Donne saw that the rabbi held the letter and raised his hand, which was a ban on accurately hitting the black monster by mistake.

The black monster didn’t even say anything, and its body was directly blown into a blood fog.
The fishy smell instantly filled the rabbi’s head with black blood and water.
However, the rabbi can’t consider these things. The strange situation just now startled him. It’s good that he’s all right now, and he’s not doing much.
"Lord Donne seems to be all right."
"Look at what’s in the letter?"
The benefactor is still very careful that the black monster looks a bit like a nightmare, but it is strange that it is not as aggressive as a nightmare.
It has to be careful with letters.
The rabbi hesitated for a while and finally took the initiative to type the letter. Donne’s order could not be violated.
Danger can come by himself.
Dear Donne, you finally came here, finally came to our appointed place and found my missing for you
Missing is a disease, which will cause my heart to be distorted and lead to the birth of strangeness.
But I didn’t mean it. I missed it too much …]
"Don’t read …"
Donne looks a little pale. Is this guy Xu Le playing her?
Thoughtfully, Donne walked over and picked up the envelope left by Xu Le to check it up.
A lot of nonsense in front of me is all about how Xu Le misses her and can’t be without her.
These words are nutritious and meaningless.
Until the end of the letter, the painting style suddenly changed.
【 Location coordinates of Rose Trap after Spider Red Crescent Temple Base Point 114Y931 】
Dorn …
[This is a real ancient sound multi-coordinate rose is setting a trap there and this trap has trapped the angel-Lord Sola.
I am responsible for everything I say. You can send someone to verify it at any time. I want to see you. I hope you don’t kill me.]
After reading the letter, Donne was silent at last.
This Xu Le … What the hell?
Is it true what the letter says?
The full moon angel died … How could such an important event be known to an outsider like him?
"Return to the temple immediately. I have something important to tell my mother."
The rabbi nodded to another man, and then he met Donne’s cold eyes.
"Don’t tell anyone about the letter, Rabbi. You are a wise man. I think you should know what I mean."
"Of course," the rabbi nodded.
Yes, he also saw the last message of the letter and the coordinate, which is why Dorn’s warning came from.
"All right, let’s go back."
Wind and fire come and go.
It’s a big deal. Dorn’s side is afraid to go to Meris with com again
Xingsola’s position is higher than that of her mother Meris, so …
When he returned to the Red Crescent Temple and stopped, Dorn finally went to the position of Meris’s deputy temple.
Left two assistants in the warlock’s car
At this time, the famous car sorceress said to the rabbi 2.
"Rabbi, look, I’m going to the bathroom."
"Yeah, I see."