One person is not tall, and nine sunlight shines on his body, which makes people look straight at him, but he seems to enjoy it very much. He grunted and said, "Someone has opened the treasure house of the emperor, although it is a low-level world, but there must be something of the emperor. Although it can’t be an emperor, there will probably be a treasure of the emperor."

Another man, who looked determined and dressed in an ordinary cloth, sank, "Imperial material?"
"It’s good that even the monsters in the first few trial towers will disturb the emperor’s treasure when you are born. There is nothing better than the emperor’s treasure when you cultivate the soul of life in one step!"
"Do you mean I should go in and rob it?"
The short man said, hey, hey, and laughed. "I know you have principles. If you can trade, I won’t do it, but do you know who the person who started the treasure house is?"
"Who is it?" The question is that one of the three women has a graceful figure, a long face with a veil and a unique hip hair, and there is a strange temptation with a hint of coldness in her look.
The stout man laughed, "Qin Changfeng!"
"It’s him …" It’s not surprising that there is a trace of reminiscence in the expression of perseverance and unchanging affection.
"You know he is ruthless and unscrupulous. Although I appreciate him for a while, he intends to support him … It’s a pity that he is too ruthless and doesn’t agree with me. Since he is not a friend, he can be an enemy."
The pudgy man looks sad, but he is not polite and combative at all.
"He has now taken the second step of selecting the Lord. Once he has completed his potential, he will strengthen the battle for the real Lord in several worlds. I am afraid that no one is sure that it is his opponent, including you and Guanghou, except for Liuli. If this scourge is not taken over, a terrible competitor must kill him before!"
"So this is killing two birds with one stone?" Cloth man tone with a hint of scorn yi meaning.
The long-haired girl gently urged, "Once Qin Changfeng is sinister and ruthless, it is not good for people in the real world or for testers. He will lead a poor killing and fighting. This is also the case for us …"
"People kill pests?"
The man in cloth airily gave the long-haired girl a terrier.
At this moment, from the gate behind him, a majestic and loud voice said, "Cher is right, that is, people are killing pests! The stronger the strength of a person like Qin Changfeng, the greater the harm. Since we believe in him alone, we must not tolerate this kind of harm! What’s worse … We must occupy two of the three major themes to suppress if the glass is reversed, if Qin Changfeng gets one, if he and the glass are in cahoots, our words will be minimal. "
After saying his word, a figure who exudes golden light like a sun came out. In the harsh light, he couldn’t see the halal body, but his figure was faintly visible. In his majestic eyes, there seemed to be the sun, the moon and the stars with a vast momentum.
Without waiting for others to respond, he looked directly at the stout man and said, "I wonder if there is a way to send us into the fantasy world where Qin Changfeng is now?"
"You shouldn’t ask me if I have it, but how much it will cost!"
Brilliant stout hey hey way "Qin Changfeng can’t what it used to be is the focus of the brain, even if the officer person’s identity and ability can also send a person in, and at great cost, I will be warned by the Chamber of Commerce to be downgraded! By … "
Magnificent male sink a way "palm statue at the corresponding price light temple and Tianyang team will naturally compensate please palm statue, the sooner the better"
"What are you going to go in? Also for no one except you is sure to kill that Qin Changfeng. "
Humpty Dumpty nodded lightly and his face became serious. Then he said, "There are too many rules in the real world. It’s unrealistic for you to want to kill him in a camp and fantasize about the world. I’m afraid this is also the only chance. If you want to come again, I’m afraid the cost will be ten times more than what you mean."
The heroic man nodded and said, "Xu Chenggong is not allowed to fail!"
"Look out!" Long-haired women in white light said
Powerful male eye shot golden light through this side all virtual indifference way "don’t worry about the potential list of fifth? I was in the top 20 of the potential list and now I’m a soldier, but he hasn’t been crowned the star of life yet. I have surpassed him by nearly two great realms and there is no possibility of losing. "
"I advise you not to do this. Qin Changfeng is very evil and can’t be common sense." The cloth man said lightly and turned away directly, unwilling to participate in the sample.
But his words obviously didn’t touch other people, all because of the great interests … They wanted to be the master of the whole No.23 training tower, not just a treasure!
I don’t know how long it took, but suddenly there was a loud noise from the direction of Shimen, and there seemed to be something pounding outside, and then the whole treasure house shook like an earthquake.
All the golden words broke up in a panic. Qin Changfeng woke up with a flash of light in his eyes, and he rushed out directly without carefully checking the collapse of the treasure house …
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six Great power and light weather
Rumble ~ ~ ~
Qin Changfeng rushed out of the treasure house at the moment when he saw the flying sand and stones and the dust soaring, and the "giggle giggle" tore through the world. After a loud noise, the wall of Shimen, the treasure house of Tiandi, collapsed unexpectedly.
Almost at the same time, the scream of a god bird and the loud roar of a black water Xuan snake sounded deafening
Qin Changfeng looked intently and saw the huge platform in front of the treasure house, the huge body of the black water Xuan snake, and the yellow bird was brutally killed … They actually moved the battlefield here!