It can be moved to the sea, but the problem comes again. No one knows how much it will be moved. Too much flood will turn into drought, and too little will not solve the problem.

After listening to Wen Zhong’s explanation, his face turned pale.
Immortals are not omnipotent, especially those who are quite hip-pulling in the gods.
He also stopped looking for Yuan Hong’s mind. Even the fairy can’t do it, and the monster certainly can’t.
"Then Aiqing, tell me how to cure the flood caused by this Qi?"
This won’t work, that won’t work, and there’s nothing I can do.
There’s no good way for Wen Zhong to know that the specialty is not right. "After knowing the flood, the first person can cure the flood and then it will be easier to force out the support of Qi."
Okay, that’s it
In a few days, news came that Cao Zhou was flooded.
Caozhou was originally a fief of Chonghei Tiger. After Chonghei Tiger rebelled, it was given to Caozhou nobles.
No one in the DPRK can control water, so since they can’t, they can just pick someone.
I thought of Chen Tang’s disabled Li Bing.
This man looks very capable of controlling water, so I’ll leave it to him.
I haven’t seen Li Bing for a long time, and I still have some sufferings.
"It’s an emergency. Please move the victims around quickly. If it’s done, there will be a big reward."
"I tell you that a water control method is better than blocking it!"
Everyone, including Wen Zhong, knows that most floods can’t be cured. What Li Bing can do on this trip is to relocate the victims.
If we really want to control the flood, we can wait until the gods officially start to force the Qi to dry without talking about cause and effect.
After Li Bing left, Wen Zhong found that he was still singing and gambling. He wanted to ask grandmaster if there was any way.
He can’t bear to see Zhou Wang being blamed for such a thing. It’s not Zhou Wang’s fault!
Moreover, it is debatable that Qi suddenly escaped after being suppressed for thousands of years. Is there someone behind this?
But I don’t want to look bad today
Chapter 212 The big plan is horrible
Grandmaster lost the bet again today?
Isn’t that normal?
I should be used to it long ago.
Murphy …
Wen Zhong looked for it four times. Fortunately, the golden whip given by the late king was not taken by the grandmaster.
So this … is winning money?
Wen Zhong tentatively asked a few words about the tongtian state, which was even more wrong.
In a short time, Lv Yue, Luo Xuan and Sanxiao … all came.
Lao Zhao was the last one to hold a slap in the face, and most of them were tripped again.
He’s also feeling sad. It’s a bad time, Lv Yue. He shouldn’t have stayed in Chaoge.
Tongtian will be good at Mei-yu. This is the only way: "Teacher … worked out a big plan."
Psst …
Really have a big plan!
On the night of the Star Tower, the clouds guessed that Zhou Wang had a big plan to intercept the students. How could they be indifferent?
That night, I told the speculation to Tongtian Tongtian. In addition to gambling on horses, I just broke my fingers.
Now I have finally worked out the result.
Wen Zhong is a little uneasy. If Zhou Wang’s big plan is really against the gods, it will be too big for people to get rid of the constraints of the gods from now on.
Zhou Wang is a mortal and doesn’t know much about heaven, but it’s harder for people in their door than anyone else!
However, when Wen Zhong was already cross-minded, he chose to compromise, and now he won’t.
"The teacher has worked out Zhou Wang … or the Terran Master Plan?"
Duobao Dadi was the first to speak.
Shake one’s head
Psst …