Outdoor Ma Laoer frowned and replied, "OK, I know, good communication is like this!"

Say that finish Ma Laoer returned to the meeting room and looked odd at Qin Yu.
"What’s the matter?" Qin Yu saw that he was a little abnormal and immediately asked 1
"The ghost told me … that someone on the ground was asking for a price of 500,000 for Miller’s head." Ma Laoer asked in a low voice. "Is it our price?"
Qin Yu leng "someone wants miller’s head? !”
"It’s that the ground is already gone, saying that someone doesn’t want Miller to return to Fengbei." Ma Laoer nodded and replied, "500 thousand really wants his head chopped off!"
Qin Yuwen was lost in thought.
A dilapidated bungalow in the urban slum
"Five hundred thousand stem not stem? !” A fierce-looking man asked at two people around him
Chapter 115 Jiao Jiao Miller
Qin Yu met Lao Li and frowned and said, "There are people on the ground who want Miller’s head for 500 thousand. What do you think of this?"
"Miller is not good for us now." Lao Li pondered for a long time and replied, "He ran back to Fengbei and was protected by the General Administration. Then I can’t breathe easily when I came to Songjiang. Besides, Miller has a background in the European Union. If he had no contradictions and intensified the party and government again, he would have to do something, which might make Songjiang out of control, which is not a good thing for us."
"Who is the price?" Qin Yu is very confused.
Lao Li sat slowly. "It is possible for the military, political, party and government of the college."
"Military and political affairs are also possible?" Qin Yu some consternation.
"You know that there are small factions in the big faction," Lao Li stepped in and replied, "Different opinions have their own calculations, which are all possible."
Qin Yu gnashed his teeth behind his back and said, "I really want to kill this Miller. He has fucked many of us."
"Now is not the time." Lao Li looked up at Qin Yu and gave his own advice. "But the ground price is high. We have to spend some energy to protect a partner who killed many of us. It also seems a little cerebral palsy."
"Yes" Qin Yu agreed.
"I have an idea."
"You said uncle" Qin Yu asked.
"Since the ground price is high, we might as well cut him off as a gunman in Songjiang." Lao Li said very quickly, "If things get out of control, we will bargain with Fengbei as a gunman. If this kills us, kill him and give an account to your brother. "
Qin Yu’s eyes lit up. "I’ll let Liu Shu do this."
"proper!" Lao Li got up and replied, "Miller will run from Songjiang North. Tell them to go there as soon as possible."
"Is it accurate?" Qin yuwen
"I knew Miller was about to run," Lao Li said with a smile. "I have worked in the police department for so many years, but I still have some contacts."
"Reliable!" Qin Yu gave a thumbs-up and bowed their heads and dialed Liu Shu’s words
The streets near Songjiang North are full of chaos, and the crowds are shouting slogans in the middle of the road.
The road is blocked, and the police officers and security guards are extremely nervous next to the car, because everyone has heard that there are people outside the south entrance who want to break in and have already fought. This increasingly out-of-control development has made the grassroots police officers and security guards feel very nervous and want guns to resound through Songjiang. Then they just want to suppress the riots with bullets.
A young man next to the watchtower in the front square shouted at the window and asked, "Did you hear about the group leader? Nankou has already started. "
"I heard that the walkie-talkie has been shouting." The young man in the watchtower replied, "It is estimated that the defense brigade will not be able to call in after it has passed."
"I feel a little pessimistic," the youth pie mouth said. "Three years ago, there were at least ten thousand people fighting in Liuzhou, right? The gang outside the area showed their weapons and equipment as good as the troops … I’m in Songjiang at this point, and the police forces don’t help. Do you think that the gang can carry the impact outside the residential area just by joint defense? "
Middle-aged silence
"Anyway, I fucking thought that if Songjiang really got out of control, I would quit," the young man whispered. "It’s too dangerous to make a mistake."
Middle-aged people have an indescribable bitterness after drinking saliva. He spends more than 600 yuan a month, which is much more than ordinary people, but he has to support a family. He has to quit. Otherwise, what will the family eat?
When they were talking, the intercom rang "Three groups came to the backyard"
"What are you doing?" Middle-aged picked up the intercom asked
"There’s a big shot coming. Let’s protect him. Come here quickly."
"Roger that!" Middle-aged man got up and picked up his helmet and gun and shouted, "Let’s go to the backyard."
Songjiang North backyard is a warehouse area, which needs light rail trains and express trains to transport trade goods temporarily, occupying a large area and more workers.
Four cars drove into the compound, and the anti-terrorist brigade took the lead in checking the car around before hitting the back door of the van and saying to Miller, "Please get a car."
Miller jumped out of the car and scolded angrily, "Damn people should be crushed by tanks."
Members of the anti-terrorist brigade naturally won’t pick up this topic and surround him back and forth.
Dozens of seconds later, the police officer on duty blocked the road leading to Taiwan in the backyard and gave Miller a special passage.
The group leaders of the three groups rushed to salute in front of a door at the entrance of the corridor and said, "Sir, the light rail train will not enter the waiting hall for five minutes, and many passengers are waiting at the scene. The situation is chaotic, so please wait here for a while."
"What is not good?" Miller scolded angrily, "I should go straight when I arrive."
The third team leader held a rice bowl and choked back and said, "The car was sent by Changji, and there were also people marching there. Now the situation is special, and there are changes when the train enters."
Miller scolded 1, turned and walked into the room, and the anti-terrorist brigade immediately alerted on both sides.
A male mixed parade in Beiwai Street bowed his head and asked, "Are you sure you went in?"
"Yes" words another head nodded.
"Okay, I know." The man hung up and immediately waved his hand at the person next to him and said, "Make some noise."
After a dozen people looked at each other, suddenly one person turned around and shouted, "The latest news killed three ordinary citizens. Miller is now preparing to run the anti-terrorism brigade and the people are preparing to escort him back to Fengbei."
Hundreds of people marched in silence.
"What a mess Songjiang has made! They still protect this man and can’t let him go back to Fengbei and let him get away with it!"
"Go in and kill him!"
"Propaganda is not they don’t bird us! Rush in! "
As soon as a dozen people incite dozens of people, they should follow the mood of contrast. Those ordinary people who are shouting hoarse are instantly ignited.
I’m afraid to take the lead in everything, especially in group events. Most people have herd mentality. Too many people think that if you want me to be the first bird, I won’t do it, but if everyone wants to do it, then I dare to do it.