In palace examination, his sister is the top one in the Mirror Flower Edge, but the clever article is printed in the second place. He can’t remember the flowers, ink, Xiuying and Lanying, but they are all in the top ten. But later, because of his sister’s name, the top ten fell to the bottom ten. In other words, if we don’t consider it, the list of flowers has the best knowledge.

If the banquet is cloudy, it will force the orchid to sing, but the orchid will not.
However, although this beautiful girl from the tongue-splitting country doesn’t sing, she just talks. If the oriole is extremely pleasant to listen to, it is fascinating.
Although Tang Xiaofeng knows that Zhi Lan Yin is also one of the twelve flowers in the East China Sea, he doesn’t know much about this beautiful girl, that is, he met her in a hurry in the second daughter country.
Even the flower god in "The Edge of Mirror Flowers" doesn’t seem to have any feelings. Tang Xiaofeng remembers that Zhi Lanyin was gathered by his father Tang Ao’s adopted daughter after a hundred flowers party, and then went to the girl country with Hong Hong and Tingting to be a prostitute.
In other words, if everything goes according to the plot, Lan Yin is his real sister.
But other than that, Tang Xiaofeng doesn’t remember what she did.
Although everyone had a good chat, during that time in the South China Sea, everyone was always in danger and under great pressure. Now, when I came to the daughter country, the whole person relaxed and felt even more sleepy.
After the banquet was over, they washed and went to sleep one by one.
Lin Xiang also attended to Tang Xiaoshan. Tang Xiaoshan was not used to being attended to. Although Tang’s family was not bad, she had never been around since she was a child. Now suddenly, there are more maids to take care of her. It always feels strange that although she doesn’t want to attend, it is a matter of course for Lin Xiang to cross over from "not caring for people and uncomfortable planet".
Tang Xiaofeng has long been used to being waited on by several maids.
Several maids helped him make hot water, and he soaked in the bucket and brought Hongying in. You rub me and I touch you.
Hongying’s face is red, but she can be bullied by her master.
Tang Xiaofeng incredibly still put his hand into her green pouch pants and touched them.
After taking a shower and changing into clean clothes, it was not long before Lian Jinfeng slipped away quietly.
Tang Xiaofeng smiled and hugged her. "Why do you want me to sleep with you so much?"
Lian Jinfeng glanced at him and sipped his mouth. "Still dare to say? I always feel that I can’t see Xiaofeng’s brother for the past six months. You always seem to run around for a few days, so that the slave family can chase you."
There’s nothing I can do about it! Even if this is a world with Chivalrous Swordsman, it’s still very inconvenient to get in touch without mobile phone method.
Jinfeng Meimei whispered, "Brother Xiaofeng, will you go back soon?"
"Why do you ask this?"
"If floret didn’t have enough helpers around her, she went to the South China Sea again. Although there were graceful things in the East China Sea, if floret didn’t handle things, it would be more." Lian Jinfeng lowered his head. "She wanted me to help her around her, but I didn’t want to leave Xiaofeng’s brother …"
Tang Xiaofeng thought that the East China Sea was in full swing, but when he turned to Yin Ruohua for help and asked Yin Ruohua to go to the South China Sea with him, she just said leave.
Although on the one hand, Yin Ruohua also has the meaning of repaying his kindness when he saved her in Xuanyuan country, on the other hand, the girl is really helpful
He took Lian Jinfeng’s hand and said, "Let’s go outside together."
Lian Jinfeng gave him a delighted look.
At this time, it is early summer, and the moonlight is like silk, and insects are singing everywhere.
The misty moonlight covers the sky and the breeze brings a few wisps of fragrance.
Two people left the room hand in hand and just arrived in the garden, only to see Zhi Lanyin walking in front with a plate.
Lian Jinfeng was surprised and said, "Why haven’t you slept so late?"
Zhi Lanyin is soft and blessed. "There are still many things for her to deal with since she came back to the DPRK. She is staying up late for approval and I will send her some snacks." Then she hurried away.
Lian Jinfeng took a look at Zhi Lanyin’s back and despised it.
Tang Xiaofeng surprised tunnel "you don’t like her?"
Lian Jinfeng said, "I always feel that she has an unspeakable taste that is annoying."