What’s more ridiculous is that she didn’t run around without a goal, not back to Chicheng, not to the imperial city. She just ran with her eyes closed for three days. They haven’t seen a human being from the jungle to the hill and from the hill to the jungle for three days. It’s okay, although she didn’t bring much food, Silver is not worried at all.

In front of a big city, sitting on the silver back at the top of the mountain and looking at acacia, I saw a high wall standing in the distance. The gray wall of the big city looks like a thumb-wide house, which is as neat as a bird cage. People can hardly be seen in the streets of the wall, and even less so. The fireworks in Ran Ran are like a vast white fog shrouded in a big city, but when you look from the side, it is different.
This is Los Angeles Silver, who took a look at it and said, Where is Acacia? You can go everywhere with your eyes closed, but it can’t. It’s old and experienced, and there are really not many places in this continent that it doesn’t know.
Los Angeles that Lu Shaoyou home lovesickness doubt she chuckled, but then it was just a smile. Let’s go and have a look.
The first chapter is five years
Time and water usually follow its own laws quietly, and no one stays or changes it. It can’t feel human sorrow or human desire, and it still feels good no matter how many things happen in the sky.
Waiting always seems particularly long. For Yu Weiyang, five years seems to be a century. He is secretly looking for acacia every day. Unfortunately, he dare not send people out in a big way, but it is just those cronies. Instead, he is more afraid to tell people who he is looking for because a saint named acacia has already entered the temple, and he has become a virgin who has not disappeared for the first time. Although he can’t talk, he often becomes a spokesperson for the temple. He can look carefully and secretly, but although he has been careful, he has recently attracted the attention of his heart. His brothers and sisters have sent people to stare at others early, even more than his cheap father has intervened from time to time.
Everything in the temple is ready to go
Okay, I’ll be right there. Yu Weiyang gently waved his hand and hung the picture on the wall for five years. It slowly rolled into a shaft and disappeared.
I hope I can find her this time. Yu Weiyang sighed and turned to walk outside. Now he is 20 years old. Yu Weiyang has already stripped off his childish and clean personal stature. Many knife-shaped eyebrows, stars, eyes, thin lips and a pretty nose, especially his melancholy eyes. I don’t know how many aristocratic girls are fascinated. It’s surprising that he has never married a princess, and even openly disobeyed the emperor. At that time, many girls were embarrassed and caused how many miles of political winds changed.
Yu Weiyang knows all this, of course, but he doesn’t care at all that the emperors are fighting for that position, but who knows that the position was decided as early as when everyone was ten years old? It’s not that they can fight for it unless they can overthrow the temple. Unfortunately, although the emperors tried to win over the temple to rob soldiers and pull those literati and politicians, no one ever wanted to overthrow the temple, which doomed them to draw water from bamboo baskets.
What’s more, the emperor is still alive for decades, and now they are fighting. In Yu Weiyang’s view, it is really reckless. Don’t they all think that the man sitting in the court is dead or not, and they want to carve up the country behind him?
It’s not that Yu Weiyang doesn’t want to do anything, but he can see better, and it’s not that these mortals walk worse. Now he has more important things to do.
Five years is a lot for lovesickness. Yes, it’s a wonderful adventure. I haven’t seen all the three mountains and five mountains, and I haven’t seen any handsome guys and beautiful women or eaten any delicious food. It’s really fun.
Speaking of it, it’s completely different from the acacia period, but it’s just that I can’t bear to let it go. It’s almost seclusion. No, it’s seclusion, and I still live a semi-savage life in a cave. How come it doesn’t make people, including acacia, feel sorry for myself
It’s a long story.
On that day, the sun had set in the west, and the smoke was blowing up. Acacia was riding on the back of Silver and was going to rush to the mountain to find an inn in Los Angeles to have a good sleep. Before she could rush to the foot of the mountain, she saw a cave, a very small and secluded cave, but it happened that she not only found the cave, but also found something that should not be there, which surprised her. Well, in short, she found a kid.
That’s right. The kid is not a child for short, but a real ghost. A child’s soul came to lovesickness at a glance, and then he was surprised, so he let Silver brake suddenly and go back to confirm that he was really there.
Acacia knows that ten-year-old people in this world will report to the temple after death. Although no one cares that when they get there, they will be directly converted into energy and absorbed by those who should die, but there is really the only place where ghosts in this world go when they are ten years old. When they die, they will disappear at the sight of the sun, and the world doesn’t know whether it is intentional or intentional, so the soul doesn’t know how to let themselves continue to live after death. The root of this world has never been called wandering souls. Acacia has never been seen before.
But how can such a kid not attract acacia’s attention and interest in this deserted mountainside?
Little fellow, why are you lovesick here? It’s very kind to look at this illusory figure hidden in the cave. It’s really hard to be a ghost in this world when you look at him with a frightened face and a sad sigh.
The little guy is not afraid that his sister will help you. Oh, Acacia is patting her chest and trying to hand over her kindness. When I turn around, I see Silver’s big head and a face of surprise. What do you think of her eyes? It’s like watching a crazy heart. I’m annoyed and hurriedly give Silver away. Look at that little guy. He’s actually a little lovesick. He’s not afraid that I’m afraid of Silver.
Sister, I’m hungry. The little guy came slowly and looked at Acacia, swallowed hard and spat, looked at Acacia’s head and sweated, and her mouth kept twitching. How could she forget this trick?
What’s the best place to say that Yin is the ghost’s life? Because when the ghost comes to Yin, it breeds a lot of food. They can eat that terrible ghost and eat it directly in the underworld, but that’s a practice. But after the ghost stays for seven days at most, he can eat fresh flesh and blood to keep his soul alive, but that’s a spectre.
But now this little guy’s simple hunger and thirst and staring at acacia with little stars makes her really sweaty, because she can’t bear to refuse, but after knowing what it will be like to really let him eat flesh and blood, he will become a spectre, and flesh and blood is like poison and addiction to ghosts, and he will never be able to quit in one day.
My little sister can’t eat without you. Acacia is so good. But when I look at that kid’s disappointed eyes, she can’t bear to forget it. You are the first ghost I’ve ever met in this world. Give you a hand. Acacia touched the kid’s head and said, actually, it’s not to help the kid, but also to finish it for herself. She didn’t forget to sign a note when she left the hell. Up to now, she hasn’t got a ghost to the hell.
She was in no hurry to come, but now this kid is going to be serious.
It was this seriousness that passed five years.
Chapter II Channels of Yin and Yang
Xiaoyun, are you ready? I miss you late at night. I went to the cave where she has been nesting for five years. It’s a good time to look at the stars and the moon. I can’t help but ask the cave.