Lingren inadvertently explained, "When the ruins of Zhenhai Palace were unveiled, many monks from Terran joined hands to unveil the ruins of a falling floating mountain, which was a place in Zhenhai Palace that deified Taoism thousands of years ago. The major forces of Fushan gained many treasures, and even the achievement method of the true Xuanzong Ziyunzong deified period came from there."

Five people with a full face of shock, absolutely know what major secrets they have, but listen carefully to Lingren’s choice according to the anger in their hearts.
"At that time, the demon monks were mixed into the team, which made the demon clan gain the achievement method of deification. Otherwise, there would be no deification of the demon clan, and it was my Terran who had the final say."
Smell speech five people immediately reveal regret at the same time for those who defected to the demon terran monks more hatred.
"Because those monster beasts and demon families who came in not only obtained the achievement method of deification, but also reached the site of falling Fushan, and the relics of Zhenhai Palace revealed that those who came in monster beasts will inevitably gather towards the falling Fushan and continue to explore the falling Fushan."
To tell the truth, the Terran was in a hurry to explore the falling Fushan Mountain, except for the deity who inherited many relics outside the temple. This time, it will attract so many monks from the shemale to explore, and even if the exploration of Fushan Mountain is exhausted, many precious and extinct elixirs are worth going to.
"The demon monk is working together this time, but my Terran is very scattered. Even the location of Fushan Mountain is only known by individual Xianmen families. Lingmou is worried that it is far from the demon monk to get to the ruins of Fushan Mountain, so that the demon clan can take advantage of it and invite five Taoist friends to go together.
The five Taoist friends are the main force for our Terran to deal with the demon monks from time to time after the powerful monks went to the ruins of Fushan in the later period of Tsukiji.
And the ruins of Fushan used to be a deified Dojo. I wonder how much higher it is than the ruins of the monk’s cave in the then period, which will surely make five Taoist friends have a satisfactory harvest. I wonder if five Taoist friends would like to go to the ruins of Fushan? "
After listening to Ling Ren’s words, five people have long been enchanted, and this enchantment has already shown their faces.
"I’m waiting."
"Okay, I’ll wait for my peers."
As a result, seven people of Ling’s family and five Buddhist monks went to Fushan ruins together, and they successively met a medium-sized force, the Godsworn in the Foundation Period. This force came in, and three Godsworn in the Foundation Period have become like one. Now there are two people left who also expressed their willingness to go to Fushan ruins after listening to Ling Ren’s explanation.
In another group of scattered practitioners, there are three people, all of whom are monks in the late period of the foundation, and they are also willing to go to the ruins of Fushan with everyone.
Come in for scattered cultivation. Friars of different medium-sized forces laugh at the quota. How to transport this quota is up to each other’s own business, and each force often participates in the cultivation of immortals in the team. But these cultivation of immortals are often not high. For example, Cang Li Ling sent four cultivation of immortals. None of them are monks in the late stage of the foundation. The middle stage of the foundation is already the sky.
However, Sanxiu is different, because the implementation is to grab places, and all monks with enough power can get into Zhenhai Palace relics first. Almost all of them are in the process of Sanxiu, and the number of Sanxiu in the later period of the foundation is huge, which makes Sanxiu a huge force that cannot be ignored. Several Daxianmen families must firmly grasp Sanxiu to come to the demon monks to confront it.
On the way to the floating mountain, Cang Li Ling’s Cang Feng Yan met.
Sure enough, there are also wise people in Cangfeng Yanshi, who, like Cang Li Ling’s, announced the fall of Fushan along the way, attracting monks who met the forces of scattered practice to join, and also gathered a team of more than 20 people.
After the two family monks gathered together, they went on their way together. Lingren chose the leader of Yanshi. After some discussion, he decided to act in the name of a family and directly played the banner of family alliance.
As a result, the members of the family alliance and the monks gathered all the way. When they arrived at the ruins of the falling Fushan Mountain, one side of the family alliance had become a team that was not to be underestimated. Not only the members of the family alliance but also the family monks encountered scattered meditation all the way.
Before the arrival of the family alliance team, some forces have arrived, including the true Xuanzong Godsworn, the Ziyunzong Godsworn, the Riyuezong Godsworn, and so on. The family alliance is slow.
For fear of being attacked by demon monks and being broken one by one, the monks came to Fushan ruins to fight together and set up a camp at the foot of Fushan Mountain.
After the family alliance party set up camp, several major family leaders and monks got together.
Including Cang Feng Yan Yan Jun Cai Cang Li Ling Ren chooses Feng Gu Zhong Hui Ya Wei Sheng Qiu Shan Yang Yingyue Tian Hai Hong Wan Tong, a total of six monks in the late period of the foundation, except Ling Ren, the other five have fake Dan power, which is a great family. Zhenhai Palace trip is specially cultivated like Cang Li Ling Ling Ren Ba.
Although Ling Renxuan is not the strongest among the six people, it can be said that he is the weakest among the six people, but he is the oldest among the six people, and he was born in Cang Li, the bodhi old zu with a yuan baby sitting in the family. He is the first to do so, but Yan Juncai is a little young. The other four people are almost as handsome as him and don’t want to be lower. He has United Ling Renxuan around him.
Of course, this process is definitely not smooth sailing. Lingren has lived for 200 years and is almost like a human being. Naturally, there are unusual means.
Listen to him. "You are gathered here to discuss a few things. The first thing is to jointly deal with the demon race. Our family alliance must unite and never fight alone. Otherwise, a few monks are easy to be broken by the demon race one by one, but they are also United. We will not be underestimated by the true Xuanzong and Ziyunzong monks.
In addition, it is also very important to come with each family to repair the relics. We must also unite them and invite some Taoist friends to make it clear to each family and their own monks when they return home. We must never oppress people and let them leave Germany.
Especially those Taoist friends who have been practicing Buddhism, we have achieved today with the help of the family behind us, but those who have been practicing Buddhism have not. They have climbed step by step on their own.
And those who went into the ruins of Zhenhai Palace for scattered repairs were all killed from the scattered repairs on the base of the building. They are all outstanding people in the sea area. Once they get out alive, I don’t know how many real people will emerge. We will treat them equally. "
The five men nodded their heads and did not object to this. They knew in their hearts that those who were killed out of thousands of foundations were extraordinary people.
"In addition, after defeating the demon monk, each family will look for treasures separately. Lingmou hopes that it is time or time to share the interests. Don’t be stingy. All families are members of the family alliance. The Ministry should unite our opponents first, the demon monk, then the Ziyunzong gang, and finally, don’t scatter the ruins, the true Xuanzong, the artists, the Voldemort Sect and other forces."
Everyone nodded in agreement with the same meaning.
Speaking of which, five people have finished Lingren selection.
However, Lingren chose to hesitate for a while and then continued, "Five Taoist friends Lingmou still want to say one thing."
Smell speech five people slightly surprised soon restored calm YanJunCai way "LingDaoYou although say"
"How many Taoist friends feel that these foundations are scattered and repaired?"
Zhong Hui said, "Didn’t you say that a sea area was outstanding before Daoyou?"
Wei Shengdao said, "All of them are outstanding people in the sea area, but they also have strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion, there are many strengths and weaknesses in the scattered training."
At this time, Ling Ren chose, "What do you think of inviting five Taoist friends into the family alliance?"
Five people one leng YanJunCai way "family alliance members are cultivate immortality family"
Lingren chose to say, "Isn’t there a family order in the alliance? Although they are still single now, they can quickly establish a family of cultivating immortals after they succeed in going out."
"I think if they can join the league again, it will definitely make the league’s strength soar."
Seeing people strongly send a message to Ling Ren to choose the service road, "After several Taoist friends, we can carefully observe and look for a promising marriage and retreat, and then make friends and then disappear into the family alliance, which will surely be a great achievement."
A few people nodded but put the heart on it.
Chapter seven hundred and nineteen Three Demon Godsworn of Zunmu Search Department!
After another half month, several large forces of Beihai Terran finally arrived.
In order to deal with the demon monk, the true Xuanzong monk Ziyunzong led the representatives of the monks of the Daxianmen family to get together to discuss things.
There are dozens of Buddhist monks in the tent, most of whom have the ability of fake Dan.
Seeing that all the people are here, the true Xuanzong leader looked at all the people and said, "You Taoist friends have reached the order before entering the ruins of Zhenhai Palace. It is best to slay the demon family by killing more demon monks."
Because the demon monks brought in the second-order monster beast one-on-one situation, our Terran monks were no match. When we first entered the ruins, we suffered a lot. Many Taoist friends died tragically. Those demon monks brought in the second-order monster beast.
Although later we realized that we couldn’t kill a lot of demon monks who acted alone in the action of slowly gathering acquaintances, they also got together and we fought.
On the whole, we still suffered a big loss from the demon monk and had to report it. "
When he said this, the wind changed. "In addition, we can retreat. Here is the floating mountain. There are many magic weapons, treasures, inheritance and technology in the recent ancient times. If these things flow into the hands of the demon family, it will be a huge disaster for our terran. We must retreat and stop the demon brother from doing it. We must have a big war.
Well, the Taoist priests of the Great Immortals have been sincere in proclaiming the Fushan incident all the way, and invited many Taoist priests to fight side by side instead of being selfish in hiding the secrets of Fushan, so many Taoist priests have gathered here today to discuss such things as dealing with the demon monks, so thank them first. "
After all, not all people are so concerned about the overall situation, but there are also selfish people who not only don’t know about Fushan, but also try their best to hide Fushan. At this time, they naturally feel embarrassed when they hear that the true Xuanzong led the monks.
The leader of the true Xuanzong Sect sat in the leader of the Ziyun Sect and continued, "Today, you Taoist friends are gathered here, saying two things. First, it is reliable that there are demon monks in the camp."
When this was said, everyone was frightened.
"There’s a demon monk coming in!"