At this time, Gao Cai’s heart was also overjoyed to know that he had successfully survived Lei Jie and achieved the realm of immortals. This change filled Gao Cai’s heart with an indescribable feeling, as if the drowning man had completely got rid of the flood and walked ashore and was free to absorb gas without choking.

Moreover, when Gao Cai looked around, he found that everything gave him a different feeling. A flower, a grass, a dust and a soil all seemed to come alive, each emitting different breath and strength.
"Lei Jie has passed Xiandao and has become a long-lived person. I hope to be happy!"
At this time, Gao Cai was very comfortable in his heart, and he burst into laughter. The sound was rolling and thundering, giving off a powerful immortal power, which shocked everyone around him. Bai Cai successfully passed the thunder robbery and achieved the immortal pole.
Immortals have become immortals, but different spiritual realms bring different benefits. These benefits will naturally be discovered and realized slowly in the future.
At this time, after Yuan Shen’s achievement, Gao Cai moved slightly, and the time of Yuan Shen’s deification disappeared into the flesh. This entry suddenly felt terrible.
The whole flesh is extremely weak, and the strength of bones and muscles is also greatly weakened. I am afraid that the original ruddy and powerful body looks very pale at this time, as if a gust of wind can blow it down at the beginning of a serious illness.
This huge contrast makes Gao Cai have some headaches.
I also know in my heart that if I hadn’t eaten exquisite grass before and got a lot of golden fire and honey, I’m afraid that this physical body has been ruined. At this time, it’s so difficult for me to double-cultivate my body. Once I practice successfully, my strength is terrible.
It seems that it is difficult for me to regain my strength in my present body. Otherwise, my body will compare the method with the Yuan God in the future, and I will have some changes without strong fighting capacity.
Chapter two hundred and fifty Parting
I don’t know if I want to recover, but I don’t know if I want heaven and earth to have such a strong body. Otherwise, this body will really recover its strength before, and finally it will be stronger than ordinary immortals.
At this time, Gao Cai also knows what it is that so many Taoist priests have completely integrated their flesh into the Yuan God after practicing to the immortal realm. Presumably, when their flesh was in Du Jie, it was completely damaged and they were unwilling to make great efforts to find and restore their natural talents and treasures, so they had to make this decision.
When Gao Cai has a headache, he also knows that there is no way to solve the physical thing for the time being, and it can be like this now.
The foundation of a good body has not been destroyed, but has been refined. The Heaven Tower and the Mirror of Science are not able to completely integrate the body into the Yuan God like other immortals.
If the real method of repair can also integrate the whole body with the first treasure after seizing the bell of heaven in science in the future, then the body can be as powerful as the body-refining practitioner
But these can also be thought about now. After all, it is necessary to always sacrifice to restore the strength of the fairy tower of heaven in science after being integrated into the bell of heaven in science. This is no different from the sacrifice to refine Lingbao. At that time, my Yuan God was able to practice to the point of immortality.
"Congratulations, my husband, for successfully surviving the thunder robbery and achieving the immortal road!"
When Gao Cai explored his body and kept thinking, he got the news. He came to Yuzhen quickly and said with a smile that his tone was full of joy. He was moved and happy that Gao Cai was able to survive the thunder robbery.
"Madam’s words made my husband feel a little ashamed. Although he successfully survived Lei Jie, his body was seriously damaged. I don’t know if I can recover as before, but I’m afraid I won’t recover in the future."
Looking at the jade is really high just said with a wry smile
"My husband is greedy. When Du Jie, a practitioner, becomes immortal, he will greatly lose his flesh. How can ordinary monks keep his flesh? Our dragon is also gifted. But when Du Jie becomes immortal, he has to refine his flesh and blood. The flesh has to rely on the protection of the dragon elders to keep the dragon strong. What’s more, my husband, Yuan Shen, is stronger than the combination of so many thunder and pure yang sources. Now it is rare to keep the flesh!"
Looking at Gao Cai’s wry smile, Yu Zhen said grumpily that there was a feeling that he didn’t know when he was lucky.
"Haha, when the time comes, my husband will be greedy!"
I didn’t continue to discuss this topic when I looked at the jade. I smiled and left this topic without much concern in my heart. After all, I should be content to be able to practice to such a powerful Yuan God. I was too greedy to go against my heart.
"Congratulations to Long Jun Du Jie for his success!"
At this time, lady white snake also congratulated him on his brow, which was blushing with a hint of nai, but he absorbed a little source of nature, which can be said to be his own marriage. Thought of here, lady white snake’s face was also blushing and he couldn’t help but think of fate.
See lady white snake this look high just also immediately white himself this time Du Jie is because of absorbing a little force from lady white snake’s source of nature, which makes the Yuan God complete before breaking his LeiJie almost let himself fall short, but it is also because of this source of nature that he resisted and eased most LeiJie and let himself successfully survive LeiJie.
It’s hard for Gao Cai to distinguish the cause and effect, but he helped him regain that little influence. She cultivated the source force, but now he has been violated by Lei Jie, which means that Gao Cai doesn’t know what to say.
"Brother Gao didn’t expect that you had always been the strength of Yuan God, and now you are immortal in Du Jie. You are so amazing!"
In the face of lady white snake’s melancholy and high talent, Xiaoqing is somewhat careless.
"White girl is abrupt today, but I promise I won’t do anything to harm the girl’s cultivation in the future. If I break my oath, I will live forever!"
Looking at lady white snake Gao Cai brewing for a long time, he solemnly said that he didn’t want to destroy the two people because of this matter and finally established a fate.
"Long Jun doesn’t have to be like this. This is Su Zhen’s fate. How can you doubt Long Jun!"
In the face of high just so formal lady white snake look a panic immediately said.
"Husband, just after practicing, hurry back to practice a stable white girl and Xiaoqing girl, who have just experienced a fierce battle, should also cultivate themselves. Just in case they live in the Dragon Palace in the future, so that they can take care of me."
Aside Yuzhen didn’t know what had happened, but she was clever enough not to ask anything. When they said it was almost the same, she skillfully broke the embarrassing atmosphere.
Hearing the jade truth, Gao Cai looked happy, which was just to his liking. The two of them were also short of a layer of window paper. If they get along for a period of time, they might just be able to pierce this layer of window paper, but they couldn’t help looking forward to looking at lady white snake.
"Thank you, Sister Yuzhen, for your kindness in going through these things. Su Zhen also felt a lot of confusion in her heart. Now I want to reply to the mountain gate to see the master calm down and feel the recent gains. Please ask Sister Yuzhen and Long Jun to understand!"
Hearing the truth of jade and feeling the mind of Gao Cai, lady white snake showed a little confusion in his face. He wanted to stay in his heart, but he just experienced something to make himself feel at ease. He didn’t know what to do if he faced Long Jun for a while, so he thought about returning to his legacy.
"Sister, I will accompany you!"
See lady white snake Xiaoqing face a slight change to see lady white snake and see what Gao Cai wants to say. After half a day, he seems to have decided what to come to lady white snake and hold lady white snake’s arm gently and said.
"Xiaoqing! ? Are you suffering again? "
Looking at Xiaoqing sample lady white snake a face of soft touched Xiaoqing hair soft said.
"I’ll go there with my sister!" Looking at lady white snake Xiaoqing said stubbornly, her eyes were shining with crystal light.
"Su Zhen’s teacher from Lishan’s old mother sect stresses abstinence and lack of desire. Su Zhen has been granted a license by her teacher because of earthly marriage. Now when she returns to the mountain, she doesn’t know when to meet each other in the future. Su Zhen’s mountain has been rewarded by Long Jun’s many benefits. There is a sachet in her hand, which is refined from thousands of pears in li mountain. Please don’t abandon it!"
Said lady white snake took out a small sachet from the bosom and handed it to Gao Cai.
Looking at lady white snake handed me a sweet bursa, Gao Cai couldn’t help but know lady white snake’s mind at this time, but she didn’t know how to stop him.
When she got married, she learned that the groom was planning to come by himself. At this time, she was afraid that she was really upset. What can she do?
Wait for a while looked at this sweet bursa and couldn’t say anything. He also sighed all his thoughts.
Sighing lightly, a sapphire butterfly slowly flew out when he was in high school, and hundreds of colorful butterflies fanned their wings to follow.
"White girl, this is an ancient exotic insect, the sapphire sword butterfly, and an ancient spiritual insect, the rainbow butterfly, to send you a gift!"
Take out the sapphire sword butterfly and this rainbow butterfly from Baihua Valley, and then Gao Cai gently said
At this time, lady white snake didn’t refuse anything. Then hundreds of butterflies gently surrounded lady white snake and Xiaoqing.
Butterfly around lady white snake looked deeply at Gao Cai, and then Xiaoqing flew towards the sky with tearful eyes.
Looking at flying away, lady white snake and Xiaoqing Gao Cai gently hit the sachet. Suddenly, an extraordinary fragrance came to count the white pear flowers flying around the world, dancing like a big snowflake and falling down to Gao Cai all over.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-one Dongting Red Dragon
After Du Jie became immortal and bid farewell to lady white snake and Xiaoqing, Gao Cai returned to the West Lake Dragon Palace. After practicing for half a month, he completely stabilized his whole realm. During this period, he also paid attention to nourishing the flesh, the golden fire and the honey eclipse, but the physical injury could not be made up for for for a while.
The body looks pale and sick, as if the wind is about to fall down, and the weakness makes Gao Cai have a headache.
"Yuer, do you know what treasures can restore this body?"
After the practice, Gao Cai asked Yuzhen
Nowadays, this sickly body is a bit of a drag on the habit of making physical combat high, which makes it even more necessary to restore physical strength. Otherwise, this body will practice the thirty-six methods of plough.
At present, this genius has mastered two magical powers, namely, the celestial phenomena and the turning of the earth into steel, and there are still four great magical powers that he has not mastered, so giving up halfway is not in line with the genius’s intention to stick to the end, and it is not conducive to the cultivation of Yuan God.
After all, Taoism, plough, dharma and Yuan Shen complement each other, which can greatly enhance the strength of Yuan Shen, and double cultivation of life can truly win the road, otherwise it will not take great efforts to refine a body that conforms to Yuan Shen when practicing in Feixian.