This flying boat is a colorful rainbow boat made of the original Tianguang Temple treasure elephant, the Golden Lotus Boat, and the monk flower wine cassock boat, Jin Hongxian.

The flying boat has a strong endurance of attack and defense, but despite this, the flying boat has not brought too much security to the crew.
After the thrilling escape from Tianguang Temple, everyone in Tianguang Temple struggled for life and death almost all the time. After chasing the flying boat, the strong enemy disappeared for a while and always reappeared.
If you hadn’t walked according to the route entrusted by abbot Huijue before he left, you might have been wrapped in dumplings by the army of the Xuan and Huang empires. But now there is no abbot Huijue in this world, including Liang Yusheng, a master of heresy in buddha magic.
At this time, there stands a child of three or five years old at the bow of the boat in the far countryside of Foguang. His eyes are carved with jade like jewels. What is even more striking is that his body is covered with layers of golden halos. If you count them, you will find that there are 33 layers of halos-it is the appearance of the Buddha’s magical power "Purdutian"
This is the contemporary Buddha born by Hu Tianer adhering to his destiny-Wu.
A meteor draws a bright silver line in the deep universe. It doesn’t know where it is, but it plunges into a blank future.
"Alas," Wu’s dark eyes gazed at this meteor, and he could not help sighing faintly.
Although he closed his practice shortly after his birth, he was not deeply involved in the world, but he was constantly struggling for life and death because of this great change. He was expected by everyone to hope that such an encounter would teach him to be mentally mature far beyond his age appearance.
"My son, go back to the cabin and have a rest. After a while, it is estimated that there will be another pursuer coming and another shopping." Suddenly, a gentle and elegant voice came behind him
The "mother" realized that her sad face had been replaced by a smiling face.
Seeing Wu’s face pretending to smile, Jin Queer’s heart hurts greatly. Her child is early and sensible, and she doesn’t want to worry about herself, but how can she not understand her mother’s heart?
Stretching out a hand as white as jade and gently stroking Wu’s head, Jin Queer sighed with reddish eyes, "Mother has regretted it. If I had known this, the Buddha wouldn’t have done it."
There will always be a group of people in this world who took responsibility before they were born, and they have never enjoyed simple and simple freedom.
How famous is Buddha?
Once shouldering such expectations, ordinary children’s childhood will be isolated from enlightenment.
Of course, Wu didn’t disappoint everyone. He crossed the magic commander and made Fang add a big monk to sit in the seat, which was surprising. Later, he inherited the abbot position of Tianguang Temple, and it was believed that the rest of the people escaped from the world. After that, he repeatedly used his good plan or took the initiative to repel and chase the strong enemy, which was heart-returning.
This ship is full of depression, tension and even suffocation. He is the only hope and glory in the atmosphere.
But how many people know about the bitterness and pain behind this? Golden sparrow silently looks at her eyes and hurts. She really wants to share some more with her children. Her strength is limited, even if she is promoted to Yuan Shen, she feels it is difficult.
"If only your father were here," Golden sparrow could not help but sigh.
Enlightenment flipped through eyelid pie pie way "mother, there you go again since the xuan da-jun huang pounce you have said this for thousands of times! Father is just a distracted period, even if he comes to face Xuan Huang Dajun, it won’t be much. Let the child protect his mother. "
When it comes to Hu Tianwu, he is more curious, but there is also a trace of resentment and anger, which is somewhat complicated.
Since he was born, he often heard his mother chanting his father’s name and then went out. When he learned that his father had been here for a while, he couldn’t help asking people around him about his father.
When talking about Hu Tian’s drinking, the monk Shengbao shook his head and gave a heartfelt admiration. "Your father has a profound understanding, which is rare in the world. You are lucky to have a big backer!"
A pair of envy envy eyes looked at enlightenment.
Asked about the master of Datura, he said, "Father, master of Datura, he has peerless talent, but he is a great man in the world, especially he is so rich!" If the Buddha wants to see your father in the future, he must beg for a gift. I’ll tell you quietly that it’s best to bring the purple-edged bodhi tree. You are what his son wants from the old. Think about it if we have a purple edge bodhi tree … "
Speaking of which, the master of Datura has cast his eyes into the distance and fallen into fantasy.
Ask Jin Hongxian again, and her eyes are radiant with extraordinary splendour, then dim and sigh, "Alas, if the master of the heavenly father’s courtyard, the sunflower dead eunuch, dares to be so arrogant?"
Everyone unanimously praised Wu, who was also very curious at first, but gradually became severe and cruel, which made him realize that his "big backer" was not very reliable, and he didn’t see his father to save him when he was being hunted down.
He had to strive for self-improvement and fight tenaciously to become a spiritual leader to lead the people to flee. Now, he is a little numb after listening to his mother’s nagging about his father’s name. He really can’t imagine his father. He has never seen his father since he was born.
"It is better to rely on one’s own strength to fight for a piece of heaven and earth than to rely on one’s father." Although enlightened people are careful, they are greatly honed
"Buddha event is not good! There are enemies in front and behind us, and the other side seems to want to surround us! " At this time, someone suddenly reported in panic.
Wu’s heart thumped and a dark cry was bad. The enemy was obviously prepared, and he must be extremely prepared. If he changes his course now, he is afraid that the other party will have a subsequent party, so it is better to directly kill him.
Thought of here and after a pause, he always rebuked people. "What’s the panic? Notify the ship to go to the front of the combat readiness target to kill! "
"Yes, yes," the bearer was reprimanded, but somehow his heart calmed down and he was immediately passive and Nuo Nuo bowed down.
"This is my son’s enlightenment?" There’s a mirror in the boat in the far-off town of Foguang to locate Hu Tian and move thousands of flowers. The butterfly with magic pupil sneaked into the boat in the far-off town of Foguang unnoticed.
Behind the scenes, he secretly observed that the first time he saw his own child, his heart was strange and agitated.
Although he has a lifetime memory, he didn’t have a family in his previous life and didn’t understand this feeling. Now he can see his own son alone, and his feelings are quite complicated.
As the saying goes, mother is connected with heart and father is natural.
As soon as I saw Wu Hu-day, I seemed to see my own shadow. I was also upright, dedicated, persistent, unrepentant and decisive. Of course, I also saw that Wu was dissatisfied with myself
Don’t blame him.
The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. I think he has been looking forward to himself for a long time. This father can save himself like a hero in danger.
"You can’t appreciate my painstaking efforts if you don’t cut the jade." Hu Tian’s temperament is strong and strict with self-interest, so he is also strict with his own son. If his brother is not academic, he might as well not cultivate to die.
However, it seems that Wu’s performance has made him quite satisfied, calm and successful
"Look at him again. If you fix it, you can train him to become a little patriarch. If you don’t save resources, you will also give him a little life-saving means to polish his mind. When it becomes some climate, give him a hand."
Hu-day secretly made up his mind and disappeared again. He has thousands of magical butterflies, and even the one-horned king can fool him. What’s worse, these characters are far away from home?
When the war comes, the boat in the far countryside of Foguang moves in an orderly way like a precision war machine. The monk Shengbao, the master of Datura, Jin Hongxian and the mother Wu of Golden finch all boarded the bow one by one, and the atmosphere was dignified.
The enemy’s flying boat is like a flying sword. The shock wave is overflowing and sharp, and a sword is standing at the tip of the double sword.
He was dressed in a blue cassock, and his eyes were radiant, surrounded by a firm but gentle sword that exuded light, frost and gas, and an innate magic weapon was majestic and inviolable.
Monk Shengbao was shocked when he saw this look. "This sword is a famous mysterious frost sword! Ranked first in the list of flying swords, I heard that it was collected in the treasury of the Xuan Huang Empire, and I didn’t expect that the Xuan Huang Emperor actually gave this sword to this Taoist priest. "
"Know my son, do you know who this Taoist is?" Jin Queer asked her if she was a Buddha on the surface, but she was actually a handsome Buddha.