"Buzz …"

After Dan suddenly lit up outside the heaven and absorbed part of the Armageddon, Chang Sheng looked at the second leader of the earth for a moment. His eyes were as big as two bells.
This …
After the second leader was struck by a lightning strike, his whole body turned into a pool of paste, and his head was only half left.
This power is an immortal one. When the strong man meets this flash, he is split into pieces. It is a question whether the second leader can have mana to restore his body now. It is estimated that anyone who comes casually to practice gas can put it out. Now the second leader’s robbery power is too strong!
Chang Sheng felt a twinge of fear when he saw the tragic appearance of the second leader, but it was the same as the second leader’s Armageddon. Fortunately, the chaotic egg blocked the Armageddon. If the chaotic egg could not stop this day, it would be no different from the second leader.
Just when I was thinking, there was another flash falling in the sky.
The second leader lay looking at the flash in the sky, and suddenly his heart tightened. This flash is too strong. It is not the kui that he will experience Armageddon when he enters the realm of Yin and Yang, but he can stop this second. If he wants to live, he can have an out-of-body experience.
Seeing that the flash is about to fall, the second leader will grind his teeth, and a soul will suddenly leave the body and float away in the distance.
The second flash falls directly to the second leader, who hasn’t come back yet. Even the brains can’t be found in the dissipation of the remaining half of the head. At this time, the soul of the second leader has drifted out of a distance!
"No, this old man wants to run!"
Chang Sheng controls the heaven outside Dan absorbed the second landing flash, and then suddenly found something strange in the air, and hurriedly controlled himself. Dan outside the heaven tried to escape from his soul out-of-body experience. At almost the same time, another loud noise came out in the sky, and a purple flash was thicker than the first two flashes, and the rapid landing was thunderous.
Flash, fall and instant, the soul of the second leader was completely annihilated.
"I rely on this too much!"
Chang Sheng looked at the Armageddon attack and couldn’t even find the slag. The second leader touched his head and sweated for a while before sighing.
"Ah … these two leaders are too useless to let the flash land three times before the old man absorbed the flash three times. This absorption is too little, which is far from the absorption of the flash when he was in Du Jie."
Chang Sheng sighed. I didn’t expect that Dan’s abnormal performance outside the heaven turned out to be a trigger for Armageddon to attack others.
It’s terrible to cause Armageddon, but the price is not low. It’s almost equal to nurturing and absorbing these three Armageddon roots in vain.
There seems to be a long-term precipitation in the face of the realm, which can impact and break through talents, which can cause natural disasters. It is still necessary to study it carefully.
But the black moon
Chang Sheng sneers at the fact that Dan Jiang, a Taoist priest, is so strong that he will still be afraid of the black moon. Now he will kill the black moon mountain himself and kill him directly. He will also rob them of all the black moon religions and let them deal with his aunt and ethereal mother! But I can’t do it directly when I see the black moon for a while. I just caused an Armageddon. I’m really tired. It’s not impossible to trigger another Armageddon, but it’s a big deal to trigger another Armageddon.
Although the Black Moon Sect is the most powerful sect in this country, there will surely be other masters who will attract them. At that time, the state will be in trouble
After arriving at Black Moon Mountain for a while, you still have to cultivate yourself first, and then try to deal with each other.
Black Moon Mountain, Black Moon Looking at it, it just appeared, and it disappeared in a short time, and there was a sneer at the flashing mouth.
"I really don’t know which guy is so weak that I want to break through the fight against Armageddon and die after three days of Armageddon!"
Chang Sheng packed up a treasure of the leader’s body and then returned to Black Moon Mountain alone.
No sooner had he returned to his yard than a congregation came to take him to the hall.
Black Moon Sect Hall looked at Dan Qian in front of him in the dark and hated his face, but revealed a smile. "Master Dan Qian is ready now, right? Can Dan medicine be refined?"
"Of course!" Chang Sheng nodded heavily. Although he hasn’t recovered yet, he has a way to make Fang Xianyun safely ill when refining Dan medicine for a while. Wait until he recovers and then trigger Armageddon to split this guy to death.
"Now that everything is ready, Master Dan Qian, please come with me." Black Moon raised her hand and led Chang Sheng away from the main hall to the top of Black Moon Mountain.
This road is very strange, and we rarely see guards. Even after we get to the top of the mountain, there are no guards at all.
Soon they reached the top of Black Moon Mountain.
Just after climbing the mountain, the whole top of the mountain is densely covered with stone pillars. These stone pillars look very old, and some of them have been peeled off.
Changsheng saw these stone pillars asking Gutian, Europe and America. "Ancient monty, these stone pillars are the Black Moon Sect Shoushan Grand Array. How powerful is it?"
"These stone pillars are the Great Array of the Black Moon Sect, but these are three arrays, and these three arrays are vaguely combined into a large array. This array is not weak."
Chang Chengwen nodded as the black moon continued to walk towards the front, but there was a stone house built here alone among several stone pillars.
Black Moon walked all the way through several stone pillars to the front of the stone house and raised my hand to make a complicated hand tactic. Only then did he raise his hand and gently buckle the stone house door tab for three times.
"Rumble …"
As the palm of black moon leaves the tab house, there is a rumbling sound, and Shimen automatically plays aside.
"All right, Master Dan Qian, please."
Black Moon walked into the stone house with one hand and one lead. Chang Sheng followed Dan Qian and stepped into it.
I just walked into the stone house, and the stone gate was like a long eye.
Chang Sheng looked up at the stone house. Although there was no window, it was bright. Inside the stone house, the roof was neatly arranged. These two rows of luminous stones gave off soft light.
On the other hand, the wall on one side is painted with some lifelike murals, but the style of murals is completely different from that of the Daqi Dynasty.
Chang Sheng’s heart was slightly stunned. Although he said that he was not a Daqi dynasty, this small overseas country was so close to the Daqi dynasty that it should be influenced by the Daqi dynasty. Why is this mural style so different from the Daqi dynasty?
After slightly one leng, Chang Sheng didn’t think much about following Black Moon through the long corridor and finally came to a room.
Just walked into the room and suddenly a heavy breath came into my ears.
Chang Sheng looked to one side in the direction of breathing, and suddenly a familiar and exquisite body came into view.
Fang Xianyun!
The line of sight of the Chinese xian non-success at this time lying down on a stone bed without a rope, but she was lying in bed with her eyes open and motionless, which obviously showed that she was banned.
Fang Xianyun lay in bed and watched the two men walk into the room with a sudden quiver in their hearts. One of the two men was the leader of the Black Moon. She knew this man, but another man who looked like he was in his fifties and sixties had never seen it before, and this man’s clothes were not taught by the Black Moon.
Everyone in the Black Moon Sect, even the body leader, must wear the Sect. This is the Black Moon Sect. Since its establishment, there have been rules. No one dares to violate that person’s failure to wear the Sect. Then there is one reason, that is, the other party is not a Black Moon Sect.
It’s not Black Moon who teaches people and is brought here by Black Moon alone. The identity of the other party is already very obvious. The other party must be Black Moon to find and refine himself into an adult Dandan teacher!
Rendan …
Fang Xianyun’s heart sank. Although she knew that she would be refined into an adult Dan sooner or later since she was caught, when the day really came, she suddenly found that she was so unwilling.
Just re-established a family with Chang Ganyi. Are you going to die?
I haven’t seen Dimly for a long time. Is she okay? Is Chang Sheng still as usual to the ethereal?