And this is still!

Virtual sound inexplicably rumbles, mysterious lines emerge on the surface of the body, and one rune after another is densely covered. The body is rapidly expanding, and the blink of an eye comes to more than nine meters high, which is nearly twice that of Qin Changfeng’s divine method.
If his eyes are filled with two purple stars, they will naturally look down at Qin Changfeng’s mouth and make a thunderous sound, saying, "I will never remember and never think that you and I will come to this step one day. It’s not that I am conceited. If you don’t have a stronger qualitative change, you will die in an instant!"
Exalting, he casually raised his hand and grabbed it as if to completely collapse the square inch, revealing the black dimension!
It’s the first time I know that this kind of purple light method is not jaw-dropping. Is this really a military inspector? I’m afraid it’s all right to crush a soldier with your hands.
At this time, Shi Tian’s image is too powerful. If he is a god, his eyes are bold and his gestures contain great power.
It’s like a purple sun, an ancient volcano, hot and terrible.
The female snow princess in white in the challenge is smiling in the corner of her eyes. Yi Linluo is frowning and full of bitterness. She seems to be worried about Qin Changfeng, while Wang Xiaoguan’s eyes are full of yoshimitsu and excitement. The experience gained from his long life is inferred from Qin Changfeng’s various information …
Qin Changfeng can never have the means to counter the purple light method, even if that hasn’t been revealed yet, but the right eye must say pupil surgery!
Victory has beckoned, and he seems to see this scene that makes him feel unprecedented pressure, and the enemy is about to be burned to ashes …
"Ha is really amazing, the blood of the first gods."
As soon as Qin Changfeng laughed, his tone changed and he said, "If you recognize yourself as a god, I will kill you today!"
A shocking roar filled with violent meaning suddenly sounded, and all Qin Changfeng’s fingers flashed, and a ferocious and terrible fierce beast suddenly appeared in front of him.
After the rebirth of blood and the fifth evolution, the fiend is really as big as a mountain, but its eyes are golden, and its head has become more like a real dragon’s head. Its body is slightly longer than before, and its long tail, three claws and hooks are always rotating, glittering and translucent, shining with a creepy and cold luster.
In addition to the corresponding enhancement of basic attributes and existing skills, the biggest change of the fifth-order fiend comes from a new skill-fiend fit!
Chapter four hundred and seventy-five Blood burn fiend!
Fit fiend!
As the name implies, this is the blood magic power evolved by Qin Changfeng’s expectation of fiend to obtain excellent ability from the genes of animal husbandry, emperor and mother.
And it is obvious that the birth of this fit is the strongest fiend creature rather than the general beast god in the animal husbandry emperor family.
Without hesitation, Qin Changfeng will directly fit the fiend. This is his strongest hidden card. Since it is necessary to make a final decision on life and death, it is time to make it.
Just as everyone was surprised, Qin Changfeng and the fiend body burst into dazzling lotus flower at the same time, but the fiend body was a kind of cold and black blood, while Qin Changfeng body was a kind of hot golden blood, and soon the two lotus flowers were close to each other and merged.
In an instant, it transforms into a kind of dark gold lotus flower with you in me and me, which not only gives people an indescribable mystery, but also naturally emits a horrible atmosphere like a sea of dead mountains and blood.
"What is this?"
All the stars were amazed, and there was a faint feeling in my heart that I was about to witness some miracle of the earth.
Qin Changfeng fiend screamed at the same time, and in the blink of an eye, the dark gold blood fog crawled and expanded, covering one person and one beast. Then the spectators heard the roar of the blood fog and the blood fog expanded rapidly, as if the demon king was about to be born at the Hell Gate.
However, the arrival is not the devil but the more terrible fiend!
Suddenly, the blood fog was sucked away by a whirlpool, and a horrible figure almost reached the top of the fight hall with a statue as high as ten feet.
His blood gas is rolling, and there is still blood fog outside his body to form a chain of flames, which generally fills the air all over his body. This blood flame is dark gold, which makes people unable to see his real appearance. Even the head is shining, which is faintly visible. There are mysterious marks on the two blood pupils, which seem to be blood robbery marks, but they are not the same. Blinking is like seeing two dark gold gods, which are as mysterious as a phoenix!
Being swept away by this eye, Snow Princess in the challenge behind Shi Tian and Simon, an official in Yilinluo, are all stunned. There is a sense of crisis that even the rules of the trial tower can’t protect them, and they may be nullified.
At this time, the oppressive feeling of Lunbi and the monstrous momentum of the normal form made many testers roar in their minds and tremble with horror even when watching through the screen.
They can conclude that Qin Changfeng in this state is absolutely capable of Shi Tian’s purple light method.