"Two snakes and demons are ready to be punished!"

At this time, with a awe-inspiring drink, a monk stood out from the world.
He is young, but his eyes are sharp and his eyebrows are not angry, but his eyebrows are looming. The diamond beads are half-skinned, and there is a detached Buddha nature. He wears a soapy gingerbread shirt and wears a thousand silk in his hand.
"Prajna Buddha Dawei Tianlong Jingang Flame!"
The young monk’s handsome face is indifferent than that of the Buddha, who looks down on all beings.
Make a fire by blowing dust while practicing Buddhism!
On a rainy night, a fire dragon rises in the sky and burns away at two snakes and demons who are just giving birth to young village women to shelter from the wind and rain.
This is the Buddha’s fire, the wind can’t extinguish it, and the rain can’t extinguish it.
The two snakes and demons were caught off guard when they saw the fire dragon coming. Both the green snake and the white snake showed great fear in their eyes …
That is the demon’s natural fear of Buddha.
At the key moment, this monk named Fahai suddenly saw the village woman and found that the two snakes and demons were really doing good deeds to save lives.
Although he was born with wisdom, he was only 20 years old when he practiced Buddhism, but his dharma was more advanced than that of the world of mortals. He had never met an opponent, and such talents were rare in the real world.
What is even more rare is that he always abides by Buddhist rules and dares not cross the line.
The Buddha said that all beings are equal, and if the demon does good, it can also prove the positive result.
He was suddenly surprised when he found out the truth at the moment … He can’t kill these two demons!
Because they are good, if he kills them, he will kill Gu by mistake, or break the Buddhist precepts, or break his own practice! !
Just like not long ago, he just collected a spider for one or two hundred years and then suppressed it. In the end, he found that the other party had really been blessed by the Buddha and had not done anything evil. It was that he had collected the wrong demon.
This gave him an unprecedented impact on his Buddha’s heart, and almost caused a demon.
So this time he must not be wrong again!
"Come back!"
When the mind moved, Fahai hurriedly pinched the seal and cast a spell to take back the fire dragon and repair it elsewhere, but …
"Want to take it back?"
Qin Changfeng at the top of the ancient tree smiled and raised my hand with a strong spirit to forcibly control the dragon and continue to fly to the double snake …
"Ah ~ ~ ~"
Two screams sounded at the same time. The white snake and the green snake were wrapped around the fire dragon, and the scales were visible to the naked eye. The speed was blackened and severely burned by the Buddha fire.
"How did this happen?" Fahai is both surprised and frightening.
At this time, Qin Changfeng’s figure suddenly emerged. Although he was fascinated, he became a human figure. If Tsing Yi is like a breeze and floating clouds, it will be like a fairy, but it implies awe-inspiring dignity in his eyes.
As soon as the stars are swept away, the left hand blows away the Buddha’s fire for the white snake and the green snake, and at the same time, the right hand refers to the justice of Fahai and angrily drinks, "The evil monk is a monk with compassion. Although these two snakes and demons are demons, they also accumulate virtue and do good deeds. Is it the right way to repair or the right result? You kill them indiscriminately without asking why?"
"I …" Fahai was full of sweat for a while, not only was he utterly confused, but his mind kept echoing Qin Changfeng’s accusation, as if there were more than a dozen buddhas reprimanding him at the same time, which made his vision reborn.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-nine High-handed!
This is simply a ghost of Buddha!
Fahai never imagined that in just one day, he even made mistakes twice and immediately lost his mind.
However, after all, he was born with a great chance, and then he came to his senses and knew that all this was not normal and filled with conspiracy. Without him, the King Kong flame should have been taken back rather than out of control!
When I thought of this young monk, he forced his confused mind to press his brow and shouted, "How dare a bold uber reverse right and wrong and confuse my Buddha’s heart!"
"Dawei Tianlong Buddha hides Prajna Buddhas Prajna Bama … Uber shows me his true colors!"
Fa Haikou recited a spell, waved his hand, flew out of the golden bowl and glared at Qin Changfeng, pointing to a huge suction and instantly gushed out!
"Let me show my true colors?" Qin Changfeng smiled. "You can practice for another thousand years!"
Li Zhuo’s head held high and his left hand lost to his right hand behind him, but a scene appeared in the mirror, which was like a dream, but it was a picture of brothers practicing swords in Shushan Group.
At this moment, in the dream mirror, Li Yingji suddenly turned to look out of the mirror and raised his hand with indifference. Then he saw a real dragon rushing out of the mirror and roaring abroad. A dragon wagged its tail and flew Fahai directly for more than ten meters.
"How powerful you are! What evil is it that has transformed you?"
Fa Haijun’s body is cold and dignified, which is more and more like a Buddhist in charge of the war protector, King Kong, who is determined to bring Qin Changfeng down.
"Fahai, what did you do today? Because of your conceit and arrogance, Spider Spirit lost his painstaking efforts to practice for two hundred years. Two snakes and demons were originally used to save people, and you were hit hard by impulsiveness. Besides, you also saw things that you shouldn’t see-the five precepts of Buddhism, indiscriminate killing, lewdness, lying, stealing and drinking. You have committed two crimes in a row, and now your demons are reborn, and you will fall into the magic road and become a demon monk at any time, but you still dare to slander and respect evil spirits? "
Bizui gun? Qin Changfeng has never lost those old monks who have lived for hundreds of thousands of years. They are not necessarily his opponents, let alone Fahai who is only in his twenties.
"Nonsense! When did the poor monk commit adultery? "
Fahai’s qi and blood surged and his face turned reddish. Although he tried to suppress it, there was still a trace of anger in his voice. Because Qin Changfeng didn’t say a word, it was like stripping him of a layer of camouflage, making him hide the ugliness in the deepest part of his heart and being made public naked.
"You’re not pressing yourself?" Qin Changfeng should say with smile "I said you made two precepts but didn’t say there was a lewd! Besides, isn’t it a violation of the rule that a woman is naked and you look at her? "
Fahai’s eyebrows and beads suddenly sent out Buddha’s light, which made him calm again. "The Buddha said that color means that color is what you want to know and what you know. If you don’t stay in your heart in the eyes of the poor monk, it’s a crack. On the contrary, it’s a benefactor. It’s a terrible sin to blaspheme me. It’s better to convert to my Buddha and serve the Buddha with the poor monk’s sincere practice, so that you can wash away your sins and get a chance."
That’s funny. It’s over his head!
Qin Changfeng grinned secretly. It’s a natural wisdom. It’s really difficult, but you’re still a little young to fight with me. Although I haven’t been a Buddhist stick for many years, how can I be unclear about your routine?
"Fahai you waste by grace! You were so thoughtless that you kindly came to enlighten me, but I didn’t think that you were stubborn and committed the third commandment-nonsense! Seeing the Buddha’s respect will give you another chance to turn over a new leaf. The demon monk will not go back and think about it! !”
This time Qin Changfeng not only righteously, but also offered the second special effect of Bro’dee Walker for the first time-high-handed!
What Bro’dee Walker said in his mouth is that the sword of justice is a demon!
In a fantasy world, Qin Changfeng can designate a plot character, and I am forced to refute by a short-term law according to a charge.
The former Qin Changfeng couldn’t understand the way this special effect was played, and it was very unreliable. It has never been used.
This time, as he forcibly identified the demon monk Fahai, he suddenly found that a visible light appeared from this world void and wrapped around Fahai.
This is the causal line. Fahai broke the precept because he became a demon monk and was a fruit!
"It turns out that this special effect truth is actually a causal force …"
Qin Changfeng suddenly realized that there was a sudden feeling that once the current law and practice were stamped by evil spirits, the whole world would establish a causal relationship, although he had not done those things, but once the causal relationship was established, it could be refuted!