"Good idea, good idea, impeded people. We need to lead them to dangerous waters, so we can kill them without blowing off dust. This is the best, but I agree with this method."

"Yeah, yeah, it’s really good. It’s good for us to have a sharp decline in power and our hands to fight slowly."
Liao waved impatiently. "Since everyone agrees with this method, let’s do it according to this method and tell them to sail to the nearest dangerous sea."
There are dangers in the vast sea, which are dozens of times more dangerous than those in millions of mountains. In some places, even the monks in Nuoxingjing have to be careful, otherwise they may lose their lives at any time.
At this time, another day has passed, and it is still sunny today. The sea surface in Wan Liyun is blue and the sea breeze seems to have warmed up a lot, which is not as cold as the previous winter.
"There are still two days when the sun star will come." Li Yan sat in the room and looked at the outside, thinking in his heart. That is to say, the day he will leave for the destiny star world. After all, it is far away from Crescent Bay and he must travel in one day.
At this time, Xu Youyu, who is meditating and practicing, is awake. Since she taught her to practice, she hasn’t seen her idle time. She has been practicing. At this time, she is already at the peak of practicing strength, and she can almost break through to practicing strength. However, Li Yan knows that although her body is full of qi and blood, she wants to practice qi and blood, but she hasn’t met the requirements yet. Because she hasn’t finished controlling her body qi and blood, when to control it depends on her talent.
"Xianggong, are you awake?" Xu Youyu smiled at Li Yan. "I’ll fetch water for you to wash your face." Then he quickly put on his shoes and ran out, and soon brought a basin of water.
"If you don’t wait on me like this," Li Yan was ashamed of herself and really sorry. This woman not only put her and her grandfather in danger, but also served herself like this.
Xu Youyu put his face down and put his head aside. "Does" xianggong "hate young fish? I know that my status is low and I don’t deserve it. Grandpa said that if it is a real husband and wife, I should hug each other and sleep with him every day, even if I don’t sleep with me, but I can still serve him …"
Chapter three hundred and thirteen A good thing never comes.
Xu Youyu finally couldn’t help sobbing like a girl who nobody wanted.
Li Yan is the first time to see a woman crying in front of her. It feels like she is a heinous villain. He quickly comforted, "Miss Xu, don’t cry. Can’t I just take it back?"
Xu Youyu still sobbed. She suddenly jumped into Li Yan’s arms. "Does" xianggong "want me and want to divorce me? Whoops! "
Li Yan suddenly sweated herself and she seemed to be clean. Why did she talk about divorcing her wife? But when he thought about it, he could still tell Xu Tie that ordinary people pay attention to their parents’ lives and matchmakers. Although there was no direct refusal, even the woman had already branded herself in her heart.
"It’s a difficult affair. It’s a romantic debt. Wait, it’s not right. I don’t seem to have a romantic relationship." Li Yan has a feeling that this romantic debt is a romantic debt, and it’s really speechless to say that it’s a romantic debt for this reason.
"Do you really want to take a concubine?" Li Yan looked at Xu Youyu’s idea of holding himself and crying, but it was a little far away.
However, the idea came up less. After thinking about it, this Xu Youyu may really become his own embarrassment. It seems that he has become a heart breaker in the middle.
Finally, Li Yan chose to compromise temporarily. "Okay, okay, don’t cry, I won’t stop. You can always do it."
Xu Youyu looked up with tears on his little face. "Really? Xianggong really won’t want young fish? "
"Well, the gentleman keeps his word." Li Yan nodded, but when he said this, he felt that he wanted to slap himself. Isn’t this a disguised admission of this ambiguous marriage?
"How can I explain this to Yuan Xiang when I get back?" He now feels sorry for another woman.
Xu Youyu wiped her face with tears and said, "Can the young fish continue to serve Xianggong?"
"This nature" Li Yan nodded his head, which completely failed to save himself and became a strange uncle, and it was still a kind of cajoling.
Xu Youyu immediately turned to laugh and cry and hugged Li Yan tightly. "Great, the young fish will do their best to take care of Xianggong and other young fish, and then they can help Xianggong kill pirates together."
Feel the soft and oppressive feeling in the two places on the chest. Li Yan didn’t notice that Xu Youyu was wearing a Chinese-style chest covering at this time. The petite figure suddenly revealed doubts because she had just cried. Her chest fell slightly and her breasts were able to bow their heads.
Unlike before, Li Yan was not embarrassed at this time, but could not help but want to feel more. This may be the reason why he no longer resisted.
"Isn’t it a little too small to take advantage of her? But Xu Tie seems to have promised his granddaughter to me, and it is normal to take advantage of it. Besides, there are many women in this world who are thirteen or fourteen years old. "Li Yan’s thoughts fell on that small chest."
Damn it, I still can’t resist Li Yan’s oath. I can’t help it, but it feels really soft
Xu Youyu blushed and whispered, "Xianggong ~!"
This seems to have become a catalyst. Li Yan’s heart welled up with a burning heat. He couldn’t help but reach into his Chinese-style chest covering and gently stroked the two places, which had risen a lot and were soft. At the same time, he also felt that Xu Youyu was getting hot and soft.
"How comfortable?" Li Yan hug her gently asked
Xu Youyu closed his eyes and his eyelashes trembled. "Hmm ~! It feels weird but hot. "
Li Yan can’t help but hesitate to get it when he sees this. Maybe he really wants to do something. He just didn’t hold back at the moment.
"xianggong!" Xu Youyu called Tan Zui and his eyes were blurred.
"Don’t waste a romantic hand when he is old." Li Yan did not hesitate to kiss that small mouth when he saw this, and soon he allowed the little woman to suck her mouth and possess and taste it.
Xu Youyu’s eyes suddenly widened and suddenly tightened, but soon he fell into a state of almost drunkenness and his bones became soft.
"Don’t" xianggong "want to have sex with me? It’s great that "xianggong" finally wants me. "Xu Youyu’s delicate body still resists being stroked by Li Yan, but I don’t know how many times it has been occupied, but that feeling has never happened before.
Drunk, fascinated, and thinking in a way
Li Yan also moved more and more, and his breathing was a little heavy. The big hand loosened the two bulges on his chest and extended to the skirt.
"melody nowadays ~!" Xu Youyu shivered and groaned. Her legs were closed and Li Yan’s hand was clamped.
Li Yan said softly, "Lovely pine". He didn’t dare to make great efforts to be afraid of hurting this delicate woman.
Xu Youyu gasped. She was very shy and slightly stretched her legs, but soon her body was like being hit and she couldn’t help shivering. Then her breathing became heavier and heavier, and at last she faintly groaned.
"Almost" Li Yan felt that the place was wet. He gently put the woman on the bed and then took off her Chinese-style chest covering and trousers to reveal a delicate body.
Xu Youyu is ashamed. She can have guessed what will happen next, and she is nervous and has many expectations at the same time.
""xianggong "will be very painful for the first time."
Li Yan nodded his head.
"That I endure" Xu Youyu nervously sipped his lips.
Li Yan touched her cheek fondly. Maybe there will be another woman in his life from today. He is not the kind of person who eats and wipes himself clean. Since he wants someone else, he should be responsible for others.
"Don’t regret being my woman? You know I’m a monk, and I go to stay in the rain in the wind. "
Xu Youyu shook his head. "I’ll go where the later" xianggong "goes and the young fish wants to be a" xianggong "woman."