Hu Tian raised his eyebrows and swallowed all rivers into the sea. The entrance of Dandan medicine turned into a cool air and returned to the Yintang point in Dantian. Hu Tian suddenly felt an unspeakable change taking place slowly in his own knowledge of the sea.

"There’s nothing to worry about," he then looked at Huang Xiaohuan’s eyes and said frankly, "Don’t ask or kill anyone who stops me from repairing the truth! No matter whether the other party takes the initiative to attack and provoke, no matter what special reasons stand in my way, there must be awareness of being killed. "
Every word is like thunder, and Hu Tian II is determined to pierce the place immediately, and an unspeakable temperament suddenly rises from Hu Tian-shen.
This temperament is not simply murder, but I am determined to go forward even if there are thousands of people! Great courage! Great will!
"The heart of the Tao is as strong as the mountains, and it is indelible and unshakable. Such a man …" The praise in the eyes of Taoist Feng Skunk flashed away.
"Ah …" Huang Xiaohuan stepped back and his face was mixed with horror and strong disappointment.
Tianchen has been smiling all the time, and his face suddenly sank to the corner of his eye, twitching. Although he was in the realm of foundation period, his heart was beating unwillingly in the face of Hu Tian, who had a practice period.
"Never repent! Never repent! " Stone bear stare big eyes, pointing to hu-day fingers also trembling with anger if it weren’t for the wind skunk elders field would have rushed to kill hu-day this devil on the spot!
Hu Tianyi’s double-star eyes are bright and sharp as a knife, and he said to the stone bear, "Stone bear hates me today and will repay me twice in the future. It is your death day when I return from the magic well of heaven and earth!"
"Hum! Bluff until you come back alive to say again "Tianchen smile.
"Since ancient times, evil is invincible! Hu-day I’m waiting to smash your head that day "stone bear growled in a low voice.
Hu-day but don’t want to talk nonsense directly across the three people goes to the front.
I didn’t know that I had just walked three steps, but suddenly a familiar voice came from behind, "Hey, wait for me!"
Hu Tian looked back. "It’s you. Why are you here?"
"We can’t come if they can come?" Betty Chung ran to the front of Hu-day, raised his little head and caught a glimpse of Shi Xiong, Tianchen and Huang Xiaohuan.
"Lingling is not polite and has not seen the elders of the wind skunk." Lin Hongying followed behind him.
Betty Chung has always listened to her sister-in-law’s words and immediately vomitted to stick out his tongue to salute the elders of the wind ferret. Cuishengsheng tunnel "My brother Betty Chung has seen the elders of the wind ferret"
"My brother Lin Hongying has seen Elder Windferret."
Two beautiful combination, which are as beautiful as sisters’ flower, saluted Elder Windweasel.
"Well," Elder Windweasel nodded with a smile, "Are you the 17th and 1st cousins on the list of hunting animals? One has the blood of the wild beast Cangbei Taishan ape and the other is the blood of the god beast Hongluan? "
"The elders eye like a torch! Can we have a word with Hu Tian? " Lin Hongying nodded with a smile and showed a calm atmosphere.
"Elder Xie" Lin Hongying turned around and looked at Hu-day’s face for a long time, but said, "Hu-day has lost weight without seeing you for many days."
Hu-day felt his nose for a while but didn’t know what to respond to.
A strange light flashed in Tianchen’s eyes. "Where did this Hu-day come from and have such a friendship with Lin Hongying and Betty Chung?"
Huang Xiaohuan was also secretly surprised. "When did Hu Tian and Lin Hongying come and go? Why didn’t I know?"
Stone bear simply rebuked "Lin Hongying! Hu Tian is an unforgivable evil person. I advise you to associate with him less and get infected with evil habits! "
Betty Chung immediately turned back and glared at the stone bear without fear. "Go away, big stupid bear!"
You!’ The stone bear is not good at getting angry with the little girl and immediately gets beaten and blushes.
Lin Hongying looked at Hu Tian and took out a bloody bead from his close-fitting pocket and handed it to Hu Tiandao. "The magic well of heaven and earth is full of magic flames and fires all day long. This is my red phoenix blood spirit bead. You can wear it to make a fire. If necessary, you can also call out the god beast Red Luan to protect you."
Magic weapon-Hongluan blood spirit bead? !
Section 49 A murder song!
Lin Hongying is a magic weapon at first hand, which can’t help but surprise everyone in the place for a while.
"What’s so good about this Hu-day that he lent him all his personal magic weapons?" Everyone thinks so.
"What on earth can I have to do with you and lend me all your personal magic weapons?" Hu Tian thinks so, too.
It’s just a magic weapon to borrow one or two instruments. It’s of great significance when it’s lent out, especially when this kind of blood spirit bead can be pure and the corresponding blood qi and blood is a magic weapon to assist the beast to cultivate, so it’s lent out without blinking!
You know, lending magic weapons can take great risks. There are too many things that happen when lending them, and the speed of your own practice is bound to be greatly hindered during this period.
Therefore, Lin Hongying’s atmosphere surprised everyone.
Hu-day looked at Lin Hongying and smiled, saying that it was false to be moved, and it was much better to abandon the old friendship and fly in pairs at all times.
He knows Yan Chiyun just like Yan Chiyun knows him. He naturally knows that eating all rivers into the sea is a harmonious whole. Dan is Yan Chiyun’s suggestion of respecting Bifei Shuang, so he makes a choice.
What’s more, from the concentric fruit effect, he felt the deep estrangement and indifference between Bifei and Shuang, which was more reasonable than that of mature Lin Hongying.
As the saying goes, different ways do not agree.
It’s a good thing for both sides to leave early and be naive and romantic. Hu Tian is not an indecisive spoony just because the other side is beautiful.
Now that the other party has kicked himself aside, don’t you let him run away and curry favor with him?
When I put Bifei’s double thoughts aside, I asked Lin Hongying, "The magic well of heaven and earth is famous for going in and out of Lin Hongying. Do you believe that I can come out? Aren’t you afraid that your magic weapon will be left behind in the well world? "
Lin Hongying shook his head and his eyes were full of confidence in Hu-day. "Of course, I believe that you can slay the rhinoceros figure in Bijiao Mountain alone on your way to the Beasts’ Sect. I didn’t underestimate you, and you didn’t underestimate yourself. It’s just that others have eyes. It’s not much to say. It’s a long night and a bumpy Hu-day. You have to walk well …"
Say to Hu-day waved Lin Hongying turned and took Betty Chung hand so spill away!
"What hu-day this little one can kill BiJiao mountain rhinoceros? !” At that time, Tianchen and others’ eyes were full of indecision.
"Lin Hongying ….." Holding a blood bead with her aromatic body temperature, Hu-day looked at the line farther and farther, and Lin Hongying’s eyes were deep
There is no reason to hate and no reason to love.
What kind of arrogance and arrogance are just things in past novels? Bi Fei Shuang is an excellent warning. Hu Tian has never naively thought that she loves me too much because she looks like her husband Lin Hongying.
"This woman has a different purpose and ambition, but forget it. This magic weapon is just what I need Lin Hongying. I’ll give it back to you twice in the future."
Thought of here, Hu Tiantun feels relaxed!
Without the shackles of double cultivation, he is like a skyhawk released from a cage! There is an urgent need for a place where you can spread your wings and fight for a long time
And this place is called the magic well in front of heaven and earth, waiting for him.
Trance, a different kind of pride suddenly inspired from the depths of his heart, and then surged like a tide, hitting his heart like a raging wave!
This emotion, flying freely, means restraining the taboo, which is different from being cruel and cunning, and flying back immediately after a blow.
Heroism stirred his chest so that he wouldn’t spit.
"Lin Hongying, I accepted your kindness." The surge of power made Hu Tianyin resound through this dark valley. "But I hate that the night is not long and I can’t show my brilliance! And calm and warm day, everyone can shine and see each other, but I prefer it so late! It’s a dark night to see who is the moon and who is the starlight! "
Say that finish turned and strode forward.
Without looking at others, without stopping.
It’s dark and deep in front of you, and the branches sway like ghosts