Wooden house building

1 school building
When a new batch of villagers entered Tian Jiacun, the success of the village also jumped out.
[Congratulations to the player on the completion of the seven-level village [villager 8(8/8) house 3(3/3) school 1(1/1) dirt road (/)] into a seven-level village reward silver *3 two garment workshops drawings *1 shoe workshop drawings *1 cloth shoes machine drawings (simple) *1]
【 The safety zone covers 7 square kilometers 】
【 Level-1 Village Villager 11(818/11) House 4(3/4) Garment Workshop 1(/1) Shoe Workshop 1(/1) 】
Chapter 15 Every day to
"New Year, where are we?"
"Is this house for us?"
"We … we all live in this room?"
"Some people live here, and the rest have to continue to move in." Mei Qi calmly explained.
Tian Jiacun and Mei Qi have always been receptionists. From the beginning, they are not skilled to now, and even worse, Tian Hongcao is helping him.
"I am not dreaming, am I?" Lu Ying pinched her leg "It’s true, it hurts!"
Annual is also a face of vacant, he didn’t expect Tian Jiacun would be like this.
Lu Ying suddenly remembered what was holding Danian’s arm "Danian, Danian … Danian that … I said that …"
Danian was shaken, and Nai looked at him. "What do you say, just say it, who can understand this?"
Lu ying’s eyes are full of excitement. "New Year, do you remember the former angel talking?" She said that I can bring my family to live here, can I, can I bring my mother? "
I didn’t think of it until this year.
When Maeda Tang said this, they were all threatening, and Lu Ying fell on his knees. Now that I think about it, it seems that the sentence is not a threat but a truth.
Take the game of life to ancient section 73.
New Year’s Day is a bit of a trance. Does that person really want them to live a peaceful and good life?
Everyone in Tian Jiacun has long been used to people coming from time to time in the village. After this person arrived, villagers came to say hello or see if there was anything that needed help.
Some of them are prisoners who came to Tian Jiacun earlier.
Most of these prisoners were injured in Tian Jiacun, but a few days later, many of them were still injured, but some of them have returned to normal.
Lu Ying and Danian are soldiers escorting prisoners, who are supposed to be opposed to each other, but they are ordinary people, and their attitude towards prisoners has always been very gentle.
Come with other villagers to help, and the prisoners also saw the two men looking a little cramped, but the people next to them urged them to give them a simple smile and then turned to help work together.
There are also people who have just come and recognized the person in front.
"Li Shu, are you well?"
"Okay, okay, can you have enough to eat?"
"Three eggs, you are three eggs, right? Didn’t you say that you can’t make it? You are alive?"
"I …"
"Three eggs! Didn’t I tell you to rest in bed and don’t move? What are you doing? Go back and rest. We are here! "
"I can work, too"
"What do you want to do? Go and knit straw sandals. Don’t get in the way here. Just because you’re hit by someone, you’ll be broken when the time comes. Doctor Bai will be unhappy."
Wang San-dan dared not be stubborn when he heard this, and it was really reluctant to look back one step at a time.
After Wang San-dan left, others still helped with the work.
"This is not only the village clothing, but also the village clothing, which is temporarily worn for you. Please take good care of it and don’t get dirty and broken."
"Hey, how long have you not taken a shower? I have to take a good bath later. It’s dirty! "
"Can you … can you not wash it?"
"No, how comfortable it is not to take a shower? Tian Jiacun is clean. We can’t make the village dirty."
"That is, when you first arrived, you just didn’t understand anything. Tian Jiacun is different from other villages. We have a goddess to protect us. How can we be dirty when the goddess looks at us in the sky?"
Most of the villagers in Tian Jiacun, except the former villagers in Tian Jiacun who came from Fengshou Town, are displaced refugees. They are willing to help the new villagers to change a little in Tian Jiacun.
Soon this group of new villagers from Fengshou Town also quickly integrated into this environment.
Even the soldiers and prisoners who were originally on opposite sides got along awkwardly for a few days, but they also lived in peace and tranquility in Tian Jiacun and finally got together.
No matter which side they want, all they want is food and clothing, and now such a good opportunity is in front of them. Who can give up?
What Lu Ying has been thinking about, such as going to her hometown to take her mother over so that her mother can have a good life in Tian Jiacun.
Tian Tang knew from Zhou Liyuan’s letter that Lu Ying and Niannian had come to Tian Jiacun this time. Zhou Liyuan handed out a message from the letter and had similar ideas with her.
Tian Jiacun needs development. Farming alone can feed the villagers and keep them, but this is not enough.
Just like this emergency, although Tian Tang managed to solve the problem, it was not the strength but the "virtual tension", but her plan was likely to fail if her opponent was smarter.
Now that Tian Jiacun is still a village, it has encountered this problem. Will Tian Jiacun continue to develop into a small town and county seat in the future, and will it have to rely on "virtual expansion" to solve the problem?
Tian Tang has been thinking about this problem. Even without her, she will try to do it, but now she can kill two birds with one stone.
But even so, she didn’t go to Lu Ying and Danian immediately, but planned to let them live in Tian Jiacun for a while before grinding their sex.