A magical power of fire vine was gorgeous, but it was hit hard by seemingly unpretentious Qin Changfeng who was shot and vomited blood.

This can prove a little … With the first generation Qin Changfeng born supernatural power is stronger than Fujiichi!
They don’t know the details of the gods, but they have decided that the five-color divine light around the body must be a treasure, which dazzles those who see it for the first time.
Qin Changfeng’s black hair is flying, and he walks forward. Although God has been on for five seconds, he doesn’t care.
Because he is at the foot of the peacock’s holy mountain, the five elements of heaven and earth are inexhaustible. He can transform more than 500 points of essence every second through the five elements of diamond body, that is, the physical strength can almost always maintain the state of the gods.
This means that if The Peacock Mountain fights in a place where the five elements are vigorous, he will have a great advantage.
Rattan is unwilling to be defeated at the same time, so although he is seriously injured, he still stands proudly with his hands on fire, trying to make a treasure seal, or to display some more terrible magical power to fight again
But always watching his every move Qin Changfeng didn’t give him a chance.
A spirit sent suddenly appeared in front of him with a dragon gun on his shoulder and said, "Guess how much strength I have with this gun now?"
The weight of terror on the shoulder is like a sacred mountain pressing a vine, and the face is greatly changed and dispersed, and the treasure seal is about to be formed, staring at Qin Changfeng but not talking.
Qin Changfeng smiled and asked himself, "No, 400,000 Jin!"
Chapter four hundred and fourteen Shocked tianjiao pin siddhi
One arm!
Four hundred thousand catties!
This is absolutely an eternal and incredible myth for a 12-year-old peacock.
In this world, even the pure-blooded pups of various veins pursue only one hundred thousand catties with one arm, and even those races famous for their physical strength will not exceed one hundred and fifty thousand catties.
Qin Changfeng, on the other hand, reached 400,000 Jin at the age of 12, which is called the former ancients and latecomers.
All beings in heaven and earth are not shocked. This so-called natural and sacred peacock is completely vindicated at this moment.
Not only are adults fierce, but they also directly enter the top young people in the world.
"What do you want?"
As soon as Huo Jinteng’s eyes were cold, his heart was naturally extremely unwilling. He still had a natural respect for art, but he was suppressed because he underestimated his future display.
Or I didn’t expect Qin Changfeng to have a tearing virtual teleport at this age, so strong.
One-armed 400,000 Jin double juli and that pole seem to be able to restrain the mysterious blue thunder dragon gun of Shenhuo, which made him instantly suppressed.
"Do you admit defeat?"
Rattan nodded with a cold look. He was really defeated in the first world war, and he won’t importune for people of his status.
There is nothing to say even if he is forced into such a situation by a peacock of 12 years old.
But if Qin Changfeng wants to try to kill him, it is bound to be a lose-lose outcome, and he will never do nothing.
Qin Changfeng’s face continued, "Since you lost, you should always leave some war benefits for the winner, right?"
"What do you want?" Rattan looks resolute and unyielding, but there is a trace of fright. He always feels that this personified peacock root is not like a 12-year-old child who should have brains, but a cunning devil.
Qin Changfeng raised two fingers, of course, saying, "Give me two magical powers, your moon and moon seal and the seal of the fire treasure bottle."
"No way, don’t even think about it!" Rattan looked cold and refused without hesitation.
Qin Changfeng obviously expected that his reaction would be calm, and he said, "I’m going to create an organization called the Alliance of All Nationalities. The main purpose of this organization is to unite people with lofty ideals to maintain peace and stability in the 3,000 world and protect the interests of all ethnic groups in the 3,000 world."
It’s ridiculous to say this.
First of all, the idea of the alliance of all ethnic groups is to transfer the contradictions of the Ministry to the outside world, and the external contradictions will compete for resources around 3,000 States for nine days and ten places. It sounds really beautiful, but the problem lies in the root of the contradictions of all ethnic groups, which can’t be solved even if it is respected.
What’s more, this kind of words should not come from the mouth of a 12-year-old peacock, even though he has been watched by the world and proved that his peerless future must be a hero.
Next time you want to build an alliance of all ethnic groups, that’s all. What else is there to join the alliance, and it’s still two treasures?
Jin Huoteng once Qin Changfeng showed a faint expression, "Do you think I look like an idiot?" "How many races have you joined the Alliance of All Nationalities?"
"I’m the only one for the time being"
Qin Changfeng young body slightly immature face shy, but then face a serious way "but it is because of the initial establishment is the best time for you to join, you think about joining now, you are the second founder, and so on. When the alliance grows bigger in the future, you will be one of the top giants! If you wait until I have developed the alliance, it’s just a brocade to add flowers. Then don’t say two treasures, even if you serve seventeen, you won’t have much high status. "
Qin Changfeng said this in a low voice like a whisper, and the spectators nearby saw that the two of them were fighting each other on another level, so the atmosphere dared not wait quietly.
"It’s not that I’m selling myself short. Although you and I are both enemies of this generation, it’s too far away to turn what you said into a reality. It’s almost the same when you and I both set foot on that realm."
Rattan felt that the thinking of this peacock family was really strange. If ordinary people dared to talk nonsense with him like this, he would have slapped him away, but the peacock family won his respect and was willing to talk to him more.
Of course, the more important reason is that Qin Changfeng can smash half of his body at any time with a dragon gun, and he doesn’t want to take the final step of larger foe unless he has to.
Hear rattan a doubt Qin Changfeng dragon gun patted him on the shoulder, let his face muscles twitched a few times and then affectionately call him old rattan and said, "Old rattan, you want to white this world is the older generation giants and all of us, but in the final analysis … it belongs to young people! What does this say? "