Cheng Yanqiu Tan Fuying Wangshaolou Co-Performance

Yang Xiaolou Ma Lianliang Liu Yanting performed together.
Zhou Xinfang Wang Yingwu, Annabelle, Liu Hanchen, Jin Suchen and Liu Kuiguan co-starred.
Mei Lanfang, Cheng Yanqiu, Xun Huisheng, Shang Xiaoyun, Xue Yanqin, Gao Qingkui and Jin Shaoshan
The three-day luxury hall meeting was held at noon or afternoon, and the gong was played until the early morning of the next day. Such a list of plays that are connected together is really enough to reflect Du Yuesheng’s appeal and deterrence, and all this will come to go to the opera with the celebration to report on the celebration, and the newspapers will take dictation all over the country.
When people talked about the completion of the Du Temple, they also deeply realized the power of a name, Du Yuesheng, when they met for three days.
The church meeting is a chance for everyone to see it afterwards and also to make a long story to the National People’s Congress. However, Du Ci entered the Feng ‘an ceremony, but not everyone can enjoy it personally.
On the evening of June 9th, pairs of huge red candles were lit at the bowl mouth of Du Ancestral Hall, which made the altar shine as bright as the day. The vice-chair was lifted, the little finger was thick and fragrant, and the smoke in the altar was blurred one by one.
On June 1 ST, at 5 o’clock, with the praise ceremony, Du’s ancestral hall was suddenly brightly lit and entered the ceremony of Feng ‘an.
Entering the Lord is to write the names of Du Zu’s ancestors in Zhang Taiyan’s genealogy compiled by several people, Du Yuesheng, one by one on the memorial tablet, arranged in order of seniority, and put them in the ancestral hall to enjoy the incense of future generations.
Before Master Li enters the hall, a person who has achieved fame or is highly respected should be asked to perform the ceremony, that is, the master of ceremonies should put the memorial tablet in the altar and add a red pen. The master of ceremonies is the most important ceremony in the ceremony, and the master of ceremonies will be completed. Du Yuesheng will take it in the hands of the master of ceremonies, and then he will respectfully put the memorial tablet in the pre-arranged shrine with both hands.
Because of the importance of the ceremony, Du Yuesheng specially took the Kuomintang veteran Yu Youdian as the master of ceremonies.
Du Yuesheng walked into the ancestral temple in a former Du family, and relatives from far and near walked into the ancestral temple. In the main ceremony, the Pudong garrison fired a gun at 1 o’clock in the loud brass music of various military bands. Du Yuesheng respectfully placed the Du family gods in the shrine one by one, and then led a Sun Xiangxing to worship the family sacrifice gift.
After the family sacrifice, Wu Tiecheng Song Wen represented An Sok, Kong Xiangxi, Xu Jianping and Ying Qin, and paid tribute to the five people.
Finally, yang hu, a lieutenant general of the Kuomintang who joined the army, read the eulogy on behalf of Chiang Kai-shek in the national government, that is, the plaque behind Chiang Kai-shek’s filial piety plaque in the ceremonial ceremony during the day.
The plaque says
Poems on the completion of Du’s new temple
The ceremony of preparing steam and tasting water source is detailed.
Respect the clan and care about the custom of shock wave
Bingziyi Changyuan Kaijia Qingfang Shiyu
Filial piety sun Qing eats the old and good righteousness first
Chi is far and near, helping the public and giving the name Du Mu.
Ken Tang Ken Shi Da Qi Zong Jian Xin Temple
It’s not only hurting the economy, but also hurting the economy.
Shi Zhan mei Shi Jie fu mi long
After the eulogy was read out, the master of ceremonies read out the list of congratulatory people, and this list of more than 10 thousand people studied for more than an hour
An all-night security gift was finally completed.
Du Yuesheng was too tired to live, but he was extremely excited. He still came to congratulate the dignitaries from all walks of life, the heads of concessions, the industrial and commercial giants, and the gang representatives from all over the world shook hands and greeted each other.
Then there was a big banquet, which was eaten until the third pole of the day.
At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the next heaven will sing gong show.
Du Yuesheng didn’t really feel tired until then. Maybe he was too nervous for a few days, or maybe he was too excited for a day. As soon as he had breakfast, Du Yuesheng felt like he had been smoked. He didn’t have any strength at all, but Du Yuesheng made great efforts, but it hurt badly. Nai Du Yuesheng waved Wan Molin and told him to take a break in the front to help take care of himself.
Just for a moment, Du Yuesheng was restless.
I was just about to close my eyes and sleep for a while. Wan Molin stumbled and ran in from the outside. Before anyone came in, the noise in front had already broken in.
Du Yuesheng struggled to open his eyes and hands, propped up a chair in the lounge chair and sat up to see Wan Mo Lin running in from the outside.
Merlin, what’s wrong with you? I’ll scold you.
Wan Molin stayed at the door for a meal, which was like coming back to a little boring.
Mr. Du, Mr. Zhang was beaten.
Du Yuesheng rose from his chair and got tired as soon as he got tired.
Du Yuesheng has misheard.
Mr. Zhang had a fight, and he fought right in front of the theater. Wan Molin said it word by word, so people can’t doubt it.
When Du Yuesheng arrived at the front row VIP seat at the bottom of the stage, Zhang Xiaolin pointed to a small officer wearing a junior officer’s army and swore at him.
Don’t you dare hit me, I’ll chop you.
The small military officer of the Taiwan gongs and drums family sat on the ground and did not move safely. Zhang Xiaolin’s face was already angry, and his left face was clear, and the bus palm print was impressive
Two small for self-protection stretched out his hand to pull the little officer out with two crunchy two small for self-protection ouch, covering half of his face, and cried. Zhang Xiaolin was so angry that he shouted loudly. If he had a gun in his waist, he could immediately bring this small collapse.
Du Yuesheng couldn’t help secretly complaining when he saw it, shouting for both sides to stop, and ran to the front of him in three steps and two steps to flicker in the way of the two men, and gently pushed Zhang Xiaolin back to make an apology to the little officer.
Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, ignorance, guilt, please forgive me if you sit down.
Zhang Xiaolin tried several times to go around from behind to the front, so that Du Yuesheng turned back without moving, saying either good or bad, and then helped Zhang Xiaolin to one side. Du Yuesheng then made an apology to the little officer and made the other side quite embarrassed.