And the spirit of HarmonyOS in the tomb of God is exhausted and absorbed by the world tree.

At the same time, Su should melt and cast all the bodies of various fiends that she has searched for, and enter Pangu Zan to promote this treasure.
He was trapped in the peak state of the Emperor, but he couldn’t achieve it until he knew the peak state of the Emperor. The Emperor simply raised the power of Pangu Zan to suppress the flesh so that he could go further.
As soon as he sat down, his understanding of Zumo’s body and Tao had reached the limit for dozens of days. At this time, the world tree suddenly grew to almost the limit, and the speed of HarmonyOS gas throughput suddenly surpassed Zumo!
And sue should charge millions of fiend bodies and consume more than half.
"I’m afraid it’s hard to get more information if I continue this enlightenment."
Su Ying got up and strode to the ancestor’s corpse. The whole avenue roared with blood, and all kinds of visions became more and more grand, and the sound became more and more shocking, but he took all the blood and blood vibrations.
HarmonyOS purple gas between his eyebrows came rushing in wildly and was absorbed by the world tree. The large throughput made this HarmonyOS membrane tire shrink gradually.
The world’s tree power is also constantly rising, which makes him go forward for dozens of miles and get closer to Zumo.
At the moment, the speed of the Great Buddha has been horribly slow. He is closer to Zumo than Su Ying, with only a hundred steps left, but these hundred steps are different from the natural barrier for him!
Zumo deserves to be the most powerful Mundus in all ages, but Haotian Emperor is the strongest. Although he has been dead for tens of millions of years, even though the Great Buddha has proved it, he still managed to get close to his body.
What shocked the Great Buddha even more was that Su Ying was approaching quickly, and Su Ying’s strength soared with every step of her life. At this moment, she had already reached the strength close to the Emperor of Heaven!
If Sue should go to Zumo, the Great Buddha is sure that he will never be his opponent again!
"Abnormal condition …"
He couldn’t help but gasp in air, and the great Buddha ruled the world. The great Buddha was incredibly abnormal, so it is conceivable how horrible Sue should be at this time!
What relieved him was that Su Ying did not insist on walking to him, but sat cross-legged again to continue to understand Zumo Avenue.
"I theory such as also want to get the progenitor magic bearing! Burning Shou Yuan! "
Great Buddha and complete drink the old sound. HarmonyOS’s diaphragm tires shook Sue back and forth. Suddenly, a stream of essence rushed out of the avenue above his head and merged into Vientiane Treasure Building, which made his strength suddenly increase. He tore the ancestral demon’s flesh and spilled all the avenues and strode towards this oldest fiend!
Finally, in front of his ancestors
Su Ying did not continue to realize Zumo Avenue at the moment, but suddenly got up and looked nervously at the Great Buddha.
"The strongest testimony is that I will finally get you."
The Great Buddha laughed and reached out to grasp the ancestor demon, but now he saw that the ancestor demon body moved slightly, raised a round jade finger and gently clicked the palm of the Great Buddha.
"Know young players …"
This statue of the oldest fiend suddenly opened his eyes and said slowly, "Dare to blaspheme God ……………"
Chapter 136 Kill you, too
"Zumo is alive?"
Su Ying couldn’t help but be startled when he saw this situation. It was beyond his expectation that a dead man suddenly spoke and attacked the Buddha for thousands of years!
"Impossible! No way! "
The divine light in Su Ying’s eyes flashed on both sides, and the divine light in Su Ying’s eyes shone on Zumo, reflecting his body in the mirror.
Seeing that all the vitality in the body of the primitive ancestor demon has dissipated, it is impossible for Shou Yuan to live to this moment in the final analysis. It is an immortal will to drive his body!
The Great Buddha was even more amazed than he was. He went through all kinds of hardships at the expense of Shou Yuan. I didn’t expect Zumo to "live" at this time.
Zumo pointed out that his palm saw the fiend emperor’s palm suddenly exploded with five fingers and then his arm clicked and broke!
"Impossible! Zumo, you are dead and you will never live to be now! "
The Great Buddha thundered and his arm was broken, and then he was reborn and waved the Vientiane treasure building. Seeing the big waving avenue boiling, he went to the Yuan ancestor’s magic roll!
He is such a powerful blow, and his magic power can be said to be almost the first person in the world, the King of Heaven, including the Emperor of Heaven who faked his death, and he will not be his opponent except Luo Tian and Mundus in the Ten Hell!
Zumo’s big hand suddenly lifted to the edge of the cover to absorb HarmonyOS’s gas. In the palm of his hand, a palm fell and he saw the flag pole of Vientiane Treasure Building.
The great Buddha vomited blood in his mouth, and the flagpole of Vientiane Treasure Building was shot with a big gun, and the ancestor fell to the cover with a big hand and palm, and the flagpole broke.
Then the great Buddha’s body burst back and flew backwards, and he went to the distance without looking back.
With one blow, Zu Mo destroyed all his buildings, seriously injuring him, and wasting most of his strength. If you don’t take the opportunity to leave Zu Mo, you need to start work, and you can let him fall here just because he overflows the road all over!
"Buddha, you are injured. The injury must be very heavy, right? I’ll give you a ride to see your son, Mrs. Tianxu! "
Su Ying’s eyes flashed and he burst into laughter. His body suddenly exploded like a sharp arrow and he shot out half way to kill the Great Buddha!
"Although the leader of Tongtian has been injured, it is not something you can compete with!"
The great Buddha was furious and suddenly rolled up his sleeve. He saw that his sleeve was open and turned into a dark hole. The sleeve was thin and swollen, and a big snake opened its fingers like Shekou devoured everything and covered Su Ying!
His sleeve fell over half a day, and HarmonyOS purple gas roared and was swallowed up by his sleeve at a speed comparable to Zumo’s breathing throughput!
"Buddha, let me show you that I have created another way of teaching!"
Su Ying’s speed did not decrease, and he went straight to the Great Buddha’s whole body, and his blood was boiling, and thousands of visions suddenly turned up. When he saw the moment, the avenue screamed and the gods gushed out, and all the gods danced all over the sky.
"I testify that the three realms of heaven, earth and man and the six heavenly ways are mine!"
"Avenue seal!"
Sue should drink a palm to greet the giant Buddha’s sleeve. The palm of her hand will fill the Buddha’s sleeve to the brim, and the Buddha’s sleeve will explode piece by piece to reveal the skinny hand in the Tibetan sleeve.