The last brother’s words resonated with everyone.

They can only believe that all this is true if they see it with their own eyes.
"Hehe, don’t worry."
Lin Tianchen raised his glass with a wave of his hand and a bright eye. "Let’s have a good drink today, and you can see the trace!"
Chapter 517 Gas Penetrating Stars Blast Breaking Stars
Chapter 517 Gas Penetrating Stars Blast Breaking Stars
A loud noise
Like a comet hitting the ground, the whole hall trembled wildly.
While sleeping, Ding Zhiyuan and a dozen younger brothers were awakened. They rubbed their sleepy eyes and looked around blankly. They didn’t know what had happened. They wanted to ask someone, only to find that Lin Tianchen and Huang Zhen had lost sight and didn’t know where they had gone.
"What’s the matter?"
"What happened? Could it be that the ground collapsed?"
"Where did Ringo and Huang Ge go?"
Many younger brothers are still sober, rubbing their heads and asking questions.
Only Ding Zhiyuan remembered what Lin Tianchen said yesterday and made a tingle. "Is this what Ringo said yesterday?"
"What are we waiting for? Why don’t we go out and have a look?"
The brothers in the hall woke up in an instant, and they scrambled to get up and crowded toward the gate.
Ding Zhiyuan, who was away from the main hall, found that the whole peak was a mess.
Several extreme peak brothers were full of excitement, and they exclaimed while rushing towards the extreme peak like a flood.
"What happened?"
Zhi-yuan ding took a familiar brother doubt asked.
"Miracles will be miracles!"
The younger brother was so excited that he couldn’t speak clearly. "A comet just fell from the sky to the peak, and everyone guessed that the gods cared for our peak and caused miracles."
Before the younger brother finished speaking, a comet fell again, dragging its long trail to the extreme peak.
There was a loud noise, and the peak was crashing and shaking.
Fortunately, the extremely high peak is deeply rooted. If it were his peak, I’m afraid it would be chiseled through by a comet.
"What is this?"
Ding Zhiyuan secretly stunned the sky and the stars fell from the sky. This is a very common thing. However, it is too weird to hit the peak without bias. And there are more than one or two comets. He has seen seven since he came out of the hall.
Is it really a miracle?
At this moment, a thorough chill suddenly rose in Ding Zhiyuan’s heart.
Seeing a concise horse’s mana soaring into the sky, he burst into anger and pointed out that the sky suddenly shone at night and the stars shook uneasily, as if more than ten comets had fallen from the sky by being split by the essence.
"This is …"
Ding Zhiyuan’s heart was horrified and his face turned crazy. He couldn’t help shouting, "The stars burst into stars!"
Who is it?
Who the hell is it?
Ding Zhiyuan’s mind wavered and he could hardly help himself.
Being able to practice mana to the extreme and rush to the stars for nine days is something that can only be done by refining God’s power. If you want to break the stars with your breath, you must be a master of refining God’s five layers to master the collar.
However, there is no expert in refining God’s condition in the whole extreme peak root!
"Is it Li Xuandao?"
Ding Zhiyuan swallowed saliva. He had seen Li Xuandao far away and clearly saw that Li Xuandao had six layers of strength as a saint, but if Li Xuandao could burst through the stars, he would never doubt it.
With Li Xuandao’s ability to shake off a demigod’s face, Li Xuandao has this strength
Comets descended from the sky and fell to the top of the pole, causing smoke all over the sky.
For a long time, after ninety-nine comets fell, the polar peak no longer had mana, and the turbulent night seemed to be completely quiet, and the moonlight dimmed and the stars shone.
"Ninety-nine stars!"
"I’m afraid the peak has already been smashed?"
"What does the first one want to do?"
Everyone is in a good mood and really wants to go to the peak to see what Li Xuandao is doing with such a big noise.
However, the extreme peak is covered by dust, so that they can’t see the scene at all. Plus, no one dares to break into the extreme peak without Li Xuandao’s permission, otherwise it would be a death sentence.
They dare not go in and are unwilling to leave, so they look up and watch.
Until it was getting dark, when everyone could hardly hold on to it, a leisurely sound seemed to drop slightly from nine days, but it was clearly handed to everyone’s ear.
"Now the polar stone tablet has been refined into a peak, and the younger brother can watch it at will."
There was a gust of wind at the sound, and the smoke from the top of the peak finally dispersed.
They rushed to the top of the mountain as if there were any treasures there that would be taken away by others if they were slow down.
Rushing to the top of the mountain appeared in front of a group of stone tablets.
Each of these stone tablets is seven meters high, and the whole body is dark and solemn, so people can’t help but lower their voices. Pieces of stone tablets flash with hazy light and cover up their faces.
If you count carefully, you can find that the number of stone tablets and falling comets here is exactly ninety-nine
"What are these stone inscriptions?"
Ding Zhiyuan walked to a nearby stone tablet. Although most of the stone tablet was covered by hazy light, there were still some handwriting exposed.
Three magical powers to escape from the earth
The Great Five Elements Escape Method-You can freely shuttle through the earth. The mystery of poverty requires 30 points of contribution to exchange.
"This is … avatar!"
Zhi-yuan Ding screamed with excitement, as Lin Tianchen said. Li Xuandao found 991 kinds of magical powers.
These magical powers are high or low, and the contribution required for each magical power exchange is also very different. The remaining ten stone tablets are panacea magic weapons, magic weapons and other exchange places. You should be able to think that it seems that everything can be exchanged here.
To Ding Zhiyuan’s surprise, however, most of the magical powers of Taibai Sword Sect are related to fencing. However, the magical powers awarded by Li Xuandao are not like this. Although most magical powers are related to fencing, there are many other types of magical powers.
For example, before him, there is no root and fencing in this soil evasion technique.
"This is a garbage avatar. How can you get a sword to kill the enemy thousands of miles away without a place?"
Seeing Ding Zhiyuan staring at the stone tablet, there is a brother who is kind.
However, Ding Zhiyuan doesn’t think so. Although the soil escape technique doesn’t have gorgeous appearance and powerful ability, it’s the only magical power to escape, and if you hide from the soil and sneak attack, it’s impossible to prevent!
Ding Zhiyuan secretly made up his mind to earn a good contribution for this type of avatar.
Chapter 51 Law Dacheng!
Chapter 51 Law Dacheng!
"The first adult was as you expected. The appearance of the polar stone tablet greatly inspired the enthusiasm of the polar brothers. Now the 27-seat array tower foundation has been constructed and can be put into use in two hours."
Li Xuandao, sitting in a big chair, listened to Lin Tianchen’s narrative.
"Very good"
Li Xuandao nodded with a smile on his mouth, and his right hand was the size of a finger.