The sword shadow keeps bombarding the one who is in the end. In this crazy attack, the bloody light curtain keeps rippling, and with the ripples, the color of the light curtain is fading rapidly. I’m afraid it won’t be long before the light curtain will disappear completely.

Yuan Ye, what do you really want? Although you are under the protection of the light curtain, Yuan Ye is still frightened by the continuous bombing of Chunyuntai. Where is the arrogance of killing people before? This is the same as being in a solid fortress, but the bombs in the sky are constantly dropping and exploding around, and the sound of landslides is deafening. The fortress will break at any time. People who listen to this loud noise feel the landslides and vibrations without fear.
Call also some arm numbness Yuan Ye suddenly stopped thinking, I think about your asura treasures. I really don’t like shura heart. I want you to have two things. The first is shura heart. Give me your shura heart.
Ok, I gave me more than 2,000 rings and many other treasures. I will give them to you. Let’s pretend that we have never seen them, and we have almost no hesitation. Chun Yutai directly threw away his ring and directly contacted the blood to confess the Lord.
Well, it’s good. Yuan Ye is extremely satisfied with her mouth, but her smile is evil. The second thing I want is that you gave me your life. Even if we haven’t met today.
Bastard, you’re playing with me again. Chunyutai suddenly vomited one mouthful blood, almost crushing her teeth. Yuan Ye, I’m already angry with you. Don’t leave me alone. I won’t let you go if I’m a ghost.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m taking a rest and chatting with you. It’s no fun. After you die, this ring is still mine. I never want my enemy to live safely, especially when I have a chance to kill him. Yuan Ye once again raised Crimson Lotus sword.
Continue bombardment
After about half an hour of bombardment, the color in the screen almost became more transparent than all the cracks. Yuan Ye was also preparing for the final sprint, but at this moment.
Bold thieves dare to shake the sound of the protoss with their own hands at the same time
Poop, poop, poop.
Thousands of golden sword shadows fall from the sky, and the firm but gentle waves are vertical and horizontal in heaven and earth. Yuan Ye is surrounded by sword shadows and attacks places, including Yuan Ye’s roots.
Boom Yuan Ye and other dozens of people set up a large array, which turned out to be a moment of resistance, and was broken by the golden sword shadow all over the sky. People all felt that their chests were severely bombarded with the slightest sign and vomited one mouthful blood, and then the firm but gentle wave all over the sky enveloped a battlefield, which covered the range. When twelve masters of a star domain were seriously injured and left the attack, the two domain masters died directly, which showed that the attack power was strong and the mastery of strength was staggering.
Back to the "world" was also seriously injured by the sword shadow attack. Yuan Ye drank a lot and instantly disappeared. Because of the disposal, these people are not far from Yuan Ye. Otherwise, I’m afraid the root method will make people feel old. Chapter 1545 The blue is old.
It’s horrible. People’s strength is simply strong enough to explain the law.
Chunyutai, I’ll accept your ring. The old horse will leave this hellhole. I don’t care if you die. Haha, haha, Yuan Ye laughed and disappeared directly into the battlefield.
I feel that I have never suffered such a great humiliation in my life. Chunyutai’s eyes are black and her heart hurts and she fainted.
See the adult world to see whether Yuan Ye came to close his eyes and heal or discuss whether the process of World War I was greeted with everyone, including Meng You Hou Yu. Although several people were seriously injured, at this time they finally realized that all the domain owners who were attacked by Yuan Ye were willing to become his hands without a backbone. Don’t say that killing the god Sun Yuanye is to let them kill his own father.
Ye is also these people nodded immediately face heavy way in the future what is the golden dress person?
My Lord, that’s the ruler Lu Tiankui. It’s the nearest ruler from here, but even this is less. Wan Li didn’t expect that he would come here. Gu Beicheng immediately devoted himself to the Asura world, so there are more than a dozen rulers, each of whom is admired by ten thousand people. Five people don’t know, especially these four star domains. The distance from the ruler is one realm away, which is more clear.
It was Chunyutai who ordered someone to go. He sent someone to the other side as soon as you entered here. Meng You, the master of the four star fields, was also a light path. Chunyutai was his master before the Feng Shui rotation, but now it is Yuan Ye.
I didn’t expect Chun Yutai to be so small and still be very bloody, but it’s really extraordinary that just the ruler wants to break my world. Yuan Ye can’t help but sneer at your healing here. I’m just waiting for the so-called gods to come to this world and whether they can stop the gods from attacking me. I’m not sure if I can try today. When I get to Wanzun Star, I will be arrogant and can’t be honest.
Testing Yuan Ye is preparing to test the strength of Mijie this time. This is a rare opportunity. After all, it is only a success in testing Mijie on Wanzunxing. Once it fails, Mijie will be doomed to die. But even if you can’t stop yourself here, you can instantly fuse. Finally, Shura’s heart will not be dangerous from here, so it is a pleasure to test Yuan Ye without danger.
Lu Tiankui, the ruler of the "out-of-bounds", fainted with anger. Chunyutai woke up and looked pale and empty.
You are quick to look for him, baby, but the sand and dust particles can be turned into magic. Find him and kill him for me. Chunyutai almost screamed.
Such a treasure, Lu Tiancheng, looked around with a dignified face, but even if the sand turns into sand, it is absolutely different. I will look at this treasure.
Lu Tianju’s face changed, and his hands suddenly showed off. Fiona Fang, the center of Lu Tianju, entered the range of Lu Tianju’s senses. In this sense, Lu Tianju clearly felt that it was a clay sand.
Even if it turns into sand, it is impossible for the real sand to be exactly the same. Lu Tiankui’s face is livid and the spirit is filled. Every grain of sand is spared, and every grass is carefully analyzed and ruled out.
After an analysis, I didn’t find that Yuan Ye, Lu Tian, turned pale, because every inch of the earth didn’t know how many dust particles influenced each other. This analysis must achieve a very high understanding of heaven, and at the same time, this analysis doesn’t know how many hundreds of millions of dust particles are terrible for people’s mental consumption.
After analyzing twice, I still didn’t find Lu Tiankui’s face as white as paper.
Analysis of the third time, Lu Tiancheng’s face suddenly turned red and forced her to swallow one mouthful blood into her stomach.
How can you not find the impossible treasure? Even I can’t find Lu Tiankui. His body is full of violent energy and his eyes are full of anger. What is this treasure?
Lu Tiankui, you must find him for me. Chunyutai is also in a hurry at this time. To tell the truth, he is really surprised that Yuan Ye’s baby can’t even find you or even find you. So even if you find it, how big is the chance to break?
You shut up and get angry. Lu Tiankui suddenly drank heavily. What happened to the God Sun? He ruled the Lord Lu Tiankui without looking at Chunyutai’s face. The God can command him.
And hear Lu Tiancheng huffing at Chunyutai, and suddenly his face was livid, but it was forced to swallow this anger.
This treasure is absolutely unusual. I must tell the God’s adult, or I will die if the God’s adult comes after me in the future. After all, the Ashura world is the God’s world. Did I get this treasure to get killed or did I ask the God’s adult for a reward?
Not long after, a dark-faced old man suddenly appeared in front of Mrs. Lu Tianju, a surname of Chunyu, and now the wind from heaven and earth is gathering around him. This is not his intention, but his strength will resonate with heaven and earth after reaching a certain level. To achieve this resonance, your strength must reach a level of ordinary people’s understanding.
Old in a blue gown with gray hair and a red birthmark between the eyebrows is very eye-catching.
Lv Tiankui, you said it to me, but it’s really old. A dull but dignified sound is ringing.
It’s none of your business. Chunyu Taigang wanted to talk, but he was directly interrupted by the old man. Suddenly Chunyu Taigang moved and dared not say another word.