Of course it’s the truth

Beautiful Li Yueling corners of the mouth over a smile way
Smell speech Jin Nuanyu curious way that lies?
Beautiful as hell, Li Yueling’s serious expression and his focused eyes make it hard to imagine that he is telling a lie.
You are good or bad. Jin Nuanyu was so excited by the words of her heart that the flowers trembled and offered a warm kiss.
When Li Yueling went back to her room and changed into a comparative western style, it was not long before the auction meeting. The two of them laughed and went hand in hand to the cruise auction, the biggest event in this sea trip.
Queen Mary’s theater, which covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters, has been set up as an auction house at the moment. When Li Yueling, Jin Nuan Yu and both entered the auction house, it immediately attracted many tourists’ attention. It is really not natural for such a couple to fall into the eyes of others.
Because Li Yueling Jin Nuanyu is a VIP ticket, two people are directly arranged to enter the VIP seat box. After two people sit down, Li Yueling roughly looks at the distribution of the theater and finds that there are really enough people divided into four major regions. The theater bases are full and people are constantly entering the venue, so there should be thousands of people.
Li Yueling’s eyes were sitting in the seat next door, and Li Yueling had a great curiosity because he had met once in a casino that day. Cliff, a white man, happened to glance over at Li Yueling’s eyes.
Two people look wrong for a moment, but their senses are keen. Li Yueling is still aware of a trace of surprise in Cliff’s eyes. Can’t help wondering if the other party also finds himself a person with power?
The idea didn’t stay in Li Yueling’s mind for a long time. At this time, Baron Cardoso, the main auction meeting, boarded the platform that had been changed into the shape of a six-pointed star, announced that the auction rules had been seated, and many rich businessmen were quiet.
Li Yueling Rao was interested in hearing Baron Cardoso announce the auction rules, and he couldn’t help thinking that he had sent a few things and didn’t know how much they could fetch.
The number of lights on the auction table is on. A foreign auctioneer walked out of the stage and saw a platform slowly rising in the middle of the auction table. A red cloth covered with something seems to be the first shot at this auction meeting.
Aside Jin Nuanyu tugged at Li Yueling’s sleeve, pointing to a small round box in front of two people. This should be the auction bidder. It seems that they have really worked hard for this cruise auction.
Li Yueling heard the news and looked at the box with rows of various buttons, red, green, purple, white and black. Five kinds of buttons were marked with corresponding numbers in Arabic numerals. Red stands for asking price of 10,000, green stands for asking price of 50,000, purple stands for asking price of 100,000, white stands for asking price of 1 million, and the last black button represents a price increase of 10 million. Of course, it must be noted that the auction items of this cruise ship are all calculated in dollars.
In fact, before entering the auction house, every guest who participated in the auction was distributed to a beautiful booklet, which not only introduced the rules of the auction conference in detail, but also listed all kinds of auctions that will be held in this auction event, but there was no record of what the tourists sent.
The auctioneer Hong Liangyin entered everyone’s ear through the microphone. The first shot was Charles Louis Napolé on Bonaparte moment Louis XIV like a round table. The starting price was 50,000.
At this time, Jin Nuanyu whispered to Li Yueling that there was always nothing good, and Jing Ji was left behind. It seems that she knew the auction quite well and knew much less than Li Yueling, a layman.
However, after several rounds of bidding, the price of this auction was $10,000, and the highest price of the next dozen auctions was $300,000.
It seems that all the people present know that good things always stay in the last place. Although there is no high court yet, the atmosphere in the auction is still very good.
Finally, when the auctioneer took the title of the sixteenth piece in the newspaper, people’s eyes were all brightened.
Mi Fei, a great legalist in the Northern Song Dynasty in China, embroidered a hundred birds with a 1-meter long scroll, and the starting price was 4 million.
The auctioneer’s voice suddenly caused a great response from all the people in China, especially many-born wealthy businessmen. You know, this long scroll of Mi Fei is really a veritable national treasure. In a short time, the price has climbed by 7 million US dollars. At this time, many people who participated in the competition have become less and less. Finally, this national treasure was pocketed by a wealthy businessman in China at a price of 7.5 million yuan.
While observing Li Yueling all the time, I couldn’t help but feel relieved and smile at ease. Fortunately, this racket was not bought by foreigners. Otherwise, wouldn’t we lose a national treasure in China, and the gold warm jade beside him seems to have the same idea, and the mouth is close to Li Yueling’s ear. If the final price is not China people shouting warm jade, it will definitely be contested.
Feeling the warmth of gold and understanding of jade, Li Yueling touched her finger with a little warmth of gold and jade, and the tip of her nose smiled. This is called singing with her husband.
However, everything that comes next is good, and the price of everything seems to be in the millions of dollars. It seems that the auction has been decided, and the auctioneer has seen Taiwan again. The auction will be a cruise ship, and dozens of tourists will send treasures and antiques. These things have been appraised and verified by experts.
The first bid was sent by Li Yueling and Mr. Li.
Chapter 52 Auction Fengyun II
The first bid was sent by Li Yueling, Mr. Li. The starting price of five night beads was 2 million.
When I heard the auctioneer introduce Jin Nuanyu, I looked at the side for the first time and smiled. Li Yueling wondered if you also sent something to shoot.
Li Yueling smiled mysteriously at your husband. If I don’t have any money, how dare I invite our warm jade to the auction?
Jin Nuanyu didn’t ask again to get angry. Then you’ll know that you can auction things for money. The meaning is white. You didn’t tell the young lady to sell money to see if I couldn’t pick you up when I went back.
Li Yueling pretended not to listen to the white sample, but my wife was so stingy and lovely. When she saw that Li Yueling had played Tai Chi, she snorted and simply ignored him.
At this time, the lights of a theater suddenly dimmed, and the red cloth covered with night beads finally appeared in front of people at the auction table.
When the auctioneer unveiled the red cloth, there was a soft light, and the auction table was all bright and dizzy. A theater suddenly lit up, and five round longan beads of different sizes were lying quietly on a silver tray, emitting a faint soft light.
Then I heard all kinds of exclamations from people in Taiwan. It seems that there are quite a few people who are interested in Li Yueling sending these five night beads.
But it’s no wonder that these five night beads are carefully selected by Li Yueling from all kinds of refining materials of Sheng Han Jie.
In ancient times, the night bead was also called the pearl or moonlight bead, and it was a necessary material for refining the magic weapon for protection in the field of repair. In those days, Song Bogao deeply cultivated his vision, but it was impossible for him to see the night bead and refine the material. In fact, it should be said that it was absolutely right for Song Bo to see the night bead, but if Song Bo learned that later generations actually took his night bead, a refining material, for auction to exchange money, he would not know what he would feel.
Today, the price is determined by Li Yueling after referring to the expert evaluation. You know, after the expert evaluation team of the Queen evaluated these five night beads, Li Yueling had already understood the true value of these five things from their praise.
Even so, it seems that Li Yueling underestimated the attraction of his five night beads to many rich businessmen present, not to those rich businessmen’s wives or lovers. There are really few women who don’t love the beautiful treasure of night beads.