"Practice is to realize that life is indispensable, otherwise how can it be considered perfect? You should experience the best things while you are young and gorgeous. Believe me, it will be the best memory when you look back on the past."

Qituo smiled and pointed out that he had a feeling of life. Qin Changfeng touched Ba and showed deep meditation as if he really longed for it.
At this time, a huge white jade staircase appeared on the rumbling day, which led to the ground and was full of splendor with fairy fog.
Qituo led Qin Changfeng three people to step on the white jade ladder, and the light and fog were hazy and fleeting, and they were taken to Tianyu to appear in front of the magnificent giant city.
This huge city is so grand that the side walls make people feel as small as ants.
Higher than the mountain, there is a bone plaque hanging from the gate building, and there are three ancient Chinese characters, Tiancheng.
This is the ancestral land of Tianren, once the highest pure land of the royal family was inhabited by the noblest heaven and man.
However, this landscape has not touched Qin Changfeng much. It is not surprising that The Peacock Mountain’s sacred scenery will not be worse than here.
In fact, the famous city of Tiancheng is like a pavilion, a palace, a sacred temple, a mountain and a spiritual lake.
However, Qituo took Qin Changfeng all the way through different places until he passed through the bustling downtown area and then crossed several caves to a solemn and sacred martial arts field.
There are many people who practice heaven and man, but not many.
The martial arts field is vast, and there is a strange stone dozens of miles deep in Fiona Fang, which is as high as a jade monument, and it is not so huge.
Qi Tuo pointed to the stone tablet and smiled. "This stone is called Fei Xianshi. It says that the immortal can reflect himself before it, and help him understand the Tao better, especially if he is in the early generation, he can look at his bones, blood and flesh to further understand his Tao."
He pointed, though he didn’t say anything, but his meaning was already better than that, that is, he wanted Qin Changfeng to try before flying fairy stone.
The real purpose is not to help him realize enlightenment, but to see if his original identity is true. Although there is no doubt in his heart, it is better to be on the safe side. After all, it is just by the way and there will be no loss.
Qin Changfeng touch the thoughtfully also really a little mess, who knows whether he this kind of situation is really early.
According to the definition of natural avatar, he obviously meets the requirements, but whether he does not belong to this world body can be recognized by Feixianshi is unknown.
It’s impossible not to try now that you’ve come, which makes no sense.
What’s more, Qin Changfeng himself is quite greedy for this flying fairy stone, but he wants to "borrow" something most when he comes to Tiancheng.
This flying fairy stone comes from a wider human area except for 3,000 states and nine days and ten places. The mysterious Bi Nai Terran stone was brought out by the life of the Terran generation, God and Ren Huang.
In addition to reflecting one’s own body and helping to realize the Tao, the actual stone contains the immortal spirit of "immortal and exquisite", and the immortal material nourishes it, which can imitate part of the Tao marks and emerge naturally into the road bones.
This thing has also appeared in the world of covering the sky in the first century. It claims to be immortal and exquisite in the celestial world, and it will turn into a fairy sutra.
Others say that this kind of rare treasure has only appeared one or two times through the ages. If it is brought into the celestial world to make a fairy sound, it can also awaken past lives …
In general, the east-west level is absolutely frightening, and the only pity is that it has never shown the real Shenhua because of the lack of immortal spirit and immortal material nourishment.
In the original work, Shi Hao realized himself with the help of this flying fairy stone after coming here, but failed to enlighten the immortal scriptures contained in the immortal exquisite works.
Just because Qin Changfeng thinks he has the brains to help the people in this world can’t do anything doesn’t mean he can’t do anything.
Now he is in urgent need of a life star soul to find a suitable spiritual achievement method. For such a possible fairy sutra, he will naturally not miss it.
Furthermore, if you take ten thousand steps back, this fairy and exquisite body are somehow the same. The top treasure material is not perhaps the main material, but the more prepared it is, the better. Maybe it will be there then.
Thoughtfully, he had already come to the front of Fei Xianshi, and Qin Changfeng raised his hand and put it on his face.
Almost instantaneously, there is no delay. The flying stone flashes directly and shines to the extreme. Guanghua shines brightly, which is called golden light.
Finally, Qin Changfeng’s abdomen turned out to be as transparent as the five pieces of robbery and printing department in the abdomen!
This mysterious force from the flying fairy stone seems to want to spy out the center. Daodan was penetrated by a layer of light shrouded in fog.
"What is this godsend?"
Qi Tuo was surprised on the spot that the first generation was different. Some of them had fairy bones, some were dressed in divine skin, and some were blessed with blood coagulation and different pupils. But I really haven’t seen five strange marks and a mysterious sea of light on my abdomen.
In this world practice, there is no realm of Dantian gas and sea, that is to say, this place, which is a treasure of human body, is still as mysterious as an undeveloped wasteland.
When Qin Changfeng’s vision of Dantian was exposed, the monks were shocked in this world.
"Young master is born with five divine seals!" Aside, the old peacock held his head high and proudly said that this peacock family has never been a secret.
Qituo took a deep breath and completely agreed with this view.
At the same time, the flying fairy stone vision will also alarm the monks who are practicing the Terran Sect around them. Someone immediately salutes and asks, "Is this little brother of the bodhi old zu my clan? Why have you never seen it before in the first generation?"
Qituo smiled and said, "This is the natural sacred peacock who was invited by me to be a guest and discuss the engagement between Manzhushahua and Lotus."
"What bodhi old zu do you want to marry them to this foreigner?"
"No, not even if he is the first generation!"
"This is a shame for our Junjie …"
At that time, all the people were so excited that they didn’t even care about the majesty of the bodhi old zu. They didn’t want to see the two girls of the clan marry him far away, because it was different from admitting that their celestial pride was inferior to that of the peacock clan, which would make them lift their heads when they walked three thousand realms.
"The bodhi old zu is the peacock who claims to be a god and is born sacred?"
Suddenly, a cold sound came out from the deeper part of the martial arts field, followed by a slender and strong figure. The sound had a terrible penetrating power.
He looked at Qin Changfeng indifferently with a purple hair, and said, "You Yu asked him to take back the bodhi old zu if his brother won the first world war by luck, and asked him to leave our two Zhu Manzhu Shahua hibiscus."
"If you can win, you can marry them all!" Qituo smiled and said that his eyes were deep and no one knew what he was thinking.
"Come and fight!" You Yu said to Qin Changfeng’s back that the first young master of Terran doesn’t care if he can marry two pearls, but he must defeat Qin Changfeng, the peacock family that is now in full swing.
At this time, the young people of the nearby Terran were boiling, and the news was broadcast at the speed of sound, and soon more than half of the city was in uproar.
People didn’t expect that the peacock demon king would come to their Terran so soon after defeating Fujiichi with one move, and he would also fight the first young and the strongest.
This matter has a great influence. Is Youyu an important person? In the first generation, the emperor’s blood was still flowing, and the same generation had already been sealed. More than a dozen States were invincible and never lost!
This is bound to be a brilliant battle with stars colliding!
The news seems like a storm swept through Tiancheng. Many days, Terran antiques also appeared. I want to take the opportunity to understand Qin Changfeng, the peacock family’s first number.
But at this time Qin Changfeng didn’t realize it at all.
His mind is immersed in the flying fairy stone or the hidden stone fairy and exquisite.
Because after he touched the palm of his hand, some scriptures and Upanishads in Daodan flowed out of his mind as if to tell him how to practice and continue to evolve.
It’s as if Xian Linglong will be regarded as a broken bone to help deduce the theory and make it perfect.
This insight, combine with that information given by the main brain of mental exploration, made Qin Changfeng come to a conclusion that it was almost a fantasy-perhaps he could directly immortalize the main foundation of the star soul and then bring his own immortal mind method to refine an unprecedented star soul!
The most obvious advantage of doing this is that this life star soul can be said to be the most consistent with its own attributes.