Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine It’s all greed

After talking about windson didn’t hear, even if he did, he wouldn’t care.
After passing through a slightly narrow passage, my eyes suddenly became clear. This is a space with a height of 100 meters and a diameter of 1,000 meters in Fiona Fang. The ground is very flat and there are no jagged stalagmite pillars around it. There is a misty white light scattered on the surrounding cave walls, which is relatively bright and dense. At first glance, people can’t help but feel dazzling. Lin Feng knows that this is only a superficial phenomenon. There are other places to go in these small holes. If you are not familiar with the situation inside, you may never get out.
According to the information in the soul stone on the hand, the residence assigned to windson is in one of the small holes. However, Lin Fengke is not prepared to live in a cave like a mouse and pass through the underground of a cloned star. Now he has some cave phobia …
With a wave of his hand, Lin Feng just wanted to throw away the soul stone in his hand and suddenly changed his mind. He received the ring with his backhand. Although it is not of great use, it records information about the underworld. Perhaps it is good to keep it as a souvenir.
Windson didn’t see any souls in the cave. They all want to be in practice.
And come in the channel is far opposite a huge hole in Fiona Fang, ten meters. The black hole is like the mouth of a prehistoric monster, which makes people shudder. This is the goal of Lin Feng’s trip. He took the Soul Sword in this cave.
Windson walked into it without hesitation, and after a long passage, suddenly a dazzling brilliance caught the eye of Windson. Windson quickly closed his eyes and covered them with his hands in front of him until he got used to it before slowly opening them.
Even if you already know the situation here, what you saw with your own eyes still amazed windson.
This is a long solid cave, about 50 meters wide and thousands of meters deep, and the ground in the black vine cave is densely covered with countless triangular light beams. It seems that after a careful look at the lamp factory, these light beams are the soul-gathering swords held by the Qinghe couple. These soul-gathering swords are all cylindrical with the hilt facing down. Scattered with white light, the sharp triangle blade is straight up. It looks like a bright pointed mushroom.
Windson noticed that these long soul-gathering swords on the ground showed a sequence from short to long, and the hilts were mostly more than ten centimeters, while the blades were different in length. The closer to the hole, the shorter the ground is, the shortest is less than one foot, and there are even many big guys more than ten feet long near the bottom of the hole.
There are more than a dozen and a half meters wide straight paths leading to the bottom of the cave between this sword forest. The sword forests on both sides of the path near the mouth of the cave are sparse.
Standing at the mouth of the cave, Lin Feng recalled the advice of Qinghe.
"Everyone can only have one soul-gathering sword, which cannot be discarded or gained. The longer the soul-gathering sword, the greater the power. The better the effect of the soul stone after killing the soul beast. However, in this hole, the energy that erodes the soul is extremely rich and the deeper it gets, it is said that the erosion energy at the bottom of the hole can even make a soul steam in an instant. "
"The three soul stones in your hand may be useful when you hold them in your hand and walk along the path. Go to the place where you really can’t stand it, pull it out and turn around. Don’t be greedy. There are many new souls who want to walk a few more steps because of greed. "
"Give you a standard. Du Jie’s failed soul can generally get a foot and a half long when it comes here. Brother Jian is a fairy. The soul-gathering sword in your hand is only two feet long, and the one in your sister-in-law is only two feet long. Whether your ion energy shield is useful in the cave is unknown, so you have to guess for yourself and remember. Don’t be greedy … "
Think of these windson only feel a warm current from my heart to recognize the eldest brother value!
After thinking twice, Lin Feng closed his eyes and felt his own situation. Ion energy shield works well, at least in the position of the mouth of the cave. Lin Feng didn’t feel any signs of soul erosion. I don’t know what it would be like to walk in. Lin Feng was not absolutely sure, so he was not greedy and prepared to take a standard length of four feet …
It’s a pity that ion energy shields can’t be used in superposition, otherwise it will cause energy disorder and cancel each other out, otherwise it can be set with several more layers.
After aiming at a few eyes and choosing his own goal, Lin Feng habitually took a deep breath and held the three soul stones full of energy sent by Qinghe in his hand, then slowly chose a path and went in.
Windson chose a four-foot-long sword, and the nearest one was more than three hundred meters away. Windson didn’t feel any strange at all. At this moment, the sword around him is already one and a half feet long, which means that if you take one now, it will have reached the average level.
The greedy snake swallows like a forest wind is not a saint. In his view, ion
The effect is very good, even considering taking a five or six-foot-long one is not bad, and he plays well.
After walking for more than 50 meters, Lin Feng finally felt a slight tingling sensation shield, which is not an absolute barrier. It has a fixed maximum bearing value, which will not rupture even if it passes the bearing limit, and can only offset the energy damage consistent with the maximum bearing value, so there is nothing more that can be done.
But such tingling windson also endure live he took a deep breath again and walked on without hesitation.
The journey of more than 100 meters suddenly seems to be getting longer and longer, and the tingling on my body is getting stronger and stronger, as if there are countless ants gnawing at me constantly, but the obsession in my heart is still fierce and windson continues to go on. The longer the sword, the better the effect, and the faster it will be cultivated, and the sooner it will return to the body, the sooner it will be possible to find parents …
I don’t know when the tingling feeling disappeared, and Lin Feng’s ferocious expression slowly eased down. He felt that the tingling on his body was so wonderful compared with the incomparable tingling. Gradually, Lin Feng even forgot his purpose, just walking aimlessly, just like a lost traveler who didn’t know where the road was.
The body is getting lighter and lighter, as if it can fly with the wind as long as a breeze blows. Windson felt as if he had become a bird, flying freely on the vast land, and all his troubles and worries had been forgotten.
Birds fly higher and higher, even over the clouds, and the ice beads become crystal clear. The ice beads float happily in the clouds for a while, and then they are sprinkled on the earth again, slowly melting into sweet rain and dew in mid-air and gradually being steamed! Steaming slowly but without pause …
A wisp of smoke seems to want to blend into the broad embrace of nature. However, a colorful light spot suddenly appeared in the smoke, which turned the smoke into ice fog and melted into the earth to breed a small seedling. In an instant, it was burned into ashes by a wildfire, and the ashes fluttered back to the ground. A bright golden awn appeared on the land where the ashes fell. Although the golden awn was so small, it was indestructible!
Windson instantly woke up with fear, and now his body has become a foggy one, which seems to be gone with the wind at any moment. Cocoa is in a hurry, and the colorful little body is flying around, which is also bleak.
"Not good!" After a pause, windson gave himself a slap in the face angrily, and then stretched out his hand to grasp the length of the path on the left, and a feeling of soul connection suddenly welled up in my heart. Windson a hard pull but desperate now I simply can’t pull it. I was waiting to give up. Suddenly, there was a huge energy from my right hand to take advantage of it. I finally pulled out the soul-gathering sword.
Windson didn’t dare to stay long and started to run back until he returned to the mouth of the cave and suddenly lay on the ground and gasped.
"Thank you, little thing!" After a rest, Lin Feng gently squeezed Cocoa’s wings and sent her to her mouth and kissed her mercilessly. He knew in his heart that Cocoa had saved himself again this time.
This time, the wings were pinched and cocoa didn’t struggle. After windson let go, it seemed that the tired little guy would never know to fly to windson’s shoulder. Windson worried about the side of the head to see the little guy curled up on his shoulder seems to be asleep through the induction of the soul windson feel little guy that has not really formed the soul suddenly dissipated a lot but it doesn’t matter.
Lin Fengsong breathed a sigh of relief and slapped himself again. It was really greedy. The snake swallowed like a broken sword and almost lost his life. Thought of here, windson hurriedly raised his soul-gathering sword to see how long the broken sword that almost killed him was.
With Lin Feng’s many years’ experience in practicing sword, you can basically see at a glance how long a sword is. However, this time, he looked over and over for a long time before he withdrew his eyes. It was only two feet eight, that is to say, the sword he got with the protection of ion energy shield was only six inches longer than that of Qinghe.
I checked my status again, and it was still foggy. It seems that I can see it at a glance. The soul force in the three soul stones in the right hand has been exhausted, and windson can’t understand why the three soul stones with such high quality can only provide the energy of a sword. In fact, he didn’t know that the intensity of erosion energy in this cave increased geometrically according to the distance. Without the support of these three soul stones, his weak soul would have soared halfway.

Chapter one hundred and thirty Soul beast
Hand threw the consumed three soul stones into the ring. Windson stood up and got a new soul sword under him. Although it was a little short, it felt good. Lin Fengyong used the Soul Gathering Sword to cut off a large piece of filamentary black vine on the rock wall near the mouth of the cave. This is the second goal of Lin Fenglai’s Soul Cave. Listen to the blue crane. This vine is called bound spirit vine. Like the Soul Gathering Sword, it only exists in the underworld. It can bind the soul. The spirit is the best material for refining the magic weapon of the soul. You can’t miss it.
Anyway, the space in the forest air ring is large enough, so he unceremoniously pulls out all the bound vines on the stone wall of the opening. Fortunately, it has not been seen by other souls, or it will make people angry. The clothes on the souls here are illusory and have no pockets. Therefore, these souls like to make a net bag with bound rattan to store the soul stones they usually hit. Now the bound rattan here at the mouth of the cave is swept away by forest air, and other souls have to run away if they want to take it again. It is very soul-consuming to be in this hole.
In fact, the soul of the gatekeeper gave windson the information in the soul stone, which had strict requirements for harvesting bound vines, but windson didn’t look carefully, but even if he saw it, he wouldn’t take it to heart.
Make sure there is no omission near windson will gather the soul sword into the body and walk out of the spirit cave.
After seeing Lin Feng again, the two souls guarding the door seemed stunned until Lin Feng walked away from the short man and said, "Am I right about the old things?"? This boy’s soul is so weak that he can still swagger? "
Another soul rubbed his eyes and replied, "Yes, it’s strange. It is reasonable to say that a soul of this level will soon be eroded unless it keeps meditating." Do you think it has something to do with that colorful little thing around him? "
"Probably, why don’t we …" The short man made a gesture of cutting his throat, and his eyes flashed a trace of murder.
Another soul pondered for a moment before saying, "No, we don’t know if this boy has any other means. It’s better to be careful in this hellhole." I don’t want to be puzzled. "
"Don’t just let him go?" The short man looked a little unwilling.
"Otherwise …" Another soul grinned: "We can sell the news to those old monsters. Let them do it. It’s good for us to mix a few high-quality soul stones … "
"That makes sense. It is better for them to perish together with us … Ha ha … "
Lin Fengke didn’t know that he had been targeted. At the moment, he was stepping on a microgravity jet skateboard and speeding towards the forest.
It is also a necessity. Originally, his soul was too tired to walk a few hundred meters. Previously, in order to get the soul sword, it almost died. Now, let alone walk a few hundred meters, he just turned a corner and had no strength. He had to dig out a means of transportation from the ring. In fact, if it weren’t for the fear that the soul was too weak to control the skateboard and rushed down the mountain, Lin Feng would have used it as early as Panshan Road.
I don’t know if the soul will fall down the mountain and die. Windson suddenly came up with this idea. On second thought, I think it is better not to try rashly. After all, in the underworld, the soul is almost the same as the flesh.
Of course, there is no possibility of using jet skateboard on the plain to rush down the mountain, and there is no chance of meeting other souls and soul beasts along the way. Lin Feng soon came to the edge of the forest. It is said by Qinghe that although soul beasts are almost everywhere in the underworld, most of them are still hiding in the forest, and the deeper they are, the more fierce they are. The higher the quality of the soul stone. It is said that some immortals who have been here in the celestial world have verified the origin of the spirit beast, and think that the spirit beast is a variant of the soul that dissipated in the underworld after a long period of re-condensation. It is very dangerous to have a certain degree of intelligence and strengthen yourself by devouring other soul beasts and souls.
The fairy also roughly classified the spirit beast. According to the almost completely transparent and translucent appearance, it is divided into three orders: lower, upper and middle. In fact, there are further subdivisions in these three orders, but Lin Fengke is not interested in remembering it so clearly.
Windson stopped at the edge of the forest, put away the skateboard, took out the "palm thunder", called out the soul-gathering sword and changed a battery for the ion energy shield before carefully leaving the forest.
Maybe it shouldn’t be said that it is a forest, because this place where Lin Fenglai came looks like a bamboo forest, and there are black bamboos everywhere, which is the raw materials used by the green cranes to build bamboo houses. This place is also the place where Qinghe told him that there are not many soul beasts, but correspondingly, the soul who came here to fight the soul stone is also very satisfied with him.
Too many things can easily cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.