Blame the fire evil spirit for desperately pursuing this man. If his fire magic power gains the spirit of thunder and fire dragon again, it will certainly add to the strength. People in this world can’t stop it.

This Meng Fei is really a great opportunity.
Several uniting secretly staggering eyes gathered 500 zhangs thunder dragon body is through hot fear.
The demon clan’s first of the four emperors, King Jin Jiao, and the first San Xuan, the ghost snake king’s eyes, used the hot root method to conceal that these two beautiful demon objects are all dragon veins. If they can devour this thunder dragon spirit, they will certainly gain great benefits, but it is also possible for them to evolve into real dragons in the future.
At that time, the look in the eyes of the two monsters was uncertain, and it was obvious that each of them had his own calculations.
However, this time, in addition to paying attention to the spirit of thunder and fire dragon, there are still many practitioners who will focus their attention on the killing breath. This killing breath is the manifestation of two great powers in the late period of metamorphosis, but this time it turned out to be a direct breakup in front of that Meng Fei. It is very strange
Killing gas is the result of an war. How can it be easily broken up by uniting and practicing a whole body of Shaqi?
If this Meng Fei hadn’t cultivated some kind of powerful killing avatar, he would have held treasure if he could abruptly suppress and disperse the killing gas body, otherwise he would never be in the present situation.
It is more likely that this Meng Fei’s murderous dew in vitro obviously depends on the treasure power
If you can get this treasure.
At that time, a lot of magic giants killed evil demon strong ShaQi rising in my heart.
It should be noted that the more people kill, the stronger the killing gas will be, and the more severe the test will be on the cultivation body. If you can’t bear it, you will be attacked by the killing gas, and your mind will dissipate and you will kill monsters.
However, it can be suppressed, and the danger of killing is no longer there.
Meng Fei appeared to break the chaos first, then disperse the thunder and fire clouds, and then kill the gas, which showed his great power, but also exposed his many cards and secrets, which attracted several practitioners to covet and secretly create malicious calculations
But this time Meng Fei even noticed it, but his heart smiled coldly and didn’t put it in his eyes. Today, since he has a bright hand, he is full of confidence. If anyone dares to hand, he won’t mind killing him and giving him a ride.
However, when people are shocked or awed or jealous or calculating, they are sullen and more fearful than the pupils.
This Meng Fei method is really stronger than before.
The fire evil god stared at the bearer’s real law intensely, but it took just over a hundred years for this little bastard to get a chance to go against the sky and grow into a menace.
Today, two enmities cannot be resolved, and the only way to end them is to die.
The little bastard’s death today is bound to make you die even if you sacrifice to the throne.
Wu Santong somberly, but his heart is afraid to repair to his point. His mind has long been calm and cannot be shaken by foreign objects. Besides, today, even if this Meng Fei is fierce, it will definitely not hurt him.
In this case, he will be afraid.
Today, he can walk away from victory or defeat. Wu Santong is convinced that this is better than.
Meng Fei looked up and the temperature fell on the flame, and the evil spirit was faint. Feather, green lotus, is now here to send her well. I can give you a good time and a lot of pain. The sound is dull but the letter is filled with chest.
The fire evil god, hey hey, smiled. That little girl is a wonderful place. You little bastard can rest assured that I will definitely take good care of her for you. I want to know where she is. I will tell you before you pass out, so that you can go safely.
This monster thinks that Meng Fei is immortal today, but it’s colder than it is.
Meng Fei frown always feels that this old ghost’s words have a very bad feeling in his heart, which makes him more dangerous and cold. Since you refuse to kill you, you will be beaten to death and cast your soul-searching skill.
More than 30 years ago, when I left, I told you to wash your heads and wait for me to come and get it. Today is the time to fulfill my promise.
Language fell out of the body breath crashing into the sky crazy pitfalls milli cover broke out blue robe grins ringing black hair roaring like a fiend. Chapter seven hundred and fifty Heaven Fire Beads.
It’s good to come. In those days, my husband accidentally let you this little bastard live today, but today you have a chance to live again. Wu Santong, this Meng Fei is about to fight you and me. Do you still want to get out of this and kill this person at the same time?
In the fierce roar of the fire evil god, Wu Santong stepped in the previous step, and the two monsters tied for each other and stood in a blink of an eye
Fire method fire Yao day
Three chaos
Roaring avatar
The fire evil god inherited a powerful Taoist tradition of ancient fire path, which has only achieved this today. Many abnormal practices in Tianluo world know a lot, but they stop here. I really know that his life-saving cards are very few.
Smokers of Lian Fu Association are among them.
With the help of thirty-six heavenly fire beads, the sky fire will be cast, and the sky will be gathered. The thunder flame will turn into a fire pool, and the map will be cast into it. Even if the hand is seated, it will take a lot of hands and feet. I don’t know if Meng Fei resists it, I am afraid it will suffer a lot.