He is not going to artificially feed these creatures, but will release them into the mountains.

Once a day, natural gifts summon four large creatures, and it won’t take long to reach the limit of Qingyun Mountain.
Ling Qing has been immersed in observing the red-crowned crane for several days.
Constantly feel their wild energy, summarize their physical characteristics and behavior habits, and enrich the transformation template
On this day, Lingqing looked at the number of red-crowned cranes hovering in the sky.
In my heart, the wild energy condenses into a red-crowned crane, and its wings soar.
It is still the same as the first sika deer transformation in the zoo last year.
First, sing the mantra of the Great God while meditating and blessing yourself, and then outline the image of the red-crowned crane in your heart.
Then the wild energy is combined with the red-crowned crane, and suddenly an illusory light flashes.
Lingqing looked up and screamed at the neck to lengthen the black and white crane’s neck and lips to lengthen the gray crane’s beak.
"Boo ~ ~ ~"
A loud, clear, broad crane chimed from his mouth.
At the same time, his hands shook and a pair of white wings fluttered slightly.
When your feet leave the ground, a pair of long crane claws will be transformed.
"Hoo ~ Hoo ~ Hoo ~"
Lingqing flapped her wings and floated two or three meters away from the top of Gu.
By this time, he had finished a red-crowned crane.
He carefully realized the feeling of flying compared with the mastery of heaven.
This ability to fly with the flesh makes him feel more free.
The feeling of restraint really fascinated him.
"Boo ~ ~"
The flying red-crowned crane heard his call, circled around him, danced around him and whistled from time to time 3.
Only then can we see the difference between the change of spirit and green and the crane shape and the red-crowned crane
The appearance is almost black and white, and the top of the head is Dan Zhu.
But Lingqing is a little bigger than them.
He flapped his wings and soared into the sky, and at the same time a message came to his eyes.
"The character completes the wild transformation and the character template switches to the red-crowned crane"
"Template red-crowned crane
Life level 1
Power 12
Agile 19
Constitution 1
Perception 19
Charming 14
Skill claw strike and bite
Special ability, keen vision "
"One more time"
Someone in Shanling Village watched Lingqing dancing with several red-crowned cranes and couldn’t help saying 1.
"Yeah, I don’t know where he got it."
"Alas, have you found that the mountain behind has become beautiful since it was covered by Daqing?"
"Did you find me, too, or did I feel it myself?"
"I didn’t see what he did. Why is it different?"
"You tube he in your home when they didn’t let you suffer.
He’s capable now. Even the master often goes to his house. What else do you think? "
"Also …"
The villagers are not stupid, although they don’t know the specific situation, they will look at it with their eyes.
The spirit family of Qingyun Mountain and Qingshui Lake treated him in one breath.
Don’t say that Lingqing is different now.
Grandpa often comes to his house with a brainwave to recite scriptures and practice martial arts during a winter vacation. When others see him, it will make him feel better.
You know, grandpa, let alone Lingjia, there is no disrespect for him in the whole Lingcun.
Add Lingqing. On New Year’s Eve, the number of washing gas in Lingcun increases, which is auspicious.
Reflected in the actual situation is that some dark thoughts have been swept away.
But it doesn’t mean that everyone becomes a good person, but that he consciously gives up some of the most disgusting thoughts.
Ling Qing also knows everyone’s curiosity and some remarks, but he doesn’t care.
In the future, when the Taoist temple is completed, it is bound to hold a ceremony of light.
At that time, not only could people not help watching the ceremony, but they also had to send a notice to invite people to pay homage.
When the time comes, it is better to let people accept it imperceptibly.
Of course, when the Taoist temple is completed, it will be announced
After all, the Taoist temple of Lingqing is not a temple of incense
It’s too late to start construction early this morning.
But I was delayed by the incarnation of crane, and now I am satisfied. Naturally, I should make plans.
After a few days, Ling Qing learned several 4-ring spells and stabilized the druid professional level, so he couldn’t wait to upgrade again.