I can’t believe that I’m staring at everything in front of me, especially the strong people in Zhongzhou, who are as stunned as mortals meet immortals. I look at the strong people in Zhongzhou, who have abandoned Wu, abandoned Tian Jiao, and abandoned the ancestor of God. But no one knows the magical powers that Wu abandoned at this time.

The penalty for the generation of heaven may not be so powerful even if it is a master avatar.
"That ethnic group was killed?"
A pick Jin Xian trembled and asked questions. His eyes still kept on the chaotic area, which was twisted into a chaotic area by four kinds of disasters.
But at this time, a strange smile that makes all the strong people tremble again appeared in this original world.
"Jie jie … fiend remnants you my family this time or before fish shrimp? My family is immortal, gathering and dispersing by the heart. The last law robbed my family of they nest, which is to annihilate everything in this world. This world will be ruined by my family’s nourishment and food, and people can escape. "
"Heaven and earth are just my family’s rations!"
This is a laugh, even if there is more chaos and change.
Accompanied by strange braying, there are strips of perfect insects in the chaotic area. Suddenly, they reappear from the depths of the earth and swim out of the mouth as strange as the black hole, devouring everything around them. Chaos, thunder, virtual force, vitality of the earth, death wind … Everything is swallowed into the mouth of the black hole by these horrible insects.
Millions of HarmonyOS worms are in they nest.
Wu’s punishment for abandoning heaven turned out to be a complete failure, and those disasters turned out to be a complete failure. These insects can’t even devour HarmonyOS worms, which can destroy all ethnic groups in heaven and earth
This scene is enough to make the seven million fairy locusts fall into fear.
Although the seven million pick Jin Xian is the dominant avatar, there are many powerful people with strange avatars, or old monsters left from ancient times. At this time, all the secrets of the HarmonyOS worm are also raised among the seven million strong people.
"HarmonyOS worm is HarmonyOS worm, which is said to be true. Diseases and pests are edible. Everything can be eaten. The whole world can be eaten."
"In ancient times, there was a saying that 3,000 fiends once fought a mysterious race, and the victory or defeat was unknown, so there was a race war when the fiend fell."
"HarmonyOS worm is the cause and the biggest disaster at the end of this law. A glimmer of life is also the root of a scam. No living thing can escape, and there is no other field except fall and annihilation."
"Oh, my God, how can there be such a terrorist group that devours everything?"
"The source of the collapse of Tiandao Chaos Avenue turned out to be this HarmonyOS worm family."
Seven million pick Jin Xian is now the most powerful seven million creatures in the human world, but after the HarmonyOS worms were exposed, they were supposed to be strong minds, but cracks appeared in them, and many negative thoughts were born.
Aware of all the empty Wu abandoned face is a cold frown of murder, rage still swept the world.
"This clan is born with different species, extremely evil and extremely evil. Only fear can lead to the first world war. If you are afraid, you will be afraid before you fight. This clan’s rations will rob the world of a chance. Du Jie’s method must not kill yourself in your mind."
An idea with profound truth was suddenly abandoned by Wu, and the avatar entered into the mind of seven million strong people. The instantaneous force shook away the fear in their hearts and at the same time, the mouth was bursting with legal words.
Boom a word with the whole world because of Wu abandoned a furious drink and great changes.
Chapter one hundred and ninety The original battlefield
In ancient times, there were fiends fighting in the sky and in the battlefield.
Wu abandoned the boundless sound, and the whole original world changed immediately. A breath of legal words and metaphors quickly filled all the emptiness, as if in an instant. The original world was full of fighting spirit, and everything was boiling and surging. The goal of fighting spirit was the HarmonyOS worm that was swallowed up all the way from the chaotic area
"Heaven and earth war! The battle of life! "
"War, war!"
The figure of the god who dominates the temple suddenly appears, and the fighting spirit is boiling. One bite of the master’s body is also a speech. With the poor fighting spirit surging out, the fighting spirit of millions of people is aroused in an instant.
At this time, the masters of Yu have woken up and realized that they are in a big situation. At present, apart from World War I, there is no other way to be more alive, and they have started to kill their minds and want to fight.
The seven masters started fighting one after another, so that this side of the original world was completely filled with turbulent fighting spirit and murder.
And that side struggled out of the chaotic area and revealed great horror. One HarmonyOS worm responded with a "Jie Jie" cold smile. Every HarmonyOS worm is connected with the whole body, and if it is like a "black hole", it will make people’s souls tremble. It is a way to express terror and evil.
Every pick Jin Xian saw "great terror" and "great evil" from that line.
At this time, it was ignited by the masters of SIRS, and the fighting spirit took these HarmonyOS worms as their own evil influence incarnation. If you don’t kill evil influence, you will have to be free from life.
In this way, the two "torrents" of the original heaven and earth gradually became a torrent in shape. The seven masters, together with the seven million Luo Jinxian, another torrent was the they nest HarmonyOS worm.
There is also a trampling on Xu Wu’s abandonment.
Although his status as the master of heaven and earth summoned the punishment principle, four kinds of disasters did not completely annihilate the HarmonyOS worm family, but he also had holes in his eyes, and soon he saw that there were ten thousand fewer millions of insects in the family. The so-called immortality of the family is not unlimited, and if the disaster reaches its limit, it can annihilate these terrible insects that have plunged heaven and earth into extinction.
A mind has not turned two terrible torrents, and then it collides with the war between heaven and earth.
"Outland demons are trapped in heaven and earth, so they should be killed, destroyed and killed!"
Millions of pick Jin Xian roared together with great momentum, as if to lift the whole world and sweep it into a tidal wave, and then seven million pick Jin Xian shook the scene together after the tidal wave of HarmonyOS worms.
"Nine-day Xuanshen Battle"
"Great Sun Magic Skill"
"big yin and yang destroy magic"
"the magic formula"
"Dragon Soul Destroys the World"
Each of the seven million Luo Jinxian has a great history, either an old monster who lived in Archaean times or a mysterious Taoist, and all of them are magical powers.
This moment set off a terrible wave, and it was also the time when Wu abandoned and summoned the four disasters of heaven and earth.
The virtual collapse of the chaotic airflow suddenly swept out, so it was impacted by poverty. After the completion of the law, it continued to operate. This torrent of conan the destroyer terror swept through and suppressed it, drowning the millions of HarmonyOS insects and completely drowning them. The waves of terror will destroy everything, and the horrible insects will be completely invisible.
That area has become chaotic and chaotic, and when it is stirred, it stops and comes out from the stagnation.
One interest, two interest, three interest …
In the virtual world, seven million pick Jin Xian’s chaotic area is separated by a "chaotic river", waiting for the result to appear. Many pick Jin Xian’s faces are unbearable and show joy first. Obviously, seven million creatures, the most powerful in the human world, make moves together. No ethnic group in this world can bear it.