When that pair of clutches appeared, all the thoughts didn’t move, and suddenly I found that the field seemed to be in a very strange state, and it seemed that it was all stagnant and passed very slowly, including their thoughts.

The only constant is that pair of clutches with terrorist power.
"Virtual prison!"
A series of surging thoughts bombard the outside world when it is in a stagnant state, but somehow it seems to block everything than hard barriers.
"Kaka … Om"
After a breath, it returned to normal again.
But there used to be a statue of the world’s masters, but all the fighting bodies have disappeared.
"KaKa wipe … KaKa wipe"
The devil’s mouth makes the whole human beings feel the tremor in their hearts and the chewing sound keeps ringing.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-four Ten years (1)
"Eat … eat?"
In the human world, I can’t believe that my eyes fell on the troll body in the middle of the ghost land.
That chewing sound has gone through every corner of the human world, and all the creatures can hear it clearly, shocking and frightened, and all the creatures are writhing in their hearts
"The Great Devil, the statue of the Great Devil, has stolen our human world. I don’t know how many thousands of years have now become a climate. When the human world is over, we are finished."
Some of the earth has been promoted to the fairy realm, and the strong man can see at a glance that the troll body in the ghost land has more vitality than the terror Long Mai, which is an ancient demon king and the magic power has stolen a lot of vitality from the human world in Tongtian Long Mai.
Because of it, the creatures in the human world are weaker than ever, and even some small worlds in the world are stronger than the human world.
After stealing the vitality of the human world, this ancient demon king has gradually developed a fiend potential. If it continues to practice, it may really become an ancient fiend.
"Hum" and "Hum"
The flood of ideas condensed by millions of creatures in the virtual world dispersed in an instant
After witnessing the demon king swallowing the thoughts of the venerable ones, all the creatures were left with fear, anger and unwillingness to be crushed. Naturally, the torrent of thoughts condensed by anger had to disperse.
Without the flood of thoughts, the head swelled like a real ancient giant, and the demon king immediately roared upwards. His eyes, like the abyss, immediately gave off a very pure killing light.
Kill! Swallow!
A way to be promoted to fiend is also the fastest way to kill and devour.
This ancient demon king stole Long Mai’s vitality from the human world, and after many thousands of years, he finally killed hundreds of millions of people in the human world.
The mountains and rivers, the earth, the trees … are all transformed by vitality, which is better absorbed by living things than these dead things.
Long Mai, which belongs to the human world, is nearing exhaustion. Now, most of the aura in the human world is not the Long Mai hidden deep in the earth, but the millions of creatures who want to kill all the creatures in the human world and then devour the flesh and blood, which will definitely make this ancient demon king’s realm soar again.
Swallow up the world’s creatures and increase their strength. Whether in ancient times or ancient times, there was a magic way. When the strong did it, thousands of creatures fell.
The killing and devouring of the body demon can already be integrated into its blood and soul.
"KaKa wipe … KaKa wipe"
The last two chews fell silent in the devil’s mouth.
It is its 5,000-foot-long body that suddenly swells when it chews up the thoughts and battles of the world’s masters.
One hundred feet, two hundred feet, three hundred feet … one thousand feet!
The demon king’s body soared again by 1,000 feet, and it was 6,000 feet. The center of the ghost earth looked down on millions of creatures in the human world. There were no other feelings in a pair of abyss pupils except killing and devouring.
At this time, the human world once again fell into the tide of pessimism and fear. After experiencing the great changes of vitality and the doomsday natural disasters, no one expected to face a terrorist demon king who was about to be promoted to Taikoo fiend.
Although it has been a very short time, it seems that all creatures have gone through several disasters and ups and downs. If they can live, they will be afraid that the mental state of the whole human world will skyrocket.
There are great fears and great feelings in life and death!
"Boom …"
The ancient demon king’s indomitable spirit violently moved his pupil, which seemed to contain a celestial mirror that reflected all the creatures in the human world. It was a real creature, and millions of creatures in different demon kings’ pupils were dark and gloomy as if they were corpses.
In the virtual nine, the ghost breath came out madly and turned into several dark clouds drifting away towards every corner of the human world.
Dead! Exhausted!
Nine secluded places are dead areas, and the so-called ghost breath is the breath of death.
At this time, the continuous gushing from the ancient demon body is more than the pure death breath in the nine secluded worlds.
Once a creature is contaminated with the smell of death, it will turn into a dead thing.
This is the law of heaven and geography, and it will not change.
After the ancient demon king swallowed the idea of respecting the road, he killed millions of creatures in the human world and wanted to kill all creatures and then devour and increase his strength and go towards the realm of the ancient fiend
However, although the human world is weak, it is a complete world after all. Even if the demon king’s body has reached a height of 6 thousand feet like a real ancient giant, his waist can be said to be truly "indomitable spirit", but even so, it will take a long time to slay millions of creatures in the human world.
It is more cruel and thorough for the ancient demon king to pollute the human world and turn all living things into dead objects and deprive them of their essence.
"After that, these are all nine ghosts, even if the strong touch the fairy realm, they will fall."
"The law resists the whole human world, and no living thing can resist this demon king."
"We’re all going to die, and the human world will be completely finished."
"The heavens and the earth didn’t expect the human world to be the first to rob the world."
Due to the great changes in the vitality of the world, a large number of people have stepped into the realm of immortals, monty, monty and demon. At this time, the strong people are desperate and look at the horse in the human world, which is about to be devastated.