"Hehehe", the old man of beasts slowly shook his head and smiled. "From today on, I will entrust you with all my friends."

The voice fell and the cave suddenly broke into an alarm. All the remaining animals got up on their knees and looked at the old man. I couldn’t believe what I just heard.
"What does this mean, senior?" Hu-day was equally shocked, but compared with others, there were many speculations.
Otherwise, the old man sighed deeply and said, "The old man’s time will be long and the stars will accumulate. Although Dan let me instantly return to the prosperous state, I have moved the thunder before I forced the Xuan Huang Emperor to retreat."
"ah!" The younger brother is a scream.
The old man of beasts went on to say, "The beast repairs a vein with vigorous fighting power, but the disadvantages are also obvious. The more beasts, the stronger the power of robbing thunder. Being a first-class animal, the beast repairs thunder, which is often twice as scary as ordinary people. The old man understands that 9,734 kinds of beasts rob thunder are so big that it is unimaginable that Du Jie is ready to accumulate over the years. Unfortunately, Emperor Xuan Huang is better after all. Hahahaha I lost to him."
"Master! If it is impossible to break through, there is no hope. I swear to defend the master Du Jie! " Yan look excitedly advised
"Brother and others swear to defend the head Du Jie!" Behind him is a drink together.
The old man laughed. "It’s not a waste of life to have a brother like you. But Emperor Xuan and Huang Xiu is already a first-class theory of scattered immortals. I’m not an opponent. What’s worse, I still have to rob Lei and join Du Jie again."
"Scattered fairy? !”
The words of the old man of beasts can be described as rock-breaking for a while, and the caves were all uneven and exclaimed.
Section 6 Real Iron Mausoleum
This world is extremely prosperous and prosperous, from the ancient times to the Archaean times, to the Proterozoic times, to the ancient times, and finally to the modern times, it has gradually become a unified realm of repairing truth and divided into thirteen classes.
From practicing the spirit to building the foundation light … finally, after the combination, Du Jie and Mahayana, the celestial world is soaring. There are more detailed divisions among the celestial world, such as Ghost Fairy, demon fairy, Danxian, Wuxian, Tianxian, Xuanxian, Taiyixian and Daluoxian, and so on.
However, apart from the orthodox immortals in the celestial world, there is a special fairy family, which is scattered immortals.
This scattered fairy is a monk who failed to practice in Du Jie period and did not want to be reincarnated and rebuilt. The strength of forcibly maintaining the instrument and shape is far stronger than that of a monk in Mahayana period who stayed in the fix-up world for half an immortal.
Now, the old man of beasts suddenly told me that the news that the Emperor Xuan Huang was a scattered fairy was really surprising, because the arrogance of the Emperor Xuan Huang was such that Du Jie failed to become a scattered fairy, which really surprised people.
"Scattered immortals are not free and unfettered. Behind the scenery, there is a precarious fate. Scattered immortals will face an apocalypse every once in a while, and the power is getting stronger and stronger. I have never heard of scattered immortals who have survived five times. It is not difficult to be reincarnated and rebuilt according to the conditions of Xuan Huangdi …"
Hu-day muttered with a frown.
When the old man heard the news, he added an unexpected sentence: "Emperor Xuan and Huang became scattered immortals on purpose."
"He deliberately Du Jie failure into scattered fairy? !”
"Everyone hopes that Du Jie will soar to the celestial world smoothly. I have never heard of such a thing as breaking my future …"
At one time, everyone in the cave stared at each other and looked at each other. No one would believe such a fact if the old man said it himself.
But it happened that this was the case
Emperor Xuan and Huang became a secret of scattering immortals without sending out all kinds of animals. In the battle, the old man finally couldn’t hide it. The old man of all kinds of animals was at the peak of his fit period. He forced the emperor Xuan and Huang to retreat, grabbed the thunder and won a breathing space, but at the same time he had to pay a high price for falling into the thunder.
Hu-day doubt rebirth is open my mouth to ask.
However, he was stopped by the old man of beasts and said, "When the old man was the imperial commander of the real iron empire, the Emperor Xuanhuang was just a real iron. The empire failed against the fate of the real iron emperor, so it was inevitable that the Emperor Xuanhuang would succeed in his father’s footsteps with great determination and will."
After a meal, he continued, "There are too many past events involved in this. You don’t need to ask and know more than you are unfavorable for development. Have you considered it?"
"To tell the truth, I am glad to accept these elites. There is not a doubt. If Yan is more suitable than me according to the truth, what predecessors have chosen me?"
Hu-day’s eyes flickered off and he asked the question he had always wanted to ask.
What animal old man thinks so highly of him?
Is it just luck? If so, it is not enough to say that Yan and night weaving are also arrogant. Hu-day faintly feels that there are other reasons
Sure enough, the old man looked at him deeply and said five words to move Hu-day’s face
"Because you are a witch"
"hmm? ! The predecessors also know witches? " Instantaneous Hu-day not only even Meng Gang will be burning eyes on the face of the old man.
"The ancient ghost said that before the formation of the world, there were four gods and demons fighting each other, and the chaotic battlefield was created by the four gods. This world was pregnant with membranes and embryos, and the four gods were inextricably linked. Finally, all four gods and one ancestor fell, and their flesh and blood splashed, forming the first Terran. The same four gods and one witch condensed into a witch. He first tianbao HarmonyOS’s vitality beads were broken into thousands of pieces to form the earliest animals." The old man’s tune of beasts slowly took on a quaint, vicissitudes and mysterious taste.
"All the witches’ natural magical powers can control animals because they are from the same source. The magical powers cultivate alchemy because the ancestors are the source of plant metaplasia. When I saw Xiaoyou, you broke out of the magic blood tower and dropped 35 animals, I already knew it." Speaking of this, the old man smiled at Hu Tian Zhan Yan.
Hu-day fuels, "the elder is wrong, not that the younger generation intends to hide, but that the younger generation is indeed a living human …"
"Ha, ha, ha, you don’t have to worry about changing everything when the hatred of the past four ethnic wars has long since vanished. I won’t kill you because of racial hatred."
The old man looked up and laughed, and then he snorted and looked disdainful. "What’s more, which one is pure blood today? At first, the pure terrans were all three heads and six arms. What about today? You see, everyone is a head with two hands. Besides human blood, there are many complicated animal blood. Time has passed, and the universe has merged and the flesh and blood of the four gods have also merged. This is the general trend of the whole universe. It is because of this that I created the method of cultivating animals and repairing truth. "
Proud expression emerges. The old man’s face is full of kindness.
After listening to him, he added, "The world has misunderstood the school of animal cultivation for too long. What about the lack of details? It has a long history than any other school, because I learn from the practice of witchcraft, which is the benefit of conforming to the general trend of the universe. "
"Since the predecessors know that Wu Ke still knows where there is witchcraft?" At this time MengGang finally unbearable heart throb can’t help but ask questions.
The old man gave Meng Gang a strange look, but he didn’t see Meng Gang’s true identity because of his innate spirit and magic pupil butterfly. However, he still replied, "Wu clan … is indeed in a corner of this world. It’s a pity that the real iron emperor once found clues …"
"So this world really has a witch family? !” Meng Gang’s eyes suddenly lit up and turned high, and then he quickly asked, "Do you remember the clues of the predecessors?"
The old man shook his head. "I’ve only heard about the witchcraft. The real clue has always been in the hands of the real iron emperor. Well, this clue may be in the tomb of the fidelity iron emperor."
"The Mausoleum of the Real Iron Emperor?" Hu Tian looked curiously at the demise of the real iron empire. He knew it, but he had never heard that the real iron emperor still had a mausoleum.
The old man of beasts nodded with a face of certainty. "The tomb of the real iron emperor is indeed hidden, and no one can find the entrance. The only key is the Haotianxiong ship."
"Hao Tian Xiong Zhou?" They looked at each other.
One secret after another is spit out from the old population, which makes Hu Tian feel overwhelmed.
Section 7 Escape from birth
In the past, the real iron empire was the first country in the field of repair, with a vast territory spanning three star fields and thousands of stars.
The real iron emperor learned of some great crisis, poor national strength to build a heroic ship of Haotian, and was secretly attacked by mysterious forces, which led to the collapse of the national uprising and the overthrow of the rule.
The real iron emperor had to split the Hao Tianxiong ship to flow to all corners of the universe and set up an ambush pen for the descendants of the real iron tomb. The key to entering this tomb is the Hao Tianxiong ship!
Meng Gang had to collect several flying boats to find the clues of the lost witch clan, and assembled a Hao Tianxiong ship to break into the real iron tomb with this "key" to get all kinds of clues.
After Bai Hu-day and Meng Gang looked at each other.
It is even more difficult for them to accomplish the above things than to defeat the Emperor Xuan Huang, because at this moment, Hao Tianxiong’s ships have already flowed in every corner of the universe, and they want to collect them one by one, almost against the world enemies with the major forces in the universe!
When the old man saw that the two men looked pale, he couldn’t guess their psychological activities. He immediately smiled and explained, "You don’t have to be so pessimistic about the facts. You need to raise the flying boat to the tenth level to get the clue of the real iron tomb. You should know that the real heaven and the male boat have twenty-three levels, and there are still many places to be left for later generations."
Hu-day, MengGang this just a long sigh of relief, two people than to recover the 23 level ship level 10 flying boat this goal is finally let a person feel there is still a hope.
"If you really want to find the witch family, there is another person who will help you," added the old man.
"Oh, who is it?" MengGang an eyebrow immediately ask questions.
Hu-day’s eyes flashed a bit clean, and his mind flashed almost at the same time as the old man of beasts.