Thirteen put chopsticks slowly and stared at them with awe. Their hands naturally fell to the table and I don’t know if I touched the weapon and prepared to open it. Wang Xi was startled at first, and then his face relaxed a lot, revealing a playful expression; Sang Yu’s eyes drooped slightly and he didn’t speak. One of the chopsticks in his hand poked a mushroom and it was terrible. Finally, even the iron pit cargo raised its head, showing a rare solidarity-ya stretched out his hand and touched the empty chair next to it, and the posture was always ready to swing it up and hit it …

Out of the corner of his eye, Zhang Xu’s face was a little surprised. Zhang opened his mouth to say something, but his eyes suddenly swept away, and his voice didn’t come out-I don’t want to know that it was Master Ma Ben who gave him something! Because the horse master didn’t lift his head but put his hand on his face …
Hum! Deliberately difficult for me? You are really young!
"What am I doing?" I slowly picked up a piece of meat and stared at it. "Did your master ever teach you to live in a shop where others pay for food and not to say what you want, but at least you should have respect?" At this time, I looked up and stared at Chen Yang’s face. "What’s the matter with you grabbing chicken wings from me?"
"Is it extremely rich?" Chen Yang blushed. "I can’t help you …"
"Can’t you live?" I don’t wait for him to speak directly to interrupt "since you are so awesome, don’t be an eyesore here!" ā! You’re rare. You hang out with the old man, eat and drink, and throw your face? -get out of here
"You …" Ya face a change to say something "you don’t …"
I immediately waved to stop "don’t say anything-chicanery is to want to stay here and don’t want to go here directly, and don’t explain anything-remember that this is Wang Xibao’s department, and it’s all out of the Wangs! For the time being, this is our place, and there is enough reason for you to get out of here
"What Liu Ge says is what" Wang Xi is lazy to comment "Anyway, I listened to Liu Ge directly spilling this guy just now because of those anger, and especially deliberately revealing a so-called sample that almost didn’t grieve the goods!
But he couldn’t-this sentence was so consistent with the facts, and I couldn’t find a word to say it at the moment!
"Your desk suddenly shook up, and the goods were angry to the extreme, so it happened that there was something to say." Just go and talk, push this stool back and turn around and walk.
"Have ambition! Remember, don’t come back when you leave. I said, "God, just go back directly-wipe the big ye. I’m really fucking a lot of people." Hum "gently in my nose. I picked up the chopsticks next to me and sent them to the Sang Yu bowl." It’s good to try this. "I’ll never see them again.
The lethality of this sentence is obviously huge, and the two goods immediately pestle it-it’s not awkward to go forward or retreat, but it’s better than not knowing what to do … "Stay well, when you get here, the master Ma Ben finally spoke angrily." You are so rude! Today, when we come here with Xiao Liu to handle a case, we should strictly abide by our points and obey your orders. What did you just do? -Greedy and forget about it. Do you still have me as an elder in your eyes? "
Master Ma Ben said more and more angrily, and the two goods were ashamed and bowed their heads. If I hadn’t seen Ya stop Zhang Xu from talking just now, I would have been fooled-my heart suddenly changed the word’ Master Ma’ to’ this goods’.
This cargo immediately changed the crime of "insulting my face and deliberately provoking" to "delicious greed and getting carried away". "You two get into the room and never come out without my permission-hum! I’m here to teach you a lesson
With these two craters, he turned his face. "It’s rude, Xiao Liu. We disciples are too stubborn and make public to do something. It’s simply outrageous-I’ll take them to apologize to you. I hope you, Zhuge Jia and our Zhang family, will come and make good copies and forgive this time?"
He did all the work and dragged the matter to himself. With a senior class as my master, there is absolutely no reason for me to refuse. Even if the matter is revealed, I am not saving the lamp. To be honest, I still have a pain in my flesh!
Because the zhangs’ highway crossing all the way is my fault … Damn it!
"Master Ma, since you have spoken this, I must give it. I just don’t know how Master Ma is going to punish these two children?" Since you flatter me to call the two children, I will follow the lead. "I heard that your Zhang family rules have always been strict and I don’t know if it’s true or not-would you mind telling me?"
"Er …" He deliberately met such a cheeky person for the first time and asked directly at the beginning of this question, but he didn’t think about it, and he didn’t have a center when he spoke. "Ah, punishment must … punish them for amenorrhea … and copy … and, by the way, open the way when Tianshan Mountain opens …"
I just said, "Are you Japanese?"
"It’s not a matter of being Japanese, it’s that they will be punished for breaking the rules …" He said, and my eyes suddenly turned white. "Er, I understand Japanese."
At this time, it’s like a duet. I have to wait for someone to pick me up. Sang Yu Wang Xi XIII doesn’t expect me to stare at the iron directly and make an expression of eyes … "Then it’s good that you are Japanese." Iron really understood my meaning and immediately spoke. "You just have to be Japanese-by the way, send these two goods back after you are Japanese …" Naked and straightforward did not explain anything, and Master Ma’s face immediately became a bit awkward.
Before I grabbed his mouth, the horse began to complain about iron. "Hey, iron, why did you say this?" Who is Master Ma? There is a famous master in Maoshan, you, he will cover up his brother’s mistakes, not punish him, not reward him for his merits, and he has been ignorant of us. -that can’t be said. I also smiled at Master Ma and showed a sunny June face. "Right?"
Can you say it is wrong? At this time, Master Ma can squeeze out a smile and nod repeatedly.
Iron stiff neck looked up that face is not "then why not tell us how to punish?" He pointed to me, "This matter has offended you, so you have to be Japanese, but Master Ma can be Japanese himself-what does that mean?"
All right, it’s said that this Master Ma would be a fool if he didn’t make it white. Then he suddenly realized that he was selfish and complained, "Oh, I’m so old. I forgot all about this-Xiao Liu, tell me how to punish him?" Talking also took a chest "you said my old man must do it for you.
Hey, hey, hey, my heart suddenly became happy.
Section three hundred and thirty-three Flying contingency
If Master Ma had dealt with me before, he would never dare to say this. It is estimated that when he said this, he didn’t guess what kind of dirty tricks I would make-I widened my eyes and prevaricated, "No, no, it’s not appropriate."
In this way, he insisted, "You’re welcome, Xiao Liu, I can do it if you want to say it-these two rabbits should be educated well, and then they should not be arrogant?"
"Do you have to?"
"Must be.
"Anything will do?"
"Anything will do.
"Well, then I told you-tell these two goods to settle this time, and then give the gas money back and forth, and let them package all the night shifts from today until we return to Chengdu." After thinking, I added that "every meal must have meat to eat.
Many people think that I don’t care about this because I think that money is the so-called truth. You are wrong-from what I know, my brother didn’t have much money before he started his career, but they didn’t spend more than two or three thousand yuan a month at most, but this time he has spent nearly ten thousand yuan, and it is estimated that he will have to spend another twenty or thirty thousand yuan later-in this case, it is the biggest and most malicious way to deal with it, not to mention that there is a hard night!
How cold it is at night in the mountains!
Master Ma never guessed that I would be so cruel. I don’t know how many sentences I scolded in my heart, but I still have a smile on my face. "Uh, this thing …"
"Do you think Master Ma will go back on his word?" The iron next to him pretended to ask Wang Xi, "Did you just say something like fart and deny it?" "I don’t know," Wang Xi smiled twice. "This person-it is reasonable to say that the master has to be proud?" It’s so quiet and sneaky that everyone in the department can hear it …
Do you think Master Ma still has a way out? His tone suddenly changed "… absolutely no problem.
Suddenly, the room is full of murderous look. If no one else has iron, the two guys can eat ya without soy sauce-of course, if I am the same, but the difference is that I seem to be more difficult to eat!
We were still happy at that time, especially when the iron Buddha bone protector buried his head on the desktop after seeing the murderous look. Pants shook his shoulders hard and smoked while covering his mouth. It was getting lower and lower … I don’t know if he put his head in his crotch!
This is just an episode. At that time, all of us here didn’t think that it was this little thing that actually saved our lives!
When Master Ma handled the two goods with black hands, we were quiet and began to really eat this meal-three people were missing from the table, so there were more meals. I just wanted to say whether to leave some for them. Zhang Xu took out several large bowls from the back, filled the rice as high as the mountain, and then pulled some noodles.
See me, he Zhang Xu smiled slightly. "If you are wrong, you should punish me. It’s absolutely fine. But Liu Dage, you didn’t say you wanted them to go hungry just now-it’s not that I’ll leave some for them to eat later. I’ll act together one day. I’m hungry, but I’m exhausted.
"I don’t care if I have the physical strength." Iron has been known for his smelly mouth recently. Whoever catches a bite just now will continue to vomit if he doesn’t see the murderous look. But when he sees my bad eyes, he immediately changes his eyes. "… you can get it if you like, and I won’t intervene anyway …"
I snapped a piece of fat chicken breast and threw it in a bowl and scolded, "Why don’t you give an old man a meal and whine less?" -Nothing, nothing, just pretend … Come on, take more meat and order more food. Only when you are full can you have physical strength, right? It’s still pointing to their post at night. "
"Ok," Zhang Xu said, and took the order again. But at this time, next to Thirteen, he said, "Why do two men have to be so physically strong at night?"
First, I was stunned, and then I came to my senses. A group of people were overjoyed-I didn’t expect thirteen to have such a sharp spit!
After dinner, I went back to my room and began to sleep. Wang Xi, the cargo, wanted to live in the same room with me anyway. First, when the boat fell and the root cause came, he came to my room to cat. I don’t know if he thought I was safe here. Iron is very tacit understanding and thirteen live in a house-I don’t know if Wang Xi has a brain pumping thirteen. That’s a big uncle in the future. This is an artifact that can have a chance to close the distance. Then it’s not leverage with Qiaoyun.
I despised the goods in my heart, but I didn’t say anything. The main reason was that I was really tired today. I just took a shower and went to bed. When I came from the noodle restaurant, everyone was listless. I guess everyone was tired and didn’t have the heart to discuss any plans. Let’s wash and sleep early!
I’m sleeping happily. I don’t know why there are always sounds in my ears. I don’t know how to wake up. I just looked up one day and just showed a fish-belly grey. I threw my head on the pillow without saying anything in my dream, but it’s not right … I woke up and I can still hear Nima’s dream. The pause button has also been added. Do you want to continue or not?
Now that I can’t sleep, I sit up. I just sat through the bed and opened the window. Hey, that sound outside is really lively! Crying, screaming, pretending to be forced, and a few big men with gunpowder smoking cigarettes next to them!
The shopkeeper is touching out from the room, wielding a gun with his back. "Let’s go and join a group of people and go with them immediately."
As soon as my interest came, how early did you say it was at five or six? It’s not so early to hunt in the mountains, is it? Second, there is absolutely no such scene of heartbreak in hunting. Men pretend to be cool and hold guns, and women gather around to comfort others-it sounds a bit like it!
Who can guarantee that this matter has nothing to do with our trip?
Grab a pair of pants casually and I rushed downstairs. The proprietress just came in and grabbed it and asked, "What happened?"
I was scared to death by this rush. I almost threw my kettle in my face. When she woke up, she looked embarrassed, but she still pretended to be "nothing?" What can happen to our backcountry? Ha ha ha ha "is more like a fake …
"Are you kidding me? I kept going straight through the door of the main room and pointed out." Crying and crying makes a lot of people okay? Wife of shop-owner, don’t fool me. If you have anything here, don’t tell me that there is something wrong with our trip … Hum, it’s hard to guarantee that I won’t smash your store then.
"No, it’s really not …" The boss’s wife saw that our cars were not cheap at all, and she probably guessed that we were not simple, but she didn’t know anything, just didn’t say anything, but also covered up that "it was just a little help."
"Why are you crying?"
"She and her man left and they went to give a ride." The proprietress went to the door and looked up. Those people had already gone a little far, so she squeezed out a smile. "This is what we are used to doing to help."
At that time, I was a sophomore. Later, I found out that I didn’t call us tourists when I booked the villa. Then they naturally treated us as tourists. Since we are tourists, many things can’t be said. If I guess something is wrong, then these people are naturally afraid that we will know-do you think that if there is something wrong with the tourist destination, ordinary tourists can’t leave quickly? Then who do they earn money from?
You can pretend not to be surprised! Then I suddenly realized, "Oh, it’s just a custom …" "Yes, it’s our custom." When the proprietress saw that I didn’t ask, she quickly followed the words, "Nothing is really nothing … Oh, you and I almost forgot to steam steamed buns.
"It’s okay, you go and get busy. I got up and went back to the toilet."
The proprietress walked across the hall to the back kitchen, and I started the building. As soon as I reached the corner, I saw Sang Yu leaning against the wall. "Did you ask anything?"
I don’t know how long it has been here …
She was woken up by asking about her feelings casually-but to be honest, Sang Yu moved much faster than me. Although she came out late, the dress was neatly buttoned and the collar was not turned over. Even some small accessories and folds should be done. It’s not like me to wear pants and expose six abdominal muscles.
Simply telling Sang Yu that she had an idea, "Five Ghosts will follow, and we are not allowed to go without us?"
"Ok, let’s get it, and I’ll put on my clothes by the way." It’s so cold in the early morning in this mountainous area. I didn’t feel anything just now, but it was so cold after I stayed for a while. "I really can’t stand my dressing. Remember to get everything ready by the way."
When I entered the room, I put on my clothes and put on my clothes. I didn’t wake up from the pit of Qi Wangxi’s goods. I was still heartless and fast asleep-I quickly touched Sang Yu’s room and the smoke was white!
Others stopped shouting, and Sang Yu and I went out directly and followed.
The Five Ghosts are quite reliable in handling affairs. We didn’t go far when a report came back, saying that we were listening to their conversation. It seems that someone died outside and died a little strangely-he came back to show us the way.
Gradually, we walked out of the town, and the five ghosts also changed their shifts to lead the way. It was Sangui, who was familiar with it. There was nothing to worry about, so he began to talk to me and told me what it sounded like. It suddenly appeared in front of us like a mirror-in a word, a story called Mao Jiahao’s fat wild death!