came with the roar of lions and the roar of tigers, and the mountain forest not far away actually trembled. It seems that there are many fairy beasts fighting!
"The silver fairy beast will definitely not feel as excited as before when it feels the breath of the child."
Wu Zhe struggled with thinking that it was also the silver fairy beast that saved himself by mistake, and he could not bear to be injured again. Be prepared to step nine steps and turn around and run back.
When he came to the forest land, the battle between the fairy and the beast was near the end. The forest land was a large body of wild animals, and the blood mist transpiration pungent smell of blood filled the forest.
Two heads are as huge as colossus, and the neck of the lion is broken and the corpse forest is broken; Seven heads and three eyes Hei Hu body was torn down in the grass; Two giant carvings with the length for five or six meters are pierced through the chest and abdomen of hang giant trees. The heads and bodies of the three-headed five or six-meter-long one-horned giant bear are separated and stacked together …
This is a rare fairy beast killing jungle law really cruel than!
This is because there are not many fairy beasts in Tyrannosaurus rex’s fairy beast field, and there are no earth fairy beasts at the same time, otherwise the fairy beast fight will be even more tragic and cruel
There was blood everywhere, and the carcasses were shocking. Wu Zhe couldn’t find the silver fairy beast, and he didn’t leave any traces of the fighting by the silver fairy beast. Isn’t this fighting because of the silver fairy beast?
Look closely at these immortals and beasts. It seems that most of them are killed by an ancient cave. Before the entrance of the cave, we can see the original. This is a closed ancient cave, which has been blocking the entrance for years. The boulder is gradually cracking. Today, the ancient cave is rediscovered and the immortals and beasts are killing each other.
I don’t know if the immortal beast has entered the ancient caves. Wu Zhe is particularly interested in these ancient caves because most of his magic weapons are like this, such as the most handy beetle-eating.
Analysis for a moment, the silver fairy beast should not have been found. Wu Zhe picked up a lot of fairy beasts, and Dan found a safe place to eat the eggs of the fairy beasts that have not yet hatched.
Although I feel sorry for the silver fairy beast, it’s a matter of yard to yard. Only by having a strong celestial body can I live for a long time. Besides, even if I return this fairy beast egg to the silver fairy beast, the other party will definitely kill myself …
I found a secret place and drank the dying wine. Wu Zhe broke the fairy egg with one punch and directly poured all the essence into my mouth.
In a flash, he felt the spirit as if it were going to burn again. There was a surge of spiritual energy and a violent impact in his brain!
The whole body is covered with silver glow, like a flaming flame. The essence of the dragon egg is to try his best to swirl. His body becomes almost transparent again, and he can see a virtual shadow of a silver dragon sinking into his mind.
Or when the body appears to help refining?
Half a day later, there was another silver spot in Wu Zhe Spirit Sea.
Eating a fairy beast Dan’s physical strength is instantly replenished. Wu Zhe steps nine steps and rushes into the ancient cave carefully.
The ancient cave is very vast. If the mouth of the cave is closed and the mouth of the cave is open, most of the behemoths like the silver fairy beast can climb in. Suddenly, Wu Zhe’s expression froze. With the help of the faint light of the mouth of the cave, you can see that the depths of the ancient cave seem to be … What a monster!
Look carefully and find that the front is white. It’s a huge white skeleton! And human!
"What is this fairy beast? Fortunately, it is not a living thing! "
Wu Zhe walked forward with a huge skeleton like a mountain of bones, like a giant. Otherwise, I’m afraid it’s not as big as a human skeleton. The skeleton is 40 to 50 meters long. How old does this man have to grow up …
Ancient caves like this usually have a bad smell, but Wu Zhe smelled a vision and entered the skeleton without walking a few steps. The depths of Guanghua skeleton were looming, and when he walked in, he found that it was actually a rib complaining about the bone!
A dark ancient cave as big as an adult’s arm can’t hide its brilliance. Wu Zhe is really surprised. Compared with this bone of resentment, it is too huge and the price is immeasurable.
The bones of hatred are crystal clear, and the light is brighter and brighter as it goes to the bright place. It’s like a fairy glow. There is no doubt that this is a treasure!
I want to hide my hatred bone and dry my teeth. As soon as I touched it, I never thought that this hatred bone was extremely sharp and cut Wu Zhe’s skin
Strange things happened. A slight hum. This resentment bone actually absorbed Wu Zhe’s blood and enjoyed it.
Wu Zhe was surprised and didn’t refuse to see what would happen next
For a moment, the hatred bone was full and the whole body was red, and it rushed to Wu Zhe’s left hand tooth Gankun hole in suspension.
"Bao Ling?"
Wu Zhe felt that there was a new area next to the ice temple, and then slowly widened out, and a giant Bao Ling got up with the same breath!
"The ancient giant hatred bone! No, this is the ancient giant of the celestial world … "
After the shock, I was excited. I didn’t expect to meet a giant with a treasure spirit and a bone, and I still didn’t know my identity.
Wu Zhe excitedly looked up and continued to look into the ancient cave.
Because of the hatred bone, there is nothing for the fairy beast. This group of fairy beasts wants to enter the ancient cave, which is definitely not the hatred bone. He intends to continue to explore, but he has not walked a few steps. Suddenly, a fierce beast roared in the ancient cave.
"Should be live to the fairy beast" Wu Zhe speed up to move forward, it doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy and clear-eyed.
I saw the roaring fairy beast. It was a black spotted golden-haired fairy leopard. How tall the three people were, shining with the sky. There was a strange energy flowing like a yellow stone carved out. Generally, it looked very "small" compared with other fairy beasts, but it exuded a terrifying spirit and ferocity, revealing a tragic Shaqi!
The most miraculous thing is that this fairy leopard has a pair of yellow wings to hide its body, but it can’t be found without turbid eyes.
At the moment, the pair of yellow wings stretch to be five or six meters long, and the yellow brilliance flows more everywhere in the body. In addition, this fairy leopard has four eyes, and the third and fourth eyes are normal, and their eyes are as bright as two black gems, but they shine with evil light, which can make people feel extremely dangerous immediately.
So many fairy beasts can kill each other, and finally it is enough to say that this fairy leopard is cruel and terrible.
It’s what pain it’s going through now. Two pairs of ferocious eyes are shining with lotus flower, and a fierce spirit permeates from its body!
"What is this?"
This ferocity seems to be able to find the living, and the danger looms over Wu Zhe.
When Wu Zhe escaped, he saw the horrible wound on the neck of Xianbao. Obviously, it was seriously injured during the struggle. The neck was torn until the chest and abdomen were torn. A huge blood mouth and a yellow wing hung down and almost torn. The dense bones in the chest and abdomen were exposed, and bright red blood flowed all over the floor.
"Ow …"
When escaping from the evil spirit, the noise alarmed the fairy leopard, which turned into a yellow light and rushed to Wu Zhe to drive up a bloody breath, but at the moment it pranced over and landed, its body was shaking and almost fell to the ground.