Among these, Hu-day was most interested in not planting the stone bear battle, but two arrays with huge shields, pine tail soldiers and green arrow bamboo demon soldiers, but made great contributions. Not only did the bears on the Jiatu Plateau firmly contain their opponents’ huge blood gas, but at the last moment, they became a tilted victory balance, which Hu-day loved.

What’s more important is that he has a big hand and a bunch of magic flames, tigers and beasts’ teeth, all of which were searched from the magic well of heaven and earth, and the opportunity to turn waste into treasure is just right to plant this piece.
next day
"Planting should consider the process of soil, sunshine, rain and insect pests, including planting, cultivation, and harvesting. It also involves the yin-yang and five-element rotation array method to set up lingshi to consume special fertilizers, and so on. Just saying that the soil has three or six grades, the lowest level is that the ninth grade soil of this fossil linghui soil can grow nine herbs, and there is a certain chance to cultivate the first-class herb spirit plants."
In the courtyard of Qingmingfeng, the elder Kun is wearing a red shirt like a fire, and Kan Kan is talking about Hao as white jade. The palm of jade is holding a handful of gray fine powder soil.
However, there is no alchemist who is not good at planting. After Hu Tian thought about it, he invited this "cheap master" to ask her for advice on how to fix the truth and plant the secret. There is nothing difficult about it. There are teachers who specialize in learning the Tao and have successively achieved it.
If an expert knows whether Hu Tian Zhu Fu has been listening before her as soon as she exports, she feels that she has gained a lot after just a short moment.
Planting this field is definitely not as serious as an alchemist. At the same time, it is complicated and confusing. Various experience tips are endless. It is absolutely not enough to deal with all kinds of insect disasters and animal disasters, and there are many emergency measures to become a master planter without immersion for a hundred years.
"Most cultivation requires careful care and patient observation, which often takes much more time than refining alchemy, so it is even more boring. Do you really choose to develop in this field, Hu Tiandao?" Elder Kun’s charming eyes focused on her lips and asked her lightly. It seems that according to Hu’s nature, she is more suitable for refining the multiplier to enhance her combat strength, but she didn’t know that she saw Hu-day at an extreme. At this time, Hu-day in front of her is just like the same cocoon gestating the wings of a real butterfly.
"Fix the truth, move quietly. I think planting this piece of plain passion is just right for me to meditate and recuperate. Natural growth and leisure from vitality can make me grasp the truth and guard against the monty in the robbery." Hu Tian slowly replied.
When Elder Kun saw that Hu Tian’s mind was fixed, it was not good to say more. He nodded and added, "Planting is characterized by the combination of low-grade species, soil and aura. The growth force of species is expressed according to nature, so the most important thing is that planters should always pay attention to observation and never relax. Once any species show signs of improvement, they should try their best to take photos of a planting result and evaluate most of them depending on these lucky herbs to upgrade their spiritual plants."
Hu Tianqi said, "You don’t seem to be too sure about the planting results after listening to Elder Kun?"
When Elder Kun heard this, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes and didn’t good the spirit. "It seems that Hu Tiandao’s reincarnation and memory recovery are not the same. Whether it’s an alchemist, a refiner or a plant, the higher the success rate, the lower the success rate. Even the first-class master can’t avoid the situation."
Hu Tian immediately took out a bag of magic flame tiger teeth and frowned. "So what should I do to cultivate martial arts soldiers?"
Elder Kun raised an eyebrow and suddenly realized, "So Hu Daoyou is for this purpose. The cultivation method of low-level soldiers is relatively simple and easy to learn. Give me some seeds."
Hu-day directly handed her the hand bag, and the elder Kun took it and was slightly surprised. Hu-day, this bag looks ordinary, but it is an instrument treasure bag. She won’t be surprised. The key is that this treasure bag is not only large in quantity, but also classified, especially if an outsider like her can make it.
"The ordinary treasure capsule has to be made by the practitioner personally, but this treasure capsule can be used together. Is it true that Hu Tianlai is a master of refining?" Elder Kun’s long eyelashes trembled slightly when he thought of this. After a Hu-day, the impression in her heart was somewhat inscrutable.
Every practitioner has some slight differences because of his physical differences, even if he practices the same skill. Therefore, it is very difficult to forge a treasure capsule that only one person can make it easy to forge a treasure capsule that meets the requirements of most people.
Elder Kun looked up at Hu-day, but he didn’t know that this treasure capsule was just something that someone bought at random from the virtual city of Jingtian and wanted to install animal teeth.
"hmm? This is the magic flame tiger’s beast tooth. It seems that Hu Tiandao’s friend has gained a lot in the magic well of heaven and earth. "Elder Kun grabbed a handful of beast teeth in his hand and threw them out in the yard.
The teeth of the magic flame tiger beast are short and have a finger as long as an adult’s palm. The teeth of the beast are as white as snow, and the black magic gas is as heavy as iron ingot.
Elder Kun threw it in a mysterious way. She grabbed three pieces in the treasure bag and threw them out one after another. The teeth of the tiger and beast were wrapped in lux, and scattered like fireworks, dazzling and dazzling, and the sparks went into the ground and immediately fell silent.
Elder Kun said softly, "Planting is divided into three stages: sowing, cultivation and harvest, and each stage has different ways and means. Just now, the sowing method is the most important cultivation method."
Elder Kun threw back the treasure bag in his hand to Hu Tianyi, and his fingers were intertwined like a net, and his fingers were twisted like a magnolia flower, which was visible to the naked eye. The red real element surged from the surface of her concave-convex and exquisite charming body to her hands, and another mysterious mysterious mysterious frequency spread out, forming red ripples in the air, overlapping and stirring one after another.
There are half a hundred animals’ teeth in Lingtian, and there are bursts of flashes in the soil, like little red stars and elders echoing each other, and like hearts beating wildly, and the strong vitality gradually radiates out. In a short time, the red stars in Lingtian are more and more radiant and intertwined to form a large red glow.
Hu-day and Zhu Fu looked at each other at the same time. It was the first time for both of them to witness the planting of animal teeth.
Elder Kun still has the spare capacity to rest, saying, "It usually takes a short time to plant animal teeth. It takes only half an hour to plant tiger teeth like this. If you are skilled, this technique can also speed up the process."
As she explained, her fingers were dazzling and her fingers were dazzling, which made her more charming and tender. A pair of deep pupil eyes stared at Lingtian and showed a focused expression.
Her lips were not stained and Dan was delicate and charming. After a long time, she suddenly spit out a gentle drink of "disease!"
In an instant, the fingers of both hands suddenly stop to form a mutual grip, and a large number of true elements point to the spiritual field in vitro and flow into the spiritual field, which is the most critical step.
Suddenly, the red light in Lingtian is full of splendor and red glow all over the sky, forming fuzzy human figures. After a short time, the face is clear, and the light dissipates, revealing that nearly 50 fat men are wearing tiger skin skirts and jackets. This snow-white broadsword is full of muscles, and black tattoos are intertwined. The only fly in the ointment is that these martial arts soldiers have dull eyes and act like stiff puppets.
"The martial arts soldiers cultivated by the ninth grade beast teeth are so spiritually deficient. If the seventh martial arts soldiers grow up, they will kneel down to their masters. When the fifth and sixth grade beast teeth are lucky, there will be hundreds of soldiers. For example, this magic tiger snow sword soldier can be advanced into a magic tiger blood sword soldier. If the third and fourth beast teeth can hit the Universiade, there will be martial arts soldiers!" Kun elder explained with a smile
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"What about the first and second class animal teeth?" Hu Tian asked