Yun Fan killed Cao Ketu, the elder outside the Da Luo Sect!

The elder outside the gate was killed by his newly registered brother, which is a joke and a shame for the Luo Sect!
Naturally, the Luo Sect did not expose itself, but blocked the news that Yun Fan was a rebel outside the Luo Sect.
True feelings, even Luo Paidi, rarely know other brothers, and naturally I don’t know.
Although they were both repaired in the late Yuan Dynasty, Lu Xin did not look down on Yun Fan.
Lu Xin is the genius brother of Xuanyue School and Yun Fan is the rebellious brother of Luo Feng School. When he rebelled from Luo Feng School, it was the condensate gas environment that was repaired. Even if it reached the late stage of returning to the Yuan Dynasty, Lu Xin seems that it was by virtue of adventure that martial arts accomplishments were forced to be improved, and the speed and strength must be improved. It should be the bottom in the late stage of returning to the Yuan Dynasty.
And he Liu Xin’s strength belongs to the late Yuan Dynasty, but he is a first-class expert. For ordinary fighters in the same realm, he has a crushing advantage, even if it is a choice, it is no problem.
Lu Xin said, "I don’t care if the Luo Sect wanted you to know less about your head, but the elder Cao Tianling of the Luo Sect got a very generous reward."
Yun Fan ha ha a smile "don’t even know that I’m wanted by the pick pie and dare to kill me? I really don’t know how little!
I killed Cao Tianling’s father, and Cao Ketu, the elder of the Luo Sect, was willing to pay a generous reward for my head. Lu Xin, do you still dare to kill me now? "
Lu Xin was unmoved and sneered, "You, a brother of the Luo Sect, can also kill the elders of the outer door? Haha … You and I will believe your crazy talk?
Take ten thousand steps back, even if what you say is true, it is not by our own strength, but by means of plotting against Cao Ketu. You have no chance to plot against me before Lu Xin. "
Said that Lu Xin suddenly jumped from his horse’s back, and in the blink of an eye, he hit several feet.
"Look at the palm!" Lu Xin drinks a lot! Ling took a palm to Yunfan.
Surging gas strength instantly from the sky cover pressure and see a hand print shot out with the size of a washbasin blink Yun Fan head.
The palm wind is as strong as a knife, and it seems that all the slaps are compressed together, which makes Yun Fan feel a sense of oppression.
Although Lu Xinxiu was in the late Yuan Dynasty, his strength was stronger than that of Yuecheng, the first strong man on the earth, and Yuemantang had it but not!
Tiger roar boxing!
Yun Fan rode on horseback and blew out a punch, and the wind stirred to form a loud roar.
This punch is as fierce as a tiger coming out of the gate.
An explosive washbasin was smashed by Yun Fan’s blow.
Yun Fan felt the impact of terrorist forces in the palm of his hand. Although he was in trouble, he couldn’t bear to sit on a black horse, but he was immediately crushed and groaned on his knees.
Hei Lin Ma’s four knees hit the ground and all the bones were broken and bloody.
Yun Fan was furious and jumped up from Heilin’s horse and drank "You want to die-!"
See Yun Fan could pick up his palm and ill Liu Xin look slightly stunned.
At the moment Liu Xin is falling from the sky and drinking, "Death is you! Pick me up and wave the sky! "
Lu Xin cast a unique skill and made nine palms in a blink of an eye by falling from the sky.
The combination of nine palms condenses into a palm print, but it contains nine forces, one is better than the other, and the other is a remake to Yunfan.
Tigers roar and roar!
Yun Fan used the tiger’s roaring fist to repeatedly punch a fist, which was like a tiger impacting the palm strength of the nine palms in one.
This handprint is amazingly powerful. Yun Fan’s punches were smashed by the handprint.
The palm print fell from the sky and it was unstoppable!
Lu Xin’s face welled up with a smile, but his eyes were full of murder and he shouted, "Die for me!"
Yun Fan was so shocked by the powerful anti-seismic force that he stepped back several times to see that this palm print split was about to hit Yun Fan’s body. Suddenly, Yun Fan broke out in a terrible power.
Yun Fan, the martial art of tiger roaring, exerted its ultimate power and broke out completely.
Vigorous gas obviously forms a tiger. Yun Fan’s body is in harmony. Yun Fan stands upright like a tiger. Both hands and feet are like a tiger possessed by Tiger Claw.
"Death is you!"
When Yun Fan roars like a tiger, there are ripples in the mountains and forests.
Seeing that Yun Fan punched like a huge Tiger Claw, the palm print of the nine palms was instantly shattered.
The moments of Yun Fan and attack the second punch!
The fist was transformed into a pentium tiger in vitro and rushed to Lu Xin vividly.
Lu Xin’s face changed greatly and he exclaimed, "Wushu skills?"
He hurriedly put his palm to good use to resist the fierce strength, but it was unable to stop Yun Fan’s punch!
The tiger fist smashed Lu Xin’s defensive impact and Lu Xin disappeared.
In a flash, Lu Xin’s back clothes exploded to reveal a blood-red fist print.
Lu Xin spit out a blood arrow, and his body regressed and suffered heavy losses. He looked frightened!
"Give me another punch!"
Yun Fan acoustics is attacked by the third punch from far and near.