No matter how powerful a mecha’s body is, it’s no use if there is no corresponding powerful engine, not only can’t play a powerful attack, but even joint motive armor can’t be started.

There are also remote attack hot weapons and melee cold weapons attached to the mecha, which also belong to hardware facilities. These problems are not a problem in Chen Han’s eyes. As long as it is refined by refining means, it is not necessary to turn the mecha into a magic weapon, so that the body can have strong toughness and hardness, and the engine can run at ten times high speed without being damaged too fast. It can also make the hot weapons output stronger energy, and make the cold weapons sharper and able to withstand stronger collisions.
As time goes by, the seven-star mecha of fifty years ago has full combat power enough to match the combat power of those who fix the truth in the later period of ordinary fit.
Now, its combat power is only equivalent to six-star mecha, so the nine planets mecha of this world, and to what extent should it be strong?
Du Jie period?
Mahayana period?
Chen Han didn’t have time to think about this problem. When he was sweating completely for two days and reassembled the whole body, it was almost time to see stars.
If it’s a normal refiner, it’s not so tired. After all, the refiner is divided into several stages. In addition to quenching with strong fire, there are also slow fire shaping and engraving arrays. In some stages, you can rest for a while as a recovery. However, what he has to do in the past two days is not conventional refining, but simply refining all the devices of the mecha to remove impurities and improve the quality.
Impurities have been refined by fire, and the consumption of Yuan Shen’s power and Five Elements Lingyan has reached an incredible level.
When the knife gave him the watch that had completed the energy transfer, four big men stood in the yard, and when the new mecha was called out with a flash of light, Du Zhenwei’s face suddenly became ugly.
What the fuck is this?
Originally, the 17-meter-high Super Big Mac disappeared, and it was replaced by a brand-new mecha with a height of only seven meters.
The body is slender and radiant, and the mottled traces of the past are swept away. It is not as heavy as the mecha seen before, and the whole model is full of smart feeling. In a word, the surface looks absolutely beautiful, but the role of the mecha is not to watch, it is the strongest killing tool in the world.
It is almost the theorem of this world. The higher the star rating, the stronger the combat power of the mecha, because it is large enough to load a super-large engine with stronger power and carry more weapons and ammunition.
Such a seven-meter-high little fellow is as tall as a one-star and two-star mecha, and even slimmer in shape. What kind of fighting capacity can he talk about?
Just when he didn’t know whether he should speak out his helplessness, the shrill alarm echoed in the air in the river area. There were only more than 20 villagers in the small village with more than 200 people, and they were driving the mecha from home in order to protect their homes.
A total of dozens of families died three days ago, and half of them lost their men. At this time, the enemy’s invasion woke them up from their grief, followed by the great anger of the larger foe.
"Three King Kong-class warships and 1,000 Samsung-to-seven-star mechs are coming from 20,000 kilometers away. All the warships and mechs have Peugeot of Jianke Group, which is expected to arrive in 40 minutes!"
"Can’t let these bastards near the village, otherwise …"
Hearing the electronic synthesis sound from the alarm, Chen Han got into the small courtyard without looking back. This plane was engraved with an oriental dragon on its chest and a brand-new mecha with the word "killing God": "Knife, Xianglang, I’ll try the fire first, and then I’ll get you two seven-star mecha, haha …"
The slender body can even be described as a weak killing mecha, spraying a dazzling tail flame, teleporting like a thousand meters above the sky.
Almost desperate Du Zhenwei’s eyes suddenly lit up, and then he was shocked beyond measure. He trembled and pointed to the vacated mecha and exclaimed: "This is … space transfer? Eight star mecha space transfer … No! It’s not space transfer, but it’s too fast, but … but how is that possible? Fifty years ago, the seven-star mecha, how can bear this high speed? How is it possible … "
Knife and the pie mouth a full face of banter, he won’t explain anything to Du Zhenwei, if through the fix true person with real fire refined mecha, haven’t physical improvement, this two days of hard work is no use?
As high as 17 meters, the steel giant has been reduced to seven meters. Today’s killing mecha has already been thoroughly remoulded, and most hardware facilities have already reached more than eight stars.
"All personnel are ready for first-class combat!"
"Sweep the river area!"
"Small villages dare to compete with Jianke Group, and they simply don’t know how to live or die!"
"Kill all these untouchables!"
It is undoubtedly a pleasing thing for the private army from Jianke Group to shout excitedly and bully people with absolute strength.
Fifteen thousand kilometers …
Thirteen thousand kilometers …