Everyone in the challenge looked at the unconscious men who fell to the ground and shook their heads with a sigh. This guy is at least better than going to Xishan to select the cheat Chang Sheng, but since he wants to cheat Chang Sheng in the challenge, he hides before he knows it.

Chang sheng is stupid. Chang sheng wants to jump into the ring, but he doesn’t care if anyone is stupid in front of him. It must be straight. This guy can be blamed for not understanding stupidity!
Another person who tried to cheat Changsheng failed. Two people tried to make Changsheng jump into the ring by cheating Changsheng. Although both of them failed, they also showed others the way to beat Changsheng.
In the next game, you will meet people who are always prosperous, but you will be prepared early.
In the evening, the prime minister’s office
"Listen carefully, Sheng ‘er. Wait until after the game. When you see who is talking to you, just ignore them and just beat them away." Chang Ganze said to Chang Sheng with a heavy face.
On the first day, he was worried when he knew that someone had cheated Chang Sheng. The second time he saw someone trying to cheat Chang Sheng in the ring, he couldn’t look at it like this any more.
"Chang Sheng knows." Chang Sheng-wen nodded heavily and was worried about what to do when he met those wonderful opponents who lied to himself. My father actually said such tricks, which made the game much easier.
The next day, the ring
"Chang Sheng ….." The man looked at Chang Sheng, who jumped into the ring, and just said that Chang Sheng’s name had not come yet. He stayed up all night and wanted to come up with a plan. Chang Sheng, who was opposite, had already rushed over with a fenglei stick.
"Changsheng killed you and killed you … Dad said that whoever talks to Changsheng will kill him!"
Chang Sheng shouted while thinking about the opposite man.
The opposite man heard Chang Sheng’s words and rushed over to Chang Shengzhi to jump into the ring. This night’s hard work was all in vain. Chang Sheng’s family actually told him that whoever talked to him would let Chang Sheng kill each other. How can this be done?
The man jumped into the ring and sighed, but his heart was full of resentment, and he blamed the two guys who cheated Chang Sheng in front.
If they didn’t cheat Changsheng and fail, how could they attract the attention of Changsheng’s family? If they didn’t talk to Changsheng’s family, they would certainly cheat Changsheng into the ring.
Changsheng defeated two opponents in succession, and another day Changsheng ushered in his third opponent, Zhuge Zhan!
That night, a cry echoed in the western suburbs of Beijing.
Chang Sheng watched the front gradually disappear and then merged into his body, and he couldn’t help shouting.
Today he finally finished the first step of refining the body.
The body has disappeared and merged into its own body.
Slowly close your eyes and feel the powerful power this body has brought to you. Chang Sheng can’t help shivering all over.
After the initial fusion of the body, the strength can actually achieve the immortality of the sky! This is really unexpected.
However, it’s a pity that I have to borrow my body force temporarily to achieve immortality for a short time, and there are still just three breathing hours!
"Three breaths … the duel depends on this body. Three breaths must solve Zhuge Zhan, otherwise the loser must be himself!"
Chang sheng is looking at the distant sky, and he can rely on his body to destroy the soul. At this time, he has not finished refining, and that last step is really troublesome and complicated.
Third round competition
Today, there are many competitions at the same time, but Chang Sheng and Zhuge Zhan have the largest number of onlookers.
"Changsheng competes with Zhuge Zhan. This is the challenge. Are you sure? Don’t make a mistake or you’ll miss the show."
"Yes, everyone in Zhuge Zhan now says that he is the best genius of our Daqi Dynasty after Ying Wuhou. I really want to have a good look at his performance today."
"Yes, I’m here for Zhuge Zhan today, but Chang Sheng’s stupidity is really unlucky to meet Zhuge Zhan so early."
Before the competition, all kinds of discussions outside the ring have been heard for a long time.
"How many rounds do you think Chang Sheng’s stupid Zhuge Zhan can hold on to?" Suddenly someone came up with a problem, which immediately caused many people to discuss.
"I guess it’s only one round. Although it’s said that Changsheng’s stupidity is already going against the sky, the gap between going against the sky and going against the sky is too big. After one move, Changsheng will definitely die!"
"I agree!"
At this time, some people in the ring are competing, but there is no one around the ring to watch the ring fight. Both of them are discussing the upcoming competition.
"A constant battle against both sides of Zhuge Zhan"
Finally, with a loud cry, a natural and unrestrained figure suddenly floated to the challenge from a distance, and Zhuge Zhan should fall to the challenge.
Chang Sheng’s legs banged down and jumped into the ring.
Chapter 562 Body force
"This silly him when he is a rabbit? It’s a shame to jump! "
"It’s really an extreme contrast to look at Chang Sheng and Zhuge Gong."
Chang Sheng just jumped to the challenge side and all kinds of comments rang out again.
"The admission competition between the two sides is official!"
When Chang Sheng jumped to Chang Sheng for about ten breaths, the referee outside the ring shouted, "Let’s have a competition!"!
Chang Sheng glanced at Zhuge Zhan and grabbed the fenglei stick. Just as he was about to move, the figure opposite Zhuge Zhan suddenly flashed. Zhuge Zhan was surprised by everyone and should attack.
"Today is the best chance to kill you!" Zhuge Zhan looked at Chang Sheng and sneered at him. According to his style, he wouldn’t attack first, but this time it was different. He wanted to kill Chang Sheng. He couldn’t give up or escape from the opportunity to kill Chang Sheng. No one can stop him from killing him!
Is the blink of an eye kung fu Zhuge Zhan has rushed to the front of Chang Sheng slowly raised a folding fan towards Chang Sheng’s forehead.
"Right now!"
Chang Sheng saw that Zhuge Zhan, who had rushed to the crowd, suddenly tightened his teeth and muscles instantly, and a force that belonged to him and seemed not to belong to him instantly spread from the body to the outside.
Body force!
If you want to win, you have the physical strength, and there are still three breathing times. It is guaranteed that if you lose, you must wait until Zhuge Zhan arrives, so that Zhuge Zhan can not dodge!
Now is the best opportunity!
"The big bad guy always kills you!"
Chang Sheng suddenly shouted, held the fenglei stick high, and a mighty force rushed out of his body in an instant.
The hard granite paved the ground in front of us, and the strength of granite impacted and cracked rapidly.
Behind Chang Sheng, a virtual shadow emerges than a giant, holding a fenglei stick to meet Zhuge Zhan with a stick.